Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dallas Shines in our Gold Baby Dress!

Dear Friends,

Wow, do we have the most exquisite photo to share with you today! Proud and beautiful mommy Jessica-Roger Schwarz shared with us on Facebook a photo of her bright and shining little bundle of joy, Dallas Jaydin Noel!

Isn’t Dallas so pretty? She is a beaming ray of sunshine in her darling gold baby dress! It’s also so sweet to get a picture of baby and mommy together. Most mommies just send us a picture of the baby or girl wearing our dresses which is nice; it's even better to let the mommy share the spotlight with the baby on our blog too! Big shout out to Jessica for sharing this photo with us! We love it!

Gold is still, to this day, a rather unique color as far as baby dresses. Dallas and her mommy are quite the trendsetters! Oftentimes in a store we will find a “gold baby dress” but it’s more of a dull or flat pale yellow color. This marvelous dress that Dallas is wearing looks like pure gold! In addition to the ultra shiny and glimmering combination of gold taffeta and satin, this dress has sparkling sequins and embroidery with metallic thread! Now THIS is a gold dress!

Dallas is wearing our Glistening Gold Baby Dress with Shamrock Sparkles and Swirls, Item Id: BK103B-SHAMGOLD. This is the most fabulous and richest gold-colored baby dress we have in stock! If you desire a work of art that is glamorous, luxurious, and adorable, this is the dress for you! The classic silhouette consists of a sleeveless bodice and full skirt supported by crinoline. The design of this dress consists of a taffeta bodice and skirt with a complimenting satin waistband and skirt layer! Decorating the entirety of the dress are swirls and shamrocks outlined with metallic threads with sparkling gold sequin accents. To complete the look, this dress comes with a matching stretch headband, a detachable flower pin at the waist, and a pair of matching bloomers! For the baby that is your precious little light, here is the perfect gold baby dress to make her truly shine!

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