Monday, December 27, 2010

Beautiful Baby Dresses

Dear Fans,

When shopping for a baby dress, most stores only carry dresses with two characteristics: pink and poufy. Not all dresses that are pink and poufy are cute, but I'm sure you can agree with me when I say that a baby can look adorable wearing anything! If you do like pink and poufy, we've got you covered. Our collection of beautiful baby dresses come in all sorts of different shades of pink, big skirts full in volume, all further adorned and decorated with the most exquisite details and trims!. If you're looking for something else, well, we've expanded our collection of baby dresses to include a huge selection of high quality baby dresses available in a whole bunch of different colors and styles!

With a quick click of our baby dresses collection, you will find that we have our dresses organized by color group. We can honestly say that our dresses come in more colors than the rainbow! Our collection of styles will provide you a match for your unique taste. If you like a skirt with lots of volume, we have ballerina and princess style dresses. If you're looking for something chic, we have slim and sleek styles with fresh new colors. Our baby dresses come in all different shapes, styles, colors, and themes; all babies have different personalities and mommies have different tastes when it comes to style. Our collection of beautiful baby dresses reflects that!

Our Beautiful Baby Dress pick of the week:

Ivory Holiday Infant Baby Dress with Sequin Circle Accents, Item Id: GG3423B-IVY. Although this dress is listed as a holiday baby dress, the soft ivory color and light weight taffeta fabric make this suitable for any special event throughout the year! A simple bodice with cute cap sleeves provides a balance for the extra full skirt, supported by crinoline. The entirety of this dress is decorated with circles of sparkly gold sequins and ivory stitching! Complimenting this ivory dress is a gold waist band, adorned with a detachable flower pin, which converts into an adjustable waist sash at the back. A matching hat is included. This dress is sweet, charming and fancy without being too extravagantly detailed or girly! A simple style balanced with the right amount of details makes for a perfect, beautiful baby dress that can be worn for many special events!


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