Thursday, February 21, 2013

Easter, Easter, Easter!!

Easter is here once again. I don't know about you, but when I was a kid Easter was on of the funnest holidays. Not only did we get to decorate Easter eggs, we also had a family get together at a nice park where we would all bring good food, eat and just enjoy our family time. Of course us kids would always make a mess coloring the eggs. We would actually try to color each other :-) I remember we would always use this egg decoration kit.

There are plenty more online and even more detailed kits. You can do tie-dye eggs, glitter eggs and you can even do polka dot eggs. In my family we have  lets say a "wealthy" grandmother and she would buy the plastic eggs, You know the kind you can put candy in and things like that. Well my grandmother used to put MONEY in them instead of candy, anywhere from 1 dollar to a 20 dollar bill. So when the egg hunt came around we were not even interested in the eggs we colored, we were only on the hunt for the plastic ones. When my uncle rang the bell to start the hunt, we would start off like this, excited and ready to hunt for eggs. 

That wouldn't last long though, we would all fall over each other trying to get to the eggs first and if two of us got to the egg at the same time, there was an egg battle with the eggs we colored. We would literally launch the eggs at each other and not even worry if the other got hurt. We would push and shove like crazy. "My Eggs" :-)