Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pink Flower Girl Dresses

Dear Fans,

Pink is without a doubt one of the most popular flower girl dress colors in the business. Who can disagree? Pink is the ultimate girly girl color. It is sweet, charming, delicate, playful and feminine! At a wedding, pink could ideally match well with the flowers or it could compliment the blushing bride. It is a color full of love and plenty of feminine charms. We've backed up this extra popular color with the most extensive category of flower girl dresses on our website!

Now, some mommies and daughters in the modern day may want to keep away from the classically girly/princess character traits that come with the color pink. However, we have specially curated our collection of pink flower girl dresses to incorporated design details that would reflect all the different personalities of any baby or girl!

First of all, no pink flower girl dress collection would be complete without a few princess dresses. These pink princess flower girl dress embody all that is magnificent, regal, and display design details straight out of your favorite fairytale book. These dresses are perfect for your little girl who loves all things fancy and sweet! In addition, we have included modern and sophisticated new styles with simple silhouettes and minimalistic chic designs; ALL available in pink! These dresses are ideal for your little lady that wants something fresh, fashionable and versatile! Take a look in our category of pink flower girl dresses! If you've never liked the color pink before, you will now!

Our pink flower girl dress pick of the week:

Oh My Darling Flower Girl Dress in Pink, Item Id: KD1434G-PK. This dress is truly darling. So darling that we had to put it in the title! The ever-classic, satin, sleeveless bodice is balanced with a full skirt made of crystal organza with a subtle, glittering sheen. The skirt was design with overlapping layers of asymmetrical cuts of organza, each layer accented with a delicate ruffle at the hem. This is a dress that is adorable, ethereal, sweet and sophisticated! Further accenting the dress are medium and large rosebuds decorating the waist and the length of the skirt. Wear this dress to a wedding or a lovely event in the garden and you will look picture perfect!


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Monday, February 21, 2011

One Fantastic Family!

Dear friends and fans,

A few weeks back, the Chan Family shared a holiday photo with us, check it out!

Here are the little members of the Chan Family. The dashing young boys are wearing our suits and the lovely ladies are wearing our sparkling rhinestone necklaces, tights and shoes! What a beautiful photo and many thanks to the Chan family for sharing with us! We love how charming all the children look backed by a huge and beautiful Christmas tree! I wish it was holiday season again!

Here's a rundown on all the stylish products this adorable bunch of kids are wearing!

Silver Rhinestone Heart Necklace, Item Id: NK-HEART-SIL. This charming little necklace is the perfect finish to any outfit! The rhodium chain closely mimics the strength and shine of platinum! The rhinestone encrusted heart features cubic zirconia, making this a sparkling and classy piece of jewelry for your young child to own! Such beauty and sophistication embodied in this dainty necklace will be a treasure for many years to come!

Flower Girl Shoes with Flowers, Item Id: LA311G. These mature and fancy flower girl shoes are available in black and white making this shoe style a classy compliment to any flower girl dress. The shoe features a row of delicate little flowers with rhinestone centers, an ankle strap with a buckle and even a 1" heel! This is a Mary Jane style shoe perfect for your little girl that desires a combination of beauty without compromising quality and comfort!

Classic Boys Suit in Black, Item Id: SUIT10BOY-BLK. Every boy needs a suit and this is an affordable choice with all the pieces that you will ever need! This 5-piece suit comes with a single breasted, three-button jacket, a fully lined, three-button vest, dress pants, a crisp, white button down dress shirt, and black tie! This ever-so-classic style evokes timeless elegance and we can ensure your dandy little man will actually enjoy dressing up for a special event!

Thanks again to the Chan family for sharing this photo with us! It was a delight to see such a beautiful family decked out and looking fabulous in their items!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jalila in her Princess Belle Dress

Dear Friends,

I think every little girl should wear princess dresses for her birthdays as long as she can, or as long as the sizes are available! By the time you grow up to be a big girl or a teenager, princess dresses are hardly around and then you have to wait for a long time until your wedding before you get to dress up like a princess again! Here is a picture of Princess Jalila looking glamorous and regal in her princess dress for her fifth birthday.

"Everyone loved Jalila in her Belle dress.thanks for making my daughter's dreams of becoming Princess Belle a reality!"

