Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Classic Baby Ballerina Dress

I always get excited about sharing our testimonials! Take a look at baby Kaylee in our Classic Baby Ballerina Dress in Pink for her first birthday. I just love this picture--she looks like a precious little angel! 

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Athena Rosales
"My baby girl Kaylee in one of your dresses on her first birthday ♥" - Ashley Athena Rosales

This classic baby ballerina dress is the epitome of sweetness and charm. Featuring an extra large skirt supported by crinoline and multiple layers of tulle, your baby girl will look just like a little ballerina in a jewelry box. Many traditional ballerina dresses come with the basic fitted bodice and bouffant skirt, but our pink baby dress outshines the rest with amazing hand-sewn sequins on the bodice. Featuring a gorgeous waistband adorned with pink flowers, one twirl in this dress will reveal the dainty bow that accentuates the back. 

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Nancy August