Friday, January 28, 2011

Pretty Pastel Easter Dresses

Dear Fans,

While we at do love our rich and deep jewel-toned dresses fit for the fall and winter, we also love our bright and light pastel colors for the spring just as much! Apart from those beautiful, mature, elegant, and sophisticated dresses, we also stock a huge collection of sweet and charming pastel Easter dresses that bring out the adorable qualities of your bubbly little girl or baby. Generally, pastel colors are associated with the springtime and our Easter dresses are designed with the warmth of the sun in mind. Our pastel dresses are sewn with high quality fabrics that are light weight and more comfortable; sleeves and hemlines are usually shorter which makes them perfect for active little girls who love to run, skip, and dance!

Just because you'll probably be wearing a pretty pastel dress in warm weather doesn't necessarily mean your dress choices need to be any less formal! At, you'll find dresses of all different styles in your favorite pastel colors perfect for Easter. We do have simple and casual styles, ballerina dresses, trendy and fashion forward styles, dresses with lace, big and full pick-up skirts, short sleeve styles, floral prints, princess style dresses and more! Our Easter dresses can suit many different events from an outdoor wedding, a church event, a birthday party, or even a family dinner party. The longer days full of sunshine give you no better reason to wear a pretty pastel dress!

Our Easter dress pick of the week:

Ivory and Coral Flower Girl Dress with Layers and Layers of Skirt, Item Id: ON831G-Coral
Don't the extended hours of warm sunshine make you want to dance? If so, then this is the Easter dress to do it. This lovely ivory and coral dress is available in both girl and baby sizes, perfect for sisters with an age gap between them! A simple sleeveless bodice made of a smooth ivory satin is paired with multiple layers of sheer and airy organza which create a fun skirt! The layered skirt is absolutely charming and the effect of the fabric during twirls and spins on your makeshift dance floor will wow the crowd. The look is completed with a wide organza waistband adorned with a detachable flower pin and an adjustable waist sash which ties into a bow in the back. The simplicity of the design pared with high quality fabrics makes this a versatile dress perfect for the flower girls of a wedding, or even a lucky girl on her birthday!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Isabella in our Baby Dress with Flowers of Fun!

Dear Fans,

Axybell Laverde just sent us a beautiful photo of her baby! Check it out!

"My daughter's name is Isabella Victoria Llanos. We got many compliments. Thank you for making her look like a princess!"

That is so precious! Isabella looks like an adorable little princess! Thank you Axybell for sharing your photo with us, but we also can't take ALL the credit for making Isabella look like a princess! While we can provide you some of the prettiest dresses around, it takes a beautiful, sweet, charming and confident little girl to make a princess. I believe any little girl can be a princess if she desires. Sometimes all it takes is a beautiful dress to bring out her personality! Isabella truly looks the part of a princess and this dress compliments her well!

Isabella is wearing's Blue Baby Dress with Flowers of Fun, Item Id: BK114B-BLUE. This fancy baby dress looks fit for a princess having tea and cupcakes with her friends in the lush, secret garden! Intricate floral embroidery and sequins decorate the entirety of this taffeta dress, perfected with a shiny satin waistband and skirt. On the waistband, there is even a detachable rose pin with flowing ribbons! The silhouette of this dress includes a classic bodice with dainty cap sleeves is balanced with a full, tea length skirt. To finish the look, there is a matching stretch headband and a pair of bloomers included! This delightful dress will charm your entire family, just like Isabella!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easter Dresses For The Spring

Hello Friends!

Easter is a special religious holiday held somewhere between the end of March and the beginning of April. It is a wonderful holiday signifying the end of the cold winter; it represents rebirth, growth, and longer days with more sunshine! At the office we are working hard to round up the dresses that are more appropriate not just for the season's trends but the weather's trends as well! The trends for the spring season include charming colors found in nature; the colors of flowers and other lush and growing plants. Many of our Easter dresses for spring feature styles available in an array of colors that you can easily find in a bouquet: pink, white, ivory, lilac, yellow, baby blue, sage green and more! The colors available are so sweet and they embody all that is precious and thriving about your little one. As far as fabrics, our dresses feature more light weight fabrics. You won't find any extravagant velvets or thick layers of satin and taffeta in this collection! Our Easter dresses for spring introduces light and airy fabrics like tulle, organza, and softer satins which create a dress that is as pretty as it is comfortable!

