Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sensational Skilar in our Flower Girl Princess Dress

Dear Friends,

Today we will be sharing with you one of the most amazing photos submitted to us! Caroline Moores McLean posted on our Facebook the most impressive customer photos we've seen so far; a fantastic photo of her daughter Skilar. Here it is!

"My daughter in one of my very favorite dresses from Nancy August! We LOVE your dresses!"

Thank you Caroline for sharing this photo with us! We are in AWE! We love how sweet, angelic, and almost pixie/fairy-like Skilar looks, with her white dress and the dazzling orange daisy in her hair, contrasting with the beautifully decaying wood platform in this natural forest setting. It's quite magnificent how the sunshine is peeking through the trees, seen mostly in the background, and one ray of sunlight manages to light up Skilar, illuminating her! This is a truly unique and breathtaking photo! Thank you once again Caroline for honoring us with such a stunning photo of Skilar!

Skilar is wearing's White Flower Girl Princess Dress with Turquoise Accent, Item Id: J1400G-TURQ. There are so many things to love about this princess-style dress. First, there is the sweetheart neckline, further decorated with lovely floral and leaf embroidery. The matte satin bodice is smooth and fitted, finished with a pleated waistband and detachable flower pin. Then, there is the skirt! A big and fancy skirt made of multiple layers of tulle with an embroidered hem makes for a perfect princess dress made for twirling, curtsies, and dancing!

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