Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cute White Baby Dresses

Good day friends!

Apart from the color pink, a white baby dress seems to be one of the most popular colors when it comes to choosing a baby dress. The color white has various meanings: purity, cleanliness, brilliance, royalty, and more. The color white can be paired with any color and it will look great! There are many reasons to go with a white baby dress and here at we stock only the best.

A white baby dress is perfect for many events and it's suitable all year round! From weddings to birthdays and Christening ceremonies, the possibilities are endless. To make your precious baby girl the adored attention-grabber that she is, we have the most exquisitely designed white baby dresses full of amazing details such as embroidery, sequins, ruffles and skirts with gathers and pick-ups. Other styles are simply classic but nevertheless beautiful and they can be easily paired with one of our colored waist sashes in our accessories collection to create a color themed outfit! A white baby dress is versatile and with any of our high quality dresses, it can definitely be worn more than once! We love the idea of getting more bang for your buck!

Our white baby dress pick of the week:

White Baby Dress with Festive Ribbon, Item Id: BK103B-WHT. Made of light weight taffeta with a shiny satin waist sash and skirt, this white baby dress is perfect for your little angel. A classic, sleeveless bodice is balanced out by a full and layered skirt supported by crinoline. White ribbon embroidery in a floral design decorate the dress and this perfect look is finished with a matching headband and pair of bloomers! This dress is perfect for an elegant indoor wedding, an approaching holiday party or even for the upcoming spring! With a white baby dress, your little one can shine at any event throughout the year!