Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Princess And Her Baby Princess Dress

Dear Fans,

On our very own Facebook page, Amber Drake De Sousa shared this photo of her little princess Audrey!

"This princess even got a birthday kiss from a little prince in her Nancy August royal birthday dress."

This photo is so adorable, it just made everyone's week here at! Thank you Amber for sending in such a lovely photo. There's no way anyone can look at this picture of Audrey and her prince without smiling!

Audrey is wearing: Gleaming Ivory Baby Dress with Silver Embroidery and Sparkles, Item Id: BK103B-CHAINIVYSIL. This is an exquisite ivory dress only for the princess-in-making who believes in all things glamorous and fabulous. Made of a luxurious combination of taffeta and satin and featuring silver sequins and embroidery in floral arrangements that seem to dance and extend all over the dress. A simple sleeveless bodice and crinoline-supported skirt bringing some class to this amazing dress. The dress is accompanied by a matching bow headband and a detachable floral pin at the waist. In this divine and gleaming dress, your little one's royal dreams will come true, just like Audrey's!