Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Signe in Our Delightful Purple Baby Dress

Dear Friends,

Kelly Hayes graciously shared with us this bright and bubbly photo of her baby, Signe.

"This is a picture of my daughter Signe in her beautiful Nancy August dress! She had a blast at my cousin's wedding reception. :) She was grinning ear-to-ear at all the compliments she got!!"

Thank you Kelly for sharing such a cute photo of Signe with us. While Signe may have been grinning ear-to-ear from all the compliments she received, she's got all of us at the office all cheerful and smiley from her absolutely adorable photo! I don't think anything is more adorable than a happy, smiling baby. Signe's outgoing personality seems to shine even more when paired with such a rich plum color that is as bright and attention-grabbing as she is!

Signe is wearing NancyAugust.com's Purple Plum Baby Dress with Flower Bodice, Item Id: LA572B-PUR. This is an exquisite and elegant dress, made with a luxurious, light weight taffeta fabric, is perfect for your sweet little baby to wear to her next special event! A bodice with dainty little cap sleeves is adorned with an array of delicate taffeta flowers with beaded centers. The skirt is extra full and fancy with pick-ups accented by additional flowers! Tying this look together is a waistband accented with a bow and flower center that converts into an adjustable waist sash which then ties into a beautiful bow at the back. With this particular style and all the baby sizes, there is a matching bow and flower headband included! In addition to this lovely plum color dress, we also carry five other colors and sizes available for not just babies, but for girls too! Check them out!

If you would like to be featured on our blog, send us a photo of your little one wearing his or her NancyAugust.com purchase to: Info@NancyAugust.com!



Monday, December 27, 2010

Beautiful Baby Dresses

Dear Fans,

When shopping for a baby dress, most stores only carry dresses with two characteristics: pink and poufy. Not all dresses that are pink and poufy are cute, but I'm sure you can agree with me when I say that a baby can look adorable wearing anything! If you do like pink and poufy, we've got you covered. Our collection of beautiful baby dresses come in all sorts of different shades of pink, big skirts full in volume, all further adorned and decorated with the most exquisite details and trims!. If you're looking for something else, well, we've expanded our collection of baby dresses to include a huge selection of high quality baby dresses available in a whole bunch of different colors and styles!

With a quick click of our baby dresses collection, you will find that we have our dresses organized by color group. We can honestly say that our dresses come in more colors than the rainbow! Our collection of styles will provide you a match for your unique taste. If you like a skirt with lots of volume, we have ballerina and princess style dresses. If you're looking for something chic, we have slim and sleek styles with fresh new colors. Our baby dresses come in all different shapes, styles, colors, and themes; all babies have different personalities and mommies have different tastes when it comes to style. Our collection of beautiful baby dresses reflects that!

Our Beautiful Baby Dress pick of the week:

Ivory Holiday Infant Baby Dress with Sequin Circle Accents, Item Id: GG3423B-IVY. Although this dress is listed as a holiday baby dress, the soft ivory color and light weight taffeta fabric make this suitable for any special event throughout the year! A simple bodice with cute cap sleeves provides a balance for the extra full skirt, supported by crinoline. The entirety of this dress is decorated with circles of sparkly gold sequins and ivory stitching! Complimenting this ivory dress is a gold waist band, adorned with a detachable flower pin, which converts into an adjustable waist sash at the back. A matching hat is included. This dress is sweet, charming and fancy without being too extravagantly detailed or girly! A simple style balanced with the right amount of details makes for a perfect, beautiful baby dress that can be worn for many special events!



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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lovely London and her Dashing Brother Phoenix!

Merry Christmas Friends and Family!

We hope you are all having a happy and safe holiday! Today I will be sharing with you a fun and fancy Christmas photo! Athena Kleinschmit shared with us on our Facebook wall a photo of her son Phoenix and her daughter London!