Our Easter dresses for the spring season differ from our holiday dresses in silhouette as well. Long-sleeved dresses are no longer necessary now that Mr. Golden Sun is shining! Now we have sleeveless styles, bodices with delicate straps, cap sleeves and short sleeves to name a few. The length of the skirts, however, vary as we stock dresses fit for many different occasions. There are many festive birthday celebrations, weddings, and other fun little events to attend and for those, we have our adorable dresses with shorter hems. Our knee and tea length dresses are perfect for running, dancing, twirling, Easter egg hunting, or any other activity your energetic little girl or baby is interested in! On the other hand, there are special church events and other formal celebrations for which we carry our ankle and floor length dresses. No matter what design detail, silhouette, sleeve or hem length you are interested, we can guarantee that our Easter dresses for the spring is a collection of delightful dresses available in your favorite pastel colors!

Our Easter Dress For The Spring pick of the week:

Lilac Flower Girl Dress with Eyelet Lace, Item Id: 7901G-LIL. This Easter dress represents all the charms of spring in so many ways! The simple, spaghetti strap bodice is accented with dainty ribbons and an organza sash. The waistband also has a ribbon at the center, bringing additional adorable style. The beautiful skirt, however, is really something else. Made of organza, the beautiful, scalloped hem of the skirt features laser cute eyelet lace adorned with embroidery, sparkling sequins, and shiny pearls. The eyelet lace is quite reminiscent of a attic covered with growing flowers! The length of the dress is adorned with a sprinkle of tiny little flowers with beaded centers, falling lightly from the waist and decorating the hem. All of the details are so intricate and yet the dress itself is at lowest price guarantee! Available in girl and baby sizes and also in white, ivory and pink, this is the lovely dress that your little one will feel so charming in for the upcoming Spring!


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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alexis is Ready for the Holiday Season!

Dear Friends,

Jenna Corbo shared with us a beautiful holiday photo of her daughter Alexis, complete with the Christmas tree and presents in the background! So cute!

"This is my daughter Alexis in your beautiful Nancy August dress. This beautiful dress is by far one of my favorite dresses. I have received many compliments and would recommend this dress to anyone. Thank you.will be buying from you again soon!!!"

Aww...thanks Jenna for the lovely photo and the heartwarming testimonial! Alexis' photo gets me so excited for the holiday season. I love the decorated trees, buying presents for my loved ones, and the chance to wear red to all my family parties! I love how Alexis paired her adorable red dress with white stockings and classic black shoes. The combination of black and red is such a fantastic look reserved just for the holidays.

Alexis is wearing our Joy To The Red Christmas Infant Dress with Ruched Bodice, Item Id: KK4048B-RD. This is a fantastic holiday dress for so many reasons and it honestly looks adorable on every single baby! Made of a shiny red satin, this dress features a delightful ruched bodice with a ruffle detail, dainty shoulder bands and a full skirt with pick-ups, all accented by a waistband with a detachable bow and flower pin. This infant Christmas dress will make your baby look like she IS the best gift of the holiday season and even better, this dress is one of our most affordable styles we have in stock! Actually, it gets better. This particular style comes in nine different colors! If red is too bright for you, we have a whole variety of colors from light to dark, charming to sophisticated, all featuring that ruffled bodice that we can't get enough of. Hurry though, this style with its affordable price doesn't sit long on the shelves!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kadience in our Baby Dress with Flower Bodice

Dear Friends,

On our Facebook page, Desireah Kenyon shared a photo of her precious bundle of adorableness, Kadience.

"My daughter is 10 months old and has worn this dress to three weddings now and everyone loves it!"

Isn't she sooo cute! Her little chubby cheeks and her beautiful eyes! It's a risk going with a black dress to a wedding but I think it is very chic. Kadience already wore her dress to three weddings and it was well received so you shouldn't have anything to worry about! Thank you Desireah for sharing this adorable photo with us!

Oftentimes any dress worn to a wedding like the bride's dress, her bridesmaids' dresses, or even the flower girl dresses are worn once. This is usually due to the overly formal and elegant nature of most dresses designed for weddings. In these hard economic times, buying a dress to wear once isn't a good financial move. Luckily, on our website, you can find hundreds of dresses for babies, girls, and boys (sorry bridesmaids!) with trendy and fashionable will be looking for excuses to wear them! Many of our styles are specifically flower girl or baby flower girl dresses, but you can also wear them to birthday parties, family dinners, or even to three different weddings; yes, they're that cute!

