Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kids Holiday Dresses and Fun Activities!

Hi Mommies and Daddies,

Bridal Bee here! Buzzin' in with some fun ideas for your Holiday parties. Once you get the kiddos all dressed up in lovely holiday frocks and suits, you have to give them something to do at the party to well, frankly keep them entertained, so the adults can enjoy a little eggnog.

It's a relatively cheap, yet fun activity for your little flower girls and ring bearers that is festive. Go to your local discount store ala Walmart or the 99cent Only Store and buy traditional plain globe ornaments. I would suggest buying non-glass if you have super little ones that will be crafting. You can of course choose any ornament shape that could easily have Go to your local craft store and buy some sequins (no glitter cause that could be a messy hazard) and any other cute nicknacks you can find that can easily glue to the ornaments. Even a button collection that you have in your closet would be fun and cozy. Of course don't forget the glue! Cover a table and let the kids loose on crafting their own personalized ornaments for the tree. I would get the teens at the party be the craft party chaperons. I'm sure even the surliest of teenagers will have a good time watching the kids get creative. You can even make simple tags to put there name on and attach it to the ornament string. After they've all dried you can have the kids put the ornaments on the tree. Before the kids put the ornaments on the tree you can ask each of them to either sing a song or tell everyone what Christmas means to them.

For all my bridal buddies that celebrate Hanukkah, You can purchase some menorahs and have the kids decorate those. I know many of my Jewish friends get trees, so if you do, you can do both. I think menorahs are beautiful and I've seen them made out of lavish ornate gold and I've seen one made out of copper piping. The beauty lies in the meaning and the candles of course! I love candles. Really, I'm so jealous that I can't stick candles on my Christmas tree. Ok, back to task,like the Christmas tree idea, you can have the kids come up and sing or talk about what Hanukkah means to them or you can have each kid bring a candle up to place in their menorah and share at that time. You can have 8 times the fun with this one! Or not.

Enjoy have fun and I'll be back soon to give more party fun ideas for the kids.


Bridal Bee

My favorite holiday dress picks:

OMG! I love this dress. Baby Red Plaid Holiday Dress item ON803B-RED. Imagine your little flower girl all dressed up in this darling plaid inspired dress. She'll look like the precious little gift that she is. It's Holiday without being obnoxiously so. You could wear this to a Scottish parade as well. I kid. No, but seriously, It's young, it's fun and it's an appropriate shade for any party you may attend this holiday season.

In case red and green aren't your holiday colors, I've picked another dress that is absolutely fabulous. Winter Long Sleeve Purple Velvet Holiday Dress item GG3290G-PUR. It screams winter and it screams elegant. Not too mention that Velvet is oh so back and hot in fashion right now. Why not give your kid the competitive edge as the party as not only the cutest, but the most in trend and stylish? I know I'd be jealous of her.

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