Friday, March 9, 2012

Princess Pageant Winner

Dear Friends,

Today I will be sharing with you a photo of one of our gorgeous pageant winners.

My daughter took home first prize in the pageant she did back in December wearing this dress. Everyone that has seen the dress has loved it. Thanks Nancy August for making my daughter feel and look like the princess she is. I made one moderation and that was the bow on her headband. We plan on doing another pageant at the end of march in which will probably wear the same dress. I will be using your site again and I recommend it to anyone that asks.” - Tiffany Brock

Tiffany’s daughter is wearing our Fairytale Princess Dress in Turquoise. This fairytale princess dress is picture perfect! Constructed out of crystal organza, this is dress that is heavy in detail but light and comfortable enough for your princess! The fitted, corset-inspired bodice is completed with off-the-shoulder sleeves, princess seams, adjustable corset ties on the sides of the torso, and a button back enclosure! The full and voluminous skirt was designed with gathers and pick-ups of a fancy tulle fabric, rosette accents, and a generous layer of crinoline sewn into the layers of the skirt! The bodice and skirt of the dress sparkle with the help of the most enchanting patterns of glittering and shimmering stars imprinted directly into the fabric! To finish the look a matching headband, choker and princess sleeves are included! For a look that is magical and straight from a fairytale, this is the perfect princess dress for you!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Color vs. Color

Hello Everyone!

So a lot of our customers want to know the difference between our purple shades and blues. No fear, I am here to help! Lilac is a color that is a pale pantone of violet. It is also described as light purple. Lavender is a light tone of violet. Shades of lavender can range in hues from pinkish purple through violet to bluish-indigo. They can also range from light and pale to medium grayish shades. To make it easier:

· Lilac is a warmer purple color, closer to the reds/pinks.

· Lavender is a cooler purple color, closer to the blues.

Now moving on to our blue-greenish shades…..

  • Tiffany Blue is a specific shade of light blue, similar to a robin’s blue egg color, associated with the jewelry company, Tiffany & Co.
  • Teal is a low-saturated color, similar to medium blue-green and dark cyan.
  • Turquoise is a bluish tone of light green. The color is based on the gem turquoise color.
Stay tuned for more to come!!


Bridal Bee