Monday, February 14, 2011

Luminous Lydia In Her Orange Flower Girl Dress

Dear Friends,

Adam and Amy Ghozeil shared with us a charming photo of their delightful daughter, Lydia. Lydia was lucky enough to be chosen as the flower girl for her uncle's wedding! If you ask me, getting to be the flower girl is the next best and most exciting role.apart from getting to be the bride, of course!

"My daughter looked great as the flower girl for my brother's wedding! I'll see if I can get a hold of an even better photo to send in!"

To Mr. and Mrs. Ghozeil, thanks for sharing this photo! We look forward to seeing another photo of Lydia if you can find one! I love the candid nature of this photo. One of the greatest characteristics of pretty much any wedding photo, whether it be amateur or professional, is that every single photo seems to capture the pure emotion from that moment in time. Lydia looks so happy and beautiful in her dress and the orange color compliments her big smile!

Lydia is wearing our Orange Organza Flower Girl Dress, Style LA574G-ORG. This is a beautiful and comfortably light weight dress available in five different colors: orange, white, ivory, black, and hot pink! In addition, there are a whopping 14 sash colors available for you to choose from! This is a great choice if you're looking to match your flower girl-to-be with the color theme of an upcoming wedding. The simple sleeveless bodice is paired with a triple-layer, tea length skirt. The skirt is supported by a crisp layer of crinoline, giving the dress the perfect amount of volume. The sash can be tied around the waist, giving some contrast as well as tying into a big fancy bow in the back. If you'd like to look as fancy as Lydia, we have delicate and lovely flower pins available in the same 14 colors for a small price! This is a great choice if you're looking for customization and personalization!

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