"Thanks for helping to make Christmas pictures a success! We LOVE the bubble satin dress. :)"

Wow! There's so much to love in this picture! The black and red color scheme looks fitting for both a 1920's themed party and an Old Hollywood elegant soiree! This is a great Christmas picture and Phoenix and London look ready to ring in the New Year! In this photo, only London is wearing a NancyAugust.com outfit and her mommy paired the dress with beautiful black gloves! Although Phoenix isn't wearing one of our suits, he sure looks dashing and matches his baby sister perfectly! What happy and adorable children! Thanks Athena for sharing your photo with us!

London is wearing NancyAugust.com's Satin Red Baby Dress with Bubble Layered Skirt, Item Id: GG3319B-RED. The rich and decadent red color is amplified on a smooth and shiny satin fabric! A simple bodice and black satin waist sash provides balance to a full, triple layered bubble skirt! The style of this dress is quite versatile and with the right accessories, your baby can evoke charm and brilliant youth like London, who paired black satin gloves and a darling floral headband with her dress. You can also pair this dress with a pearl necklace to create a look of old-world romance and vintage beauty. Perfect for color themed weddings and other special events, not only is this classic style available in many different colors, but you have a choice of 17 different waist sashes to accompany your dress! This is a beautiful and fun dress that will make dressing up for your next special event not only easy, but enjoyable!

If you would like to be featured on our blog, please send us a photo of your little one wearing his or her NancyAugust.com purchase to: Info@NancyAugust.com!



Monday, December 20, 2010

A Trio of Terrific Flower Girls!

Hello our lovely readers!

A happy customer by the name of Christina Haselhorst posted some beautiful photos on our Facebook page of three adorable flower girls!

"Trying to find matching dresses for a 7 year old (Allison), a 5 year old (their cousin), and a 4 year old (Kara) was becoming an issue until we found your website! We went through 3 ordering nightmares with other sites before these dresses...SOOOO many compliments! My youngest recently wore hers again last week for her birthday...she LOVES it! =)"

That's truly fantastic! We love how the lavender flower girl dresses bring a breath of fresh air to the wedding's purple, black, and white color theme. Thank you Christina for sharing your photos and comments! It's very humbling and inspiring to hear such great news and that our company was able to save the day! We also love that your youngest was able to wear her dress again. We proudly stock fabulous dress styles that are versatile and beautiful enough to be worn for multiple events!

Allison, Kara, and their little cousin are wearing: Satin Lilac Empire Waist Girls Dress with Flocked Mesh, Item Id: GG3402G-LIL. What truly sets this dress apart is the empire waist. The empire silhouette is a classical style that Greek and Roman women wore. It's a beautiful trend that's been brought back over and over throughout the ages! This dress reinvents the famous trend with lovely new details. The sleeveless bodice is adorned with a detachable rosette like a brooch. Made of smooth satin, the tea length skirt is designed with flocked mesh flowers and polka dots. Crinoline supports the skirt, bringing some extra volume. with its beautiful lilac color, this dress is fancy enough for a holiday event but bright and charming enough for the springtime!

If you would like to share your photos with us, send them to: Info@NancyAugust.com



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Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Beautiful Flower Girl

Hi Friends!

Isn't this photo absolutely breathtaking? Abby looks like a mature little flower girl! With the perfect flower girl dress, minimal jewelry, a sophisticated up-do and her flower girl basket in hand, Abby is what you would find in the dictionary under "One Beautiful Flower Girl"! Thank you Janae for sharing this lovely photo of Abby with us and we hope that when Abby grows up, she'll see this photo and be reminded of what a wonderful day that was!

Flower girl Abby is wearing: White Flower Girls Dress, Item Id: GUP989G-WHT. This dress is the embodiment of all that you'll ever need in a classic flower girl dress. The sleeveless, organza bodice features a hand embroidered bodice with a diamond quilted design and white beads in the center. The skirt is made of layers of tulle supported by crinoline for extra fullness. The hem is clean finished to create a flaired and ruffled effect which is also adorned with dainty little flower applique. On the waist is a detachable flower pin with flowing ribbons. To complete the perfect flower girl look like Abby did, check out our accessories section for jewelry, headbands, tiaras, flower girl baskets and more!



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Monday, December 13, 2010

Perfection in Purple

Happy Monday Friends!!

