Monday, May 9, 2011

Pretty Baby Dresses - Our Favorite

Dear Friends,

There are so many baby dresses that we have in stock and it’s so hard to just introduce ONE to you! All of us in the office have so many different tastes. Some of us prefer the minimalistic and classic silhouettes, others prefer decorated and intricate Princess styles and others like the unique and trendy styles.

This week we will be sharing with you a particular style that all of us here at could agree on as being our favorite pretty baby dress. What made this dress the top on our list was a style that incorporated many different design details and qualities that appeased all of our different tastes. This is a dress that is sweet, simple, ornate, fashionable and fun…all at once! Now, this is just one dress that we picked. There are plenty of other dresses in stock that are as pretty as this one! We can guarantee that you will find the perfect baby dress for a wedding, birthday party or any other special event! Whether or not you and your family members or friends have clashing tastes in style won’t matter; you will be able to find common ground!

Are you ready for us to reveal our dress of the week? Here it is!

Our favorite pretty baby dress of the week is the Delightfully Charming Fuchsia Baby Girl Dress, Item Id: KD1436B. This style is available in a rich and sassy fuchsia and a sweet and delightful soft pink. There are so many reasons to love this dress. First of all, the silhouette is quite classic and simple. Crystal organza is the only fabric used in this dress to create the simple and classic silhouette of a sleeveless bodice and full skirt. The skirt features layers of organza that fan out from the center like the petals of a flower. Miniature and intricate designs of floral embroidery creates a chest-piece on the bodice that graces the neckline and matching border trim cascade down the layers of the skirt. The embroidery is tiny and subtle but so ornate and beautiful! A crisp, pleated organza waistband ties the look together with a rosebud and ribbon accent. A matching headband finishes the look! With this dress, we have found that all of our different style preferences: sweet, simple, ornate, fashionable, and fun can work with each other to create our favorite pretty baby dress of the week! Currently on sale for $34.99, what can be more splendid?