Big thank YOU to mommy Giselle Manon who shared this photo with us on Facebook! Jalila looks so adorable! She truly looks like a princess with her pearl jewelry, fancy hair, and tiara! Her pose with her hands on her hips definitely shows us how confident and pretty she looks and feels! Thanks again to Giselle for sharing this photo with us!

What Princess Jalila is wearing: Belle Princess Dress, Item: BELLE-DRESS
. This deluxe and absolutely exquisite Belle Princess dress is truly one of the most magnificent princess dresses around! The corset style bodice and off the shoulder sleeves are swoon-worthy and the skirt is out of this world! The skirt is extra voluminous with its supporting layer of crinoline and elaborate gathers and pick-ups along the entire length of the skirt that help maximize fullness. This is a true, princess dress fit for a ballroom! Included with this dress is a matching headband, but you could always replace it with one of our magical rhinestone tiaras!

The Belle Princess dress seems to be a customer favorite, I mean, we all love an extra poufy and full skirt! However, we also stock tons of other princess style dresses, some of which are from your favorite fairytale princess stories and others that are inspired by traditional princess styles! In our own category of princess dresses, you will find our beautiful collection of princess dresses. We have Sleeping Beauty, Princess Tiana, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Snow White, and more! In addition to the classic princess styles we have other designs inspired by all that is pretty and beautiful! Our other princess dresses feature belle sleeves, tulle, embroidery, sequins, lace, and much more! Be sure to check out our princess category to find your perfect princess dress for your next extra special event just like Jalila's!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Luminous Lydia In Her Orange Flower Girl Dress

Dear Friends,

Adam and Amy Ghozeil shared with us a charming photo of their delightful daughter, Lydia. Lydia was lucky enough to be chosen as the flower girl for her uncle's wedding! If you ask me, getting to be the flower girl is the next best and most exciting role.apart from getting to be the bride, of course!

"My daughter looked great as the flower girl for my brother's wedding! I'll see if I can get a hold of an even better photo to send in!"

To Mr. and Mrs. Ghozeil, thanks for sharing this photo! We look forward to seeing another photo of Lydia if you can find one! I love the candid nature of this photo. One of the greatest characteristics of pretty much any wedding photo, whether it be amateur or professional, is that every single photo seems to capture the pure emotion from that moment in time. Lydia looks so happy and beautiful in her dress and the orange color compliments her big smile!

Lydia is wearing our Orange Organza Flower Girl Dress, Style LA574G-ORG. This is a beautiful and comfortably light weight dress available in five different colors: orange, white, ivory, black, and hot pink! In addition, there are a whopping 14 sash colors available for you to choose from! This is a great choice if you're looking to match your flower girl-to-be with the color theme of an upcoming wedding. The simple sleeveless bodice is paired with a triple-layer, tea length skirt. The skirt is supported by a crisp layer of crinoline, giving the dress the perfect amount of volume. The sash can be tied around the waist, giving some contrast as well as tying into a big fancy bow in the back. If you'd like to look as fancy as Lydia, we have delicate and lovely flower pins available in the same 14 colors for a small price! This is a great choice if you're looking for customization and personalization!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Toddler Flower Girl Dresses

Dear Friends,

Today I will be sharing a little news about our flower girl dresses made especially for your toddler. Many different shops carry clothing for babies and girls, but what about the little kids stuck in the between? Many could say that manufacturers don't want to bother creating clothing for an age group that is always so varying in size. As we all know, toddlers are generally 2-4 years old and during these important years of their young life, they can double in height! Talk about a growth spurt! A toddler's legs aren't the only things growing. A toddler's chest circumference expands, the baby fat begins to disappear, and sometimes they tend to have a more prominent tummy. A toddler's body changes so fast in such a short amount of time, but that doesn't mean we'd just skip out on them when it came to great formal wear!

At, you can find a collection devoted to your toddlers. By clicking on "Shop by Age" link on our main page, this will lead you to our collections all divided by age groups. We've searched far and wide for lovely little toddler dresses that will comfortable fit your growing child. Our toddler dresses come in many of the same exact styles as your favorite baby dresses or even your favorite flower girl dresses! The only difference here is that our toddler dresses have special sizes. Generally, toddlers will still have equal measurements in circumference for their chest and waists, but their legs are a lot longer. You can think of our toddler dresses as big baby dresses with longer hems. Make sure you refer to every dress' size chart or size guide and measure your toddler to ensure a good, comfortable fit. Don't be afraid to call our customer service representatives either! They will gladly measure any dress you like that doesn't already have a size chart!