Sheila Rossiter Olsen this fantastic photo on our Facebook page of her beautiful daughter Rubi in one of our purple flower girl dresses!

"Rubi was Future Royalty for our Homecoming this year. I stumbled on Nancy August purely by accident and am sure glad I did. The dress was GORGEOUS!"

Congratulations Rubi on your new title! How lucky of you to win and even for your mom to find our website by accident! Rubi looks so fresh-faced, hip, and chic in her purple flower girl dress paired with opaque tights, black ballet flats and a simple, yet elegant updo. With an look so unique, trendy, yet sophisticated, it's no wonder Rubi won the title of Future Royalty! Thank you Sheila for sending us a great photo accompanied by even better news!

Rubi is wearing: Purple Flower Girl Dress with Rhinestone and Tulle Skirt, Item Id: LA548G-PUR. This amazing taffeta and tulle flower girl dress makes evokes modern and hip ballerina! A sleeveless taffeta bodice brings class to this frock featuring a waistband decorated with huge purple rhinestones, delicate beading and lovely sequins. The skirt is made of layers and layers of tulle for extra volume! Depending on the accessories, this dress is versatile enough to be dressed to the nines for an elegant black-tie event, or even for a sassy little rockstar on her birthday! It's up to you, but with this dress, your little girl will without a doubt look like a little trendsetter just like Rubi!

If you would like to share your photos with us, send them to: Info@NancyAugust.com


Nancy August

Friday, December 10, 2010

Communion Dress Of The Week

Hello Friends!

Today I will be specially featuring the white First Communion dress with bolero jacket, our Communion dress of the week! Your daughter's First Communion will probably be the most important and memorable events of her young life and finding the perfect dress may be a little stressful! A Communion is a very special and traditional event; it is expected that her dress be white and that her shoulders are covered. In the modern day, it's a little hard to find the perfect white dress that balances conservatism and fashion. Many beautiful white dresses these days don't cover the shoulders! Today's dress of the week honors all that is needed in a perfect First Communion dress!

This white First Communion dress is made of a high quality bridal satin. The fabric is smooth to the touch and there is a subtle sheen as well! A simple bodice with shoulder straps leads to a full, A-Line skirt. The skirt is ankle length and supported by a layer of crinoline. This dress embodies traditional and classic elegance as it is made of such a beautiful fabric and without too many distracting details.

To add a little sophistication to this dress there is a dazzling arrangement of embroidery at the front with sparkling beads and shiny pearls. This central embroidery gracefully cascades down from the neckline to the waist, bringing the perfect amount of elegance to this classic dress. At the back, there is an invisible zipper hidden in a corset style closure, which can be tightened and adjusted to your daughter's waist. Finishing this look is the bolero jacket, made of the same luxurious bridal satin. The bolero has short sleeves, and the opening swoops out to better cover the chest.

For your daughter's First Communion, this is a magnificent dress not only to wear on the special day, but to cherish for many years to come. Made with high quality bridal satin paired with fine details, this traditional and elegant styled dress is something that can honor the entire family and be passed on from generation to generation.



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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sweet Summer Darling Baby Dress

Dear Friends,

Laurie Lovejoy sent us this photograph of her little bundle of joy, Summer, in one of our NancyAugust.com dresses! Check it out!

"Summer in her beautiful ivory dress from Nancy August"

What a darling photograph! We love how she's looking over her shoulder and how the big, bouncy skirt is blanketed on the ground around her little body. The color ivory is a fantastic alternative to a white baby dress as it is warmer, softer, and more inviting. She looks so precious in her ivory baby dress! Thank you Laurie for sharing this adorable photo of your little baby girl with us, we truly appreciate it!

Summer is wearing: Darling Baby Dress in Ivory, Item Id: J1102B-IVY. This lovely little number is minimal on the details but with enough to make it look sweet and charming. A simple bodice is delicately adorned with high-quality hand stitched floral embroidery across the chest. The little bell sleeves have just the right amount of volume at the cap. The skirt is made of multiple layers of organza is supported by crinoline and features pick-ups, gathers, and ribbon detailing at the hem. This baby dress is simple and beautiful making it perfect for your baby's next wedding she has planned to attend, or even a little family dinner! An ivory dress with minimal yet beautiful details is a dress than can be worn to many different events all year round!



