Friday, July 20, 2012

Preparing For Your Child's Baptism

A Baptism or Christening happens when families introduce their child into their church and faith. During this special occasion, families often pray and give thanks for their child’s safe arrival into the world. On the other hand, some parents may choose to have a simple ceremony as oppose to a huge religious celebration.

Photo: Courtesy of Michelle Hood Bronstrop

When preparing for your child’s baptism or christening, it’s important that you arrange for the white gown he/she will wear during the ceremony. You may purchase a new gown or even a vintage one from an antique store. Many families will also have a gown that has been passed down from generations. Traditionally, the baby should wear a long white or cream gown—with white symbolizing the purity of life found in Christ. If you don’t want to use a traditional gown for the ceremony, you could opt for a simple white dress for your baby girl or a white suit for your baby boy. Do not be concerned—it has become quite common for baby boys to wear formal suits or a formal white shirt and pants. Just remember to consult with your priest first before making a clothing purchase, because different parishes may have different standards. If you are planning to buy a new outfit, find out how you can preserve it for future use.

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