Our toddler dress pick of the week:

Precious Burgundy and Pink Girls Dress, Item id: ON873G-BURG. This dress is available in 2T, 3T, and 4T, just perfect for your toddler. A simple sleeveless bodice is transformed to a thing of beauty with a sheer organza overlay embroidered with floral swirls and curling vines, reminiscent of a beautiful iron gate of the Art Nouveau era. The skirt is full and voluminous, made with organza and supported by crinoline. With a hem hanging at the natural tea length, this dress leaves room for lots of movement; a necessary characteristic for your active toddler! To finish the look, there is an adjustable organza waist sash that is accented by a large detachable flower pin. This dress would look fantastic with some jewelry or even a nice cardigan! This is a simple yet beautiful style that will make your toddler look charming and sweet!


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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Vision in Black Lace

Dear Fans,

Jessica Jimenez shared with us on our Facebook page a photo of her baby girl, Alexia. Before Alexia got her extra special lace baby dress, we had been corresponding with her mommy to find the right dress that would fit her perfectly. It is important that customers check out our garment specific size charts as well as measuring their girl or baby to ensure the best fit! In addition, don't be shy; feel free to call us and we will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding sizing! Alexia looks adorable in her dress and it fits her wonderfully. She may even get to wear her dress more than once!

"Everyone just loved this dress. Thank you so much! I'm so glad it worked out this way with the sizing; it turned out to be the perfect dress for her first Christmas. Thank you!!"

Thank you Jessica for the photo! Alexia looks so adorable! Such a small and cute baby in a sophisticated and elegant dress! This lace dress is one of our absolute favorites here at It's not often that baby dresses are even designed with lace fabric!

Alexia is wearing our Elegant Black Lace Baby Dress, Item ON862B-BLK. For the baby looking for a dress that is classy, chic, and straight off the streets of Paris, this is the one to go with! The classic and simple silhouette with its sleeveless bodice and full skirt is transformed to a thing of true beauty with black floral lace fabric. The lace sits as an overlay on top of a silky, white lining. Providing extra fashionable contrast to the dress is a rich and romantic red taffeta sash that accents the waist and ties into a bow in the back. A detachable red rose pin adorns the waist, but it can be readjusted to sit on the shoulder like a brooch, the center of the waist, or on a headband! If you want to look stylish as a Parisienne, this is an affordable choice! Shop fast as this style doesn't sit on our shelves for long!

If you would like to share your photos with us, send in a picture of your little one wearing his or her purchase to:!


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Elegant Ella in Her Formal Baby Dress!

Hello Friends!

Missy Vander Reydan has just shared with us a photo of her daughter, Ella!

"Thank you for offering such a beautiful dress for a special occasion! We dedicated our daughter Ella, 11 months, at church while wearing this, and will have her wear it again for her one year pictures and part of her party. The compliments have already been pouring in! Thanks again!"

Wow! What a beautiful and fashionable choice for a church dedication event! Both Mommy Missy and Baby Ella have fantastic taste. We love how you paired the matching brown shoes with a lovely white cardigan! It even looks like the blue of the dress matches Ella's stunning big and bright blue eyes! We're also very happy that you can wear the dress again for her first birthday party! It's so great when a delightful dress can be worn more than once; you get double the compliments!

Ella is wearing's Sparkle Winter Wonderland Baby Dress in Teal Blue, Item GG3401B-BRN. This is an exclusive holiday dress available in both this sophisticated and darkened teal blue and a rich burgundy with black trim. The dress is constructed of a light weight taffeta with a subtle sheen which actually makes the dress look like it's made out of raw silk! The simple silhouette with its sleeveless bodice and full skirt is decorated with diamond quilted embroidery and sequins! Brown taffeta accents the waist and the hem of the skirt. Included is a matching detachable brown flower pin and a bow headband! The accessories make the dress look so luxurious, as you can see, Ella kept her flower pin and she is also wearing the cute bow headband! This is an elegant dress for such an affordable price and with winter weather lasting until mid-March, this is a wonderful dress to consider!

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