Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This Halloween.... We've got it all for your little princess

Dressing Up your kids this Halloween. Yes, Elsa Costumes are in!
You know what my prediction is for this Halloween?   It will be a FROZEN one.  I am talking about Frozen the movie of course.  There will be tons of Elsa and Anna trick or treating on this year’s Halloween.  
In fact seems like little girls are dressing up as Elsa these days for no apparent reason according to my Facebook feeds.  Why not, nothing wrong with dressing up as a cool fictional character on a daily basis, that’s one of the benefits of being a kid, besides not having to work and having people taking care of you every day.  If I could I would dress up as Batman every day.
We like the Elsa dress that is carry at NancyAugust.com , the price tag is a tad hefty at $75.99 compare to some of the ones you see at Party City or JC Penny for as low as 26.99.  the difference is that this one is an actual gown that is made like a proper dress and the 26.99 one is a cheaply made costume.   Why not be the best version of Elsa if there are going to be so many of them.  Just imagine group photos of Elsas. (See all other Disney inspired COSTUMES )

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Disney Inspired Anna dress

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But hey if your kid is already loyal to some other Disney characters and will not be sway by the recently popular fictional character, that’s totally cool too, I myself will always be Batman.  Here are some well made Disney Gowns.  Remember these are actual gowns! To see all our other Disney Inspired Gowns>

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