Monday, November 1, 2010

My First Communion

Hello Again!

Today I'm here to talk about First Communion traditions and what to expect. As important as this holy ceremony is, outfitting your little girl will be as easy as cake if you stick to for help!

The First Communion is traditionally an important occasion for Roman Catholic families. It is the child's first reception of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. The First Communion in Roman Catholic churches typically takes place at age seven or eight, depending on the country you live in. There are usually large family gatherings and parties to celebrate this special, elaborate and unforgettable event.

First Communion Dress
Girls often wear a fancy and elegant dress, a headdress, gloves and many other accessories, all in white. The white symbolizes purity. Traditionally, some girls wear a dress known as the First Communion Dress along with veils, tiaras, necklaces or other accessories passed down to them from their older sisters, mothers or grandmothers, making the First Communion especially intimate. Because the First Communion is held in a church, a conservative and traditional style dress is important. Many girls wear either a dress that covers the shoulders or they pair a bolero or cardigan with a sleeveless dress.

From simple, long dresses to more decorated and trendy styles, has the perfect dress for this special event. We stock a large dedicated a collection of amazing white Communion dresses for your daughter's First Communion as well as all the accessories to complete her beautiful ensemble! Many of our dresses are sleeveless, so be sure to check out our white satin bolero to cover the shoulders.

We have white waist sashes that you can choose in either organza, satin or taffeta fabric as well as a lovely white flower pin. We carry Mary Jane style shoes, white tights and socks, long and short satin or lace gloves, beautiful rhinestone jewelry, the most decadent rhinestone tiaras, headbands, and even a petticoat slip if you'd like to give your dress a little more volume.

There is no reason to step into this celebration unprepared! With our whole collection of white Communion dresses and accessories, your daughter will honor the whole family and look beautiful while doing so! Congratulations on your First Communion!


Our Communion Dress pick of the week:

Communion Dress item TA630AA-WHT. This Communion dress is what every little princess desires for her First Communion ceremony. A communion brings together a family of pure and unconditional love and this is the dress to grace that special moment. This sweet and delicate white communion dress in the traditional style features the purest, angelic white satin and the most exquisite details. The bodice has a most flattering sweetheart neckline and is decorated with two floral lace applique adorned with lovely pearls. The long skirt is made of satin with a beautiful sheer organza overlay. The beautiful organza has floral embroidery and petite rhinestones that seem to dance around the dress, as well as an intricate satin ribbon and even more floral embroidery at the hem that create a lovely scalloped edge. This dress has all the right details to form a beautiful dress for an even more beautiful girl for one of the most memorable, holy events of her young life!

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