Kadience is wearing our Black Baby Dress with Flower Bodice, Item Id: LA572B. This tea-length dress is made of a light weight taffeta fabric with a subtle sheen. The bodice has a rounded neckline and dainty little cap sleeves and the chest is decorated with delicate flowers! The waist band features a really unique bow and flower pin, and the band converts into an adjustable sash in the back. The skirt is full and fancy, with gathers and pick-ups accented with more flowers! The black color of this dress gives a really trendy balance between of pretty and hip as it is paired with charming little flowers.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Amazing Atticus in His White Suit!

Dear Friends,

Ina Kuster, a loving mother, shared with us on Facebook a photo of her son Atticus!

"Atticus in his new Nancy August suit.We LOVE this suit on him.and what a strange 2 year old.he loves his fancy clothes!"

That's so funny! We love a little boy with a great sense of style! Atticus probably developed his taste for fancy clothes from his stylish mom who has been dressing him for 2 years! He looks so dashing and handsome in his all white suit! We can spot a Christmas tree in the background, this must have made a wonderful holiday photo of Atticus to share with friends and family. Thank you Ina for sharing your photo with us!

What the oh-so-stylish Atticus is wearing: Classic Toddler Boys Suit in White, Item Id: SUIT10T-WHT. An all white suit makes a great choice for any little boy; it's so versatile! Acceptable for all sorts of special events, the all-white suit perfectly captures timeless elegance. This complete set includes a single breasted, double buttoned jacket with two pockets and a notched collar, a dapper three button vest, a crisp, white button down dress shirt, an adjustable necktie, and trousers with an elastic waistband. For the holidays, the entire set can be worn. For the warmer months, the jacket can be removed, making this an adorable vest suit set! For an affordable price, you can handsomely dress up your little boy in a full suit that will make him look and feel amazing for any special event throughout the year!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Adorable Alexis In Her Baby Pageant Dress

Dear Friends,

Katherine Garza shared with us a photo of her baby Alexis! Alexis wore one of our baby dresses to a pageant!

"She wore this dress in a pageant and won ultimate overall =) it is a WINNER.I will be ordering more!"

Congratulations to both Alexis and her mommy, Katherine! I can see there is a light shining on her in the photo but she just glows beautifully! Thank you Katherine for sharing this photo with us, and once again, big congratulations on your win!

If you've been following our blog, you may find that many of our posts feature lovely pageant babies! If you're baby is an aspiring pageant winner, you should definitely check out our dresses! We have so many different styles that are fashionable, elegant, and affordable! The perfect dress can bring out your baby's personality and charm; it can bring out her confidence as well! Many customers who have shopped with us for affordable pageant-worthy dresses have come out on top as winners!

Alexis is wearing our Happy Holiday Formal Baby Dress in Burgundy, Item Id: BK103B-BURG. Burgundy is such a romantic color that honestly is only most fitting for the holiday season! It just wouldn't be as special during any other time of year. This dress has a classic silhouette; a sleeveless bodice paired with a voluminous, tea length skirt. The details and fabrics, however, make this dress something really special. Taffeta and satin create a luxurious style further accented with the most elaborate and intricate embroidery and sequins all around the entirety of this dress! These details bring shimmering sparkles, perfect for your little star! At such an affordable price and with the holidays fast approaching, your baby can look like a beautiful pageant queen even if she's just attending a family dinner party!

If you would like to share your photos with us, please send them to:!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sensational Skilar in our Flower Girl Princess Dress

Dear Friends,

Today we will be sharing with you one of the most amazing photos submitted to us! Caroline Moores McLean posted on our Facebook the most impressive customer photos we've seen so far; a fantastic photo of her daughter Skilar. Here it is!

"My daughter in one of my very favorite dresses from Nancy August! We LOVE your dresses!"

Thank you Caroline for sharing this photo with us! We are in AWE! We love how sweet, angelic, and almost pixie/fairy-like Skilar looks, with her white dress and the dazzling orange daisy in her hair, contrasting with the beautifully decaying wood platform in this natural forest setting. It's quite magnificent how the sunshine is peeking through the trees, seen mostly in the background, and one ray of sunlight manages to light up Skilar, illuminating her! This is a truly unique and breathtaking photo! Thank you once again Caroline for honoring us with such a stunning photo of Skilar!