Friday, December 3, 2010

We *Heart* Flower Girl Dresses

Dear Fans,

It seems that not so long ago, flower girl dresses were only available in white and ivory. Old traditions included that the flower girl was dressed only to match the bride, but that's not the case anymore! Although white and ivory are classically beautiful colors perfect for a flower girl, brides were slowly incorporating colored waist sashes and other accessories to their outfit to compliment the wedding's color themes. Then, some brides wanted the color white to be reserved just for them, and slowly but surely, sweet colors like pink, lilac, yellow, and baby blue for flower girls came to be. Nowadays, brides are trying to make their wedding ceremony as personal and stylish as they can, and that includes fashionably dressing the flower girl, the very last participant of the wedding ceremony before the bride herself walks down the aisle. Some brides desire a ballroom wedding that is traditional and elegant with a white flower girl dress, others want a shabby chic vineyard wedding with an earthy colored flower girl dress, while some may want a hip and chic art gallery wedding with a black flower girl dress! The wants and desires of the modern day bride are so vast and varying and NancyAugust.com can provide the perfect flower girl dress!

Here at NancyAugust.com we have taken into account the new trends of weddings and incorporated our findings into creating the biggest collection of quality flower girl dresses. There's so much to love about a fancy dress, even more so when style and detail is condensed into an adorable dress for a little girl! Our huge collection of flower girl dresses covers all the colors you could ever desire, from charming pastels to luxurious jewel-tone colors. The styles of our dresses range anywhere from traditional elegance to modern chic and then to fashion forward and trendy! The silhouettes and designs also cover all four seasons as well as indoor and outdoor ceremonies! We love flower girl dresses so much and we enjoy building a collection of flower girl dresses to encompass all the different tastes and preferences of the modern day bride!

Our flower girl dress pick of the week:

Pink Polka Dotted Bodice Flower Girl Dress with Green Accent, Item Id: GG3279G-PKGN. For some subtly added whimsy to your wedding, this pink and green dress will bring on the quirky charm! Made of a light weight taffeta, the fabric is smooth and gives off a subtle sheen. A classic sleeveless bodice is decorated with green polka dots and fastened with a wide and adjustable green waist sash. A large detachable flower pin adorns the front of the waist and the sash can be tied into a big fancy bow at the back. The double layer pink and green skirt is full and voluminous with a supporting layer of crinoline!. This skirt hangs at a natural tea length, a length perfect for the spring. This dress is so sweet and charming and the contrasting colors bring a fresh breath of fun and youth!



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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pink Princess

Hello Mommies and Daddies!!

Proud mommy Kristen Madl sent us a few adorable photos of her lovely daughter Vanessa!

"Hi!! Here is my daughter Vanessa with your dress on, she looks so pretty!!"

Wow! We can see why Kristen is so happy and excited, Vanessa looks fantastic! Vanessa looks beautiful in a pink dress she seems to adore. It's such a great feeling to find a beautiful dress that your little girl looks so happy to wear. She definitely looks like a little pink princess. With such a full skirt, we're sure she had fun doing some princess curtsies and twirls!

Pink Princess Vanessa is wearing: Pink Cinderella Flower Girl Dress with Pick-Up Style Skirt, Item Id: J502G-PK. This beautiful pink dress embodies all the delightful qualities of a princess without being fussy or too elaborate; you can expect your little girl to wear it more than once! Made of high quality organza fabric, the bodice is simple and classic with adorable little cap sleeves with a subtle puff in volume. A thick, waist band is accompanied by a dainty floral pin. The skirt is full and voluminous, made with layers of delicate organza and supported by crinoline. The skirt features little gathers and pick-ups which add so much character and beauty to this dreamy pink princess dress! Be sure to check out our accessories collection for the perfect finishing touches to help you create the most wonderful princess outfit!

If you would like to share your photos with us, send them to: Info@NancyAugust.com



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