Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Baby Dresses!!!

Hello there!

We all know how fun it is picking out itty bitty baby clothes. Little onesies with a baby chicks on the front, little yellow pants with a clashing pink polka dot print, little dresses with smiley flowers. We're all very much used to seeing the same extra cutesy baby clothes meant for everyday wear at home but here at NancyAugust.com we take the cuteness factor and apply it to...DRESSES!

You won't find smiling little farm animals or cozy cotton onesies here. At NancyAugust.com we provide a huge collection of adorable and charming baby dresses for your special event! We have hundreds of different colors, styles, fabrics and silhouettes and every single one of these dresses is hand-picked by our extra stylish buyers who are always on the lookout for the next amazing baby dresses to add to our collection.

Shopping for a baby dress at NancyAugust.com is also really easy. Each of our baby dresses has it's own size chart, a specific measurement chart of the garment, for you to refer to. All you have to do is measure your baby's waist and add an inch or two for ease. Then, you can take the length measurement of the dress from the provided size chart align it to your baby from shoulder and down to see where the hem of the dress will fall.

Now, back to our dresses. Our buyers have high standards. They're always looking for new trends, new colors and new styles, all of high quality! Every time one of our buyers steps into the office with a new dress, the reaction all around is "Oh my goodness!!! Soooooo cute!" or "Awwww, I love it!" We'd never settle for a dress if the reaction was, "Oh, that's nice."

Purchase one of our baby dresses and be sure to let us know what sort of reactions you're getting from your baby's admirers! :)



Our baby dress pick of the week:

Elegant Black Lace Baby Dress, item ON862B-BLK. We love lace. So much. There's something so sophisticated and very French about lace. On a baby, this dress will look so adorable and you could even dress to match! Together you can look like a beautiful mother-daughter duo straight from the fabulous streets of Champs-Élysée. Black lace overlay paired with a vibrant red sash and a detachable red flower. Finish the look with a pearl necklace and some black shoes from our accessories section and you've got one great looking baby!

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