Monday, April 4, 2011

Flower Girl Dress Trends

Dear Friends,

As wedding season for the 2011 is fast approaching, it’s about time we share with you our style notes for the year! Figuring out the style trends for a wedding gown is so easy; there are bridal magazines found everywhere from the nearest bookstore to the nearest grocery store! However, these bridal magazines hardly ever cover flower girl dresses. They’ll cover all sorts of vendors, flowers, caterers, venues, gift registries, etc., but seeing even half a page dedicated to flower girl dresses is a rarity! Believe me, we LOVE our bridal magazines and have a bookshelf full of different publications! The funny thing is, we’ve flipped through our magazines more than once and from cover to cover and have seen about, THREE flower girl dresses total!

It took a bit of time and long searches through additional magazines and style websites just to share with our loyal fans and friends! You no longer need to stress about what to look for in a trendy and fashionable flower girl dress! Here’s our list!

1.) One of the most popular trends in flower girl dresses is to outfit the flower girl in a dress similar to an adult dress. This would mean a style that is more simple and chic. We have plenty of gorgeous dresses that we wish were cut in larger sizes for women!

Example: ON864, Beautiful Dress with Ruffle Hem. This dress has a simple and classic bodice, full skirt, and a delicate ruffle along the hem. Mature, sophisticated, yet utterly adorable in its miniature form! We have this dress available in six sweet colors with sizes for babies and girls! Trés chic!

2.) Another popular trend that we’re sure will never fade is the dress with a customizable sash. Do-It-Yourself weddings and creative brides are working harder than ever when it comes to personalizing a wedding. A dress with a customizable sash makes it easy for your flower girl to compliment the theme or colors of a wedding!

Example: LA574, Organza Flower Girl Dress. This stylish flower girl dress is one of our most popular! This all-organza dress has a classic sleeveless bodice and full, 3-layer skirt. What makes it so popular are the FIVE dress colors, the FOURTEEN sash colors and the option of EIGHTEEN flower colors! You no longer have to fear the ultra-creative bride with the impossible color-themed wedding! This style is available for girls sizes 2-12!

3.) The last trend we will be sharing with you today is the Ballet trend. Prima Ballerinas are graceful, beautiful and elegant and this particular style trend embodies that gorgeously. Leotards, tutus, and special performance costumes since the 15th century have maintained an air of elegance and classicism and it’s truly exciting to see those traits translated into flower girl dresses!

Example: GG3306, the Summer Swan Ballerina Dress. This romantic dress incorporates all our favorite ballerina trends: tulle, a fitted bodice, and dainty florals. Available in white and ivory with pink and rose-colored flower accents, this is one of our sweetest styles available for both babies and girls!

We hope our style notes can help you out this wedding season! Be sure to check out our “New Stuff” category to stay on top of all the new fashionable dress trends!