Friday, July 20, 2012

Preparing For Your Child's Baptism

A Baptism or Christening happens when families introduce their child into their church and faith. During this special occasion, families often pray and give thanks for their child’s safe arrival into the world. On the other hand, some parents may choose to have a simple ceremony as oppose to a huge religious celebration.

Photo: Courtesy of Michelle Hood Bronstrop

When preparing for your child’s baptism or christening, it’s important that you arrange for the white gown he/she will wear during the ceremony. You may purchase a new gown or even a vintage one from an antique store. Many families will also have a gown that has been passed down from generations. Traditionally, the baby should wear a long white or cream gown—with white symbolizing the purity of life found in Christ. If you don’t want to use a traditional gown for the ceremony, you could opt for a simple white dress for your baby girl or a white suit for your baby boy. Do not be concerned—it has become quite common for baby boys to wear formal suits or a formal white shirt and pants. Just remember to consult with your priest first before making a clothing purchase, because different parishes may have different standards. If you are planning to buy a new outfit, find out how you can preserve it for future use.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Princess Dress For My Little Princess

Happy Monday! I just love sharing our customer testimonials! Take a look at Princess Allyssa looking stunning in our Princess Dress For My Little Princess for her 6th birthday at Disney World.

Photo: Courtesy of Catherine Smith
"My granddaughter, Allyssa, felt like a real princess while celebrating her 6th birthday in Disney World wearing her beautiful Nancy August Dress." - Catherine Smith

This princess dress is all that your little girl needs for her next dress up birthday party! Designed using beautifully embroidered taffeta, this dress is detailed and comfortable enough for your princess! The fitted, corset-inspired bodice is completed with little cap sleeves, princess seams, adjustable corset ties on the sides of the torso, and tulle at the bottom! The super full and voluminous skirt is designed with gorgeous gathers and pick-ups with a generous layer of crinoline sewn into the layers of the skirt! This dress twinkles with the help of the most enchanting little swirly embroidery and tiny sparkling sequins! The best part of all, the swirly embroidery will differ for each individual dress making it truly one of a kind!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wedding Tips: Dressing Your Child

Weddings usually include children in the special occasion—just imagine a handsome little ring bearer and an adorable little flower girl. Whether your child is included in the party or not, it is important that you give a lot of thought into what he/she will wear to the event.

Flower Girl

For little girls included in the wedding party, it is important that their outfits reflect what the bride is wearing. Flower girls often wear elegant dresses for formal weddings. The dresses can be white to match the bride’s dress or match the rest of the bride’s party (i.e. bridesmaids). Casual or formal, flower girls can wear long or short dresses. Flowers can also be added in the flower girl’s hair to coordinate with her dress and the flower petals she drops.

Ring Bearer

Unlike flower girls, ring bearers can get away with a couple of different outfit options. Young ring bearers could mimic the groomsmen or even the groom in a black tux or suit paired with a classic white button-up shirt. If the wedding is casual, try to keep the outfit kid-friendly by omitting restrictive accessories (i.e. cummerbund, cuff links, etc.) to keep him comfortable. The ring bearer could even wear nice slacks or shorts with a polo shirt. If you choose to go for the more formal route, make sure the vest and/or cummerbund are the same color as the bride’s party.

Remember that children grow quickly; therefore, it is extremely important that the wedding clothes you purchase for your child are durable enough to last for other occasions. If your child is going to be part of an upcoming wedding, consider his/her age and size at the time of the event. If you are unsure about the fit, always go a size bigger because it’ll allow you to make any additional alterations.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Birthday Tips: Dressing Your Child

Birthday traditions are important for many American families. Especially for children, birthday parties are always a fun celebration, but it’s also important that children dress right for the occasion.

The first important rule for dressing your child for a birthday party is to find out the theme of the party. This factor is extremely important to consider—you do not want your child to look over-dressed, and even worst, under-dressed. If your child is attending a formal birthday, ideally he/she should be wearing a fancy outfit. Costume parties, however, are so easy. You can get away with dressing your child in any outfit. You can even find something from your own closet to use. On the other hand, there are parties that have a specific theme, like a princess dress up party. Princess parties require that guests come dressed in their favorite princess dresses, and accessorized with sparkling tiaras and wands.

A second tip to remember is to research for the latest styles and trends in children’s fashion. If you aren’t aware of the new trends, get some ideas by browsing through online websites, like, for the latest children’s formal attire. When deciding for the right clothes, include your child in picking out the right look. Use this opportunity to also create some bonding time with your child. Just make sure that you print or save your findings for reference.

Lastly, choose the best accessories to complete your child’s overall look. Accessories are essential, especially for pairing with party dresses. If your little girl is wearing a fairy or princess costume, you should then purchase a small tiara to complete the whole appeal. If you’re looking to save some money, opt for making your own accessories.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cinderella Princess Dress

At some point in time, almost every little girl go through a period where she loves Princesses! What little girl wouldn’t love to be a princess for a day and have her very own fairy-tale moment? Take a look at Princess Maeve looking absolutely adorable in our Cinderella Princess Dress for her 2nd Birthday Party.

Photo: Courtesy of Kathleen Saunders

This baby Cinderella princess dress will be magical on your little angel. This deluxe Cinderella princess dress for babies is of high quality and boasts a beautiful baby blue and white corset style bodice with silver sparkling detail and a solid baby blue full princess skirt with crinoline. It also features adorable white bell pouf sleeves and comes with a matching headband. 

Make her fairy-tale dream come true! Throw your little girl a royal ball and dress her up like a beautiful princess. Shop at now for a complete collection of Disney princess dresses!

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