Skilar is wearing's White Flower Girl Princess Dress with Turquoise Accent, Item Id: J1400G-TURQ. There are so many things to love about this princess-style dress. First, there is the sweetheart neckline, further decorated with lovely floral and leaf embroidery. The matte satin bodice is smooth and fitted, finished with a pleated waistband and detachable flower pin. Then, there is the skirt! A big and fancy skirt made of multiple layers of tulle with an embroidered hem makes for a perfect princess dress made for twirling, curtsies, and dancing!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Colton in Our Gray Pinstripe Vest Suit

Dear Friends,

Proud mommy Elisa sent us this photo of her super adorable son, Colton!

Wow! Colton looks so charming! Elisa, thanks for sharing this photo with us! The suit looks so dapper and Colton's mom even rolled up his sleeves for a more casual but still equally handsome look! Take note, mommies! Elisa just inspired us! While this vest set suit comes without a jacket, making it comfortable enough for a spring or summer event, rolling up the sleeves of the white button down shirt like Colton can bring additional comfort on an extra warm day. It also keeps his sleeves clean and out of the way if he's busy playing with his toys, all while creating a look that is more laid-back but still so charming! With his curly hair and his cool black and white striped tie, Colton looks ready for anything!

Colton is wearing's Infant Boy Gray Pinstripe Vest Set Suit with White Button Down Shirt, Item Id: BVEST-7009. This set comes without a jacket, making a formal and idyllic outfit perfect for a warm day or for an active little boy! This set consists of a handsome pinstripe vest accented with a matching pocket square and matching trousers with an elastic waist. A crisp white button down shirt and a matching tie is included, finishing the look! For an affordable price, you can get your little man all dressed up in a complete outfit and looking like a million bucks!

If you would like to be featured on our blog, send us a photo of your little one wearing his or her purchase to:!


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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Friends!

Hello Friends!

The brand new year brings new endeavors, new resolutions, new experiences. Why not celebrate with a new flower girl dress? Almost everyone thinks of the new year as a fresh start and we've got fresh, new styles to brighten your wardrobe!

As the winter's frost and snow begins to melt away, the flowers start blooming, and the sun begins to shine. With the year's changes, we have begun collecting a special selection of flower girl dresses available in your favorite sweet, spring colors. From dashing pinks, to charming yellows, and darling blues, we have a wide variety of pastels and other light colors that celebrate the warmth and growth of the sun. In addition to the joy of spring, we have new collections of flower girl dresses idyllic for an upcoming wedding! Our new dresses are versatile and darling; perfect for any event whether it be a birthday, a wedding, a Communion, or a party!

Today I'll be introducing you to three new dress styles we have available. Keep in mind that this is just a fraction of our new collection of flower girl dresses!

This is our Classic White Flower Girl Dress, style J1047G. Available in pink, white, blue, and ivory, this dress is just so sweet and delicate. The matte satin bodice charms all with the ever-beautiful sweetheart neckline and paired with a voluminous multi-layer tulle skirt. The waist band and the bodice at the shoulder are decorated with dainty beading and rosebud details. For the girl looking for something with subtle beauty and charms, this is the perfect dress with all of its perfect details.

If you're looking for something sweet and fun, the Oh My Darling Flower Girl Dress, style KD1434G is the one! Available in white, pink, and fuchsia, this dress is for the girl with personality and flair. A simple and chic sleeveless bodice provides balance to a full and fancy organza skirt with asymmetrical layers that crisscross and overlap delicately! Each layer of crystal organza has a gently ruffled hem making this the perfect dress for twirling and dancing in! A big floral pin adorns the waist and a satin waist sash helps your little girl better fit her darling dress. Your little girl will look nothing short of adorable in this!

While we do have many sweet and pretty dresses, here is a style that is breathtaking, elaborate, and sophisticated, perfect for your mature young lady. The Lady Lace Flower Girl Dress, style J1057G, is constructed with elongating panels of crystal organza that flair out at the hem to create the flattering and beautiful A-line silhouette. The faux bandeau bodice sets the stage for an opening at the center where the layers of organza fan out. Here the organza is intricately decorated with beading, sequins, and exquisite embroidery complete with a scalloped hem. The detailing here is reminiscent of the most beautiful Spanish style wedding veil! This lace flower girl dress is available in burgundy, tosca blue, baby blue, lilac, pink, ivory, and white. Take your pick!

Once again dear friends, this was just a sampling of what new dresses we have in stock. Be sure to check out our website often as we are continuing to add on new dresses! With this new year, it may even be a little more fun to get your little girl dressed up in the most stylish and brilliant dress before all her friends! Cheers to the new year! To new flower girl dresses! Hooray to 2011!!