Friday, April 27, 2012

Save BIG on Flower Girl Dresses!

Wedding season is fast approaching and if you're looking for a discount flower girl dress, take a look at Nancy August’s selections. Their Big Sale features affordable flower girl dresses and more that are discounted up to 50% off of the original retail price. Find an affordable flower girl dress that fits your budget or a beautiful summer dress that won't break the bank! Just remember that their special Big Sale prices are only for selected items that are available in a very limited quantity. If you see the perfect dress you've been looking for, you should grab it before it is gone! Shop on now for their huge selection of flower girl dresses and start saving away!

This elegant white flower girl dress is simply stunning! This number features a beautiful ivory matte satin bodice accented with dainty faux pearls, a contrasting adjustable waistband, and a beautiful organza skirt with additional crinoline-netting underneath for a fuller skirt. Whether she is a flower girl, the birthday girl, or simply attending a special event, this elegant white dress is the perfect choice to make it a day to remember!

This classic red organza flower girl dress features a sensational sleeveless style with a triple layer skirt. This beautifully simple red organza knee length dress also comes with an adjustable sash that ties in the back. Like many of our special occasion dresses, it is versatile and can be used as a flower girl dress, pageant dress, or even as a holiday party dress. No matter the occasion, this will make your little flower girl even more adorable and irresistibly stunning.

Take a look at this black flower girl dress that features a triple flower delight at the waistline. This fully lined organza dress has additional netting underneath for a fuller skirt. Your little flower girl will be the belle of the day in this wonderful black flower girl dress. Whether she is a flower girl or simply attending a special event, such as a graduation or a holiday party, this beautiful black dress is the perfect choice to make it a day to remember.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snow White Princess

Hi Friends!

Hope all is well! I just wanted to share this adorable picture of baby Monique in our Snow White dress for her 1st birthday party!

"This is Monique, my baby on her first Birthday Party...She was wearing Nancy August Snow White dress! How cute...:" - Priscilla Pedrosa

This baby Snow White Princess dress will be adorable on your little girl. Made from high quality satin, the dress boasts a beautiful rich blue bodice with a bright cheery gold full princess dress skirt with crinoline built in for a full ball-gown effect. It also features bell pouf sleeves with red and gold detailing and a raised white collar. Available in girl sizes!

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Nancy August

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dupioni vs. Shantung: What's the Difference?

If you’ve ever wondered, “what’s the difference between silk shantung and silk dupioni?”, you’ve come to the right place! Shantung and dupioni are the most heavily used fabrics in the market today—and especially to the untrained eye, it can be quite difficult to differentiate the two.

Though very similar, there are some slight differences between silk shantung fabric and silk dupioni fabric. To those who are curious about their differences, let me give you a quick breakdown!

Silk Dupioni

Silk Dupioni fabric has a very distinctive feature that gives it a gorgeous glimmering effect when moved around in light. The incredible sheen and vibrant colors are a result of its unique creation. Harvested from double cocoons or from single cocoons that are interlocked together, silk dupioni fabric is generally created through the use of two colors in the weave—this property is known as iridescence. Completely hand-woven, silk dupioni fabric also has much more prominent slubs and is the thickest of the two materials.

Silk Shantung

In contrast, silk shantung fabric does not produce the same iridescent effect because it only uses one color in the weave. Furthermore, this fabric has hardly any slubs, but those that do will have much smaller in thread width than a silk dupioni. Unlike its counterpart, silk shantung is machine-woven.

I hope I provided you with some useful information. The next time you are in a fabric store, test your textile skills and find out if you’ll be able to notice a difference between the two fabrics right away!


Bridal Bee

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Trend: Neon Colors

Trying this spring’s neon colors can be a bit intimidating. Love them or hate them, neon colors are among the hottest trends for Spring 2012—it’s definitely all about being fun, bright, and cheerful this season! The pastel colors that we typically see every spring have brightened up. This year, pretty pastels have turned into bright neon highlighter hues. However, if you’re anything like me and feel very hesitant about trying this bold look, why not start small by giving the trend a spin on your own little girl? You have to admit…bold bright colors look so adorable especially on little girls!

With bright neon colors on the radar, I thought I’d give you some fun gorgeous looks for your little girl, available now at Spring has surely landed—and it’s the perfect time to dress up your little girl with bright bold colors.

This bright orange organza dress features a sensational sleeveless style with a layered 3-tier skirt. This organza orange tea-length dress comes with an adjustable sash tie in the back. No matter the occasion, this cheerful piece will make your little girl even more adorable and irresistibly beautiful!

This fantastic four-layer fuchsia dress is perfect for any little girl looking to arrive in style this season! The dazzling rhinestone and beaded waistline is a perfect complement to the cute and sassy layered skirt.

For the young lady with whimsical charm and a cheerful personality, this bright green baby dress is the one! The classic sleeveless bodice and full, tea-length skirt is executed with the most amazing lime green fabric! The hot pink accents provide that extra personality to this adorable dress. That's not all! A matching hot pink headband and bloomers is included, creating the most playful and fancy outfit!

There are so many ways to add a pop of color to your girl’s wardrobe this spring—there’s absolutely no excuse to not have fun with her look.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dressing Up Your Little Boy

I’ve been having so much fun sharing some of my ideas and suggestions for dressing up little girls that I’ve decided to change gears a bit! Let’s not forget about the moms with toddler boys—I’m sure all moms with boys want to dress up their sons nicely. Many young boys also experience significant events of their own with birthdays, weddings, or even their First Communions.

Parents always want their boys to look their best, especially during important events. If you need to purchase a suit or tuxedo for your little man, it is important to find a trusting source for your son’s formal wear—which is why I recommend visiting Gas prices are also increasing, and it is important that your child’s wardrobe budget does not increase with it.

Visit now to see their huge selection of affordable boys formal wear!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Polka Dots are Popping!

Tiny polka dots look adorable on little girls! It is a style for all seasons, simply because it radiates a fun, youthful flair. A fashionable polka dot dress will also add plenty of style to your little girl this Spring. From big to small sized, polka dots are the perfect prints. So this Spring, be prepared to smile a lot and have tons of fun dressing your little princess, because polka dots are popping up all over the place! From party dresses to cheerful skirts, it will be hard to avoid seeing spots this season. Check out some of our favorite dotted finds available now at!

Get this amazing 50’s-inpsired polka dot dress! Accented with a contrast colored waistband, this cute dress makes a fun choice for every little girl. Get creative and pair this dress with colorful tights—and your little girl will definitely stand out from the crowd!

This classic dress is all about polka dots! The lightweight, silky smooth fabric makes this dress perfect for Spring—allowing your little girl to jump, twist, and twirl. Finish the look with a cute cardigan, and she will definitely want to dance and sing in this special little number.

For more fun options for your little girl this Spring, make sure to visit and share with us your favorite picks!


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