Thursday, April 22, 2010

A true FAN

Hello Friends!

I just have to say how delighted we are to read all of your wonderful experiences with our dresses and customer service. We have been getting a lot of great feedback and hope you will continue to send us notes on facebook, twitter, as well as our direct email at!

We recently expanded a few of our categories such as black dresses for babys and girls by special request from all of our fans. Yes, we heard you LOUD and CLEAR! Let us know what else you need. We are here to deliver! We are constantly adding new products on a daily basis and best of all, we mark things on sale daily too!

To our surprise we saw just how dedicated one particular fan was. WOW! We just wanted to share what a fan posted on facebook with you. All we have to say is THANK YOU! We appreciate your loyalty to us. We strive to bring all of you the cutest and most affordable flower girl dresses, baby dresses, Communion dresses, and so much more!

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Pageants and the Pageant Dresses

Hello Mommies and Daddies,

Before you read, my comments and thoughts on comments are solely my own thoughts on pageants and in no way reflect the thoughts and or opinions of Now that that's out of the way.

Nancy August was invited to be a guest judge for the Miss Teen LA Pageant. It was our pleasure to attend and give our always subjective yet I would say well informed and stylish opinion on these darlings. Here's the thing about most, not all, pageants that absolutely horrifies me... The fashion or lack there of. In reality no adult would actually dress in that way. It's beyond too adult for the kids, it's sometimes just plain tacky. That's a huge reason why I am a fan of the products carries. They're just selling real honest to goodness cute, sweet, adorable, precious kids clothing that any adult if small enough may wear.

I want to say that I am not against pageants. Not in the least bit. I think any institution that gives your little flower girl or ring bearer a chance to work on self esteem and creating a healthy image of who they are and what they like is great, but honeys, the fashion the fashion is just criminal. Yours truly actually adjudicated a pageant a few years back for the speech portion of a particular California Pageant. Again, as a said, most adults wouldn't wear the clothing nor the make up that those little ones are subjected to. I would say if you're a Pageant Mom or Dad, consider finding clothing options that you yourself would wear and that you yourself would allow your child to wear to a wedding or any other upscale event. I know that show is different than life, but there must be a way to split the difference, right?

I would love to hear from any Pageants Mommies and Daddies out there that could shed some light on the fashion faux pas that I've seen in certain pageants.

One small note on my last scrunchie comment... Scrunchies are back, but that doesn't mean that you or your child should wear them.


Bridal Bee

My baby dress pick of the week:

I chose the Bright Orange Baby Dress with Embroidered Skirt because I think it's a delightful Easter dress. Yeah, so Easter was last weekend, but for next year or even for a flower baby's dress. It's super cute without being over the top Easter with bunnies and eggs and crosses all over it. Bright Bold colors are a big big deal for adult Spring fashion, so consider putting your little flower girl and Easter Lilly in some electrifying colors to brighten up the spring.

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First Communion Dresses

The special clothing worn by girls during the First Holy Communion sacrament is also known as the First Communion dress. First Communion dresses mainly follow a specific tradition even if they are available in a wide variety of styles, designs and materials. First Communion dresses are usually white in color to symbolize purity. There are so many styles of First Communion dresses to choose from, which makes it difficult when deciding which type of Communion dress to choose.

Every year Catholic girls all over the world prepare for the sacrament of First Holy Communion, so First Communion dresses are designed for a variety of cultures, in a wide range of styles and designs. Most First Holy Communion dresses are sourced from United States, London, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy and Australia and come in a variety of sizes, styles and designs.

First Communions tend to take place between April and July in every year so you need to be aware that First Communion dresses are not stocked all year round, most suppliers receive stock during the December and January months. Shop early to get the best selection.

Selecting a First Communion dress is fun and exciting for both the parent and child. The internet is a great way to purchase your Communion dress styles, whilst in the comfort of your own home. Here at, we specialize in girls Communion clothing and offer it to you at a fraction of the cost compared to retail stores.

In last few years, styles in Communion dresses have become more simple yet more elegant and classically romantic. Ankle length First Communion dresses with gathered layered tulle skirted or ball gown skirts have been particularly popular with the princess style lending a fairytale feeling.

Mid-calf also known as tea-length Communion dresses are classic styles which are a favorite with a heeled pair of Communion shoes. A-line First Communion dress are modern styles which are popular with the taller girls, these Communion dresses offer a look of elegance and simplicity. Floor-length First Communion dresses are traditional styles are also a favorite choice with little girls for the mini bride look. Modern Sleeveless Communion dresses are becoming increasingly popular; halter neck and spaghetti straps are a favorite feature. Many of the sleeveless styles do offer coordinating jackets or boleros. Be sure to check the requirements with your parish regarding sleeveless dresses.

Fabrics of satin, silk, organza, and tulle tend to be the most popular. Embroidery, sequin, and beading are sometimes added for a little more sparkle. Most dresses have large simple bows or even buttons on the backside to add to the detailing.

No matter what style and fabric you choose, First Communion dresses are made to adorn your little girl with the best appearance possible for her special day. Timeless elegance is the key and traditional styles are never outdated, they are true treasures that are certain to be cherished in your family for generations to come.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

How To Choose A Flower Girl Dress

Now that you have finally chosen a date, dress, place, time and wedding party, it is now time to figure out what to put your beautiful flower girl in. There are a few main concerns when choosing the perfect flower girl dress. These are formality style, color, length, and budget. How do you go about choosing her flower girl dress?

Something to keep in mind when choosing the perfect flower girl dress is formality. The formality of her dress will depend on the formality of the wedding. If you are having your wedding on the beach, then your flower girl’s dress should be something in light and airy colors, such as pastels (light pinks, blues, yellows, etc.) and simple designs. If you are having your wedding in a ballroom setting, then you want to pick a fancy dress for your flower girl. Just keep in mind that no matter how formal or informal your wedding is, you want to keep your flower girl very comfortable so everything goes smoothly on your day.

When choosing the style of your flower girl’s dress, keep in mind that you want to stay within the style of the wedding. As she is walking down the aisle in front of the bride, gently tossing the flower petals on the floor, all eyes in the room will be on her first. You can stay calm in knowing that even though wedding styles have dramatically changed over the years, the style of the flower girl dress has not changed that much. You can choose to have this beautiful little girl’s flower dress made into a special little version of the bride’s wedding gown or even a flower girl version of the bridesmaids’ dresses. As long as you tie the style of her dress into the style of the wedding somehow, you will be fine with style.

When choosing the color of your little flower girl’s dress, you also want to maintain the colors in the wedding. If you choose to go with having her dress in a miniature version of the bride’s gown, but you still want some color in it, you can incorporate some of the color scheme by putting pretty ribbons and bows in her hair or maybe some small flowers pinned on her dress or even changing the sash color to the dress. You could also just use a colored floral accent that will match the color in the bridesmaid dresses.

There are two different lengths that you should consider when picking your flower girl dress, floor-length and tea-length. The age of your flower girl is a factor when choosing the length of her dress. A small child may wind up tripping over a long skirt, so it's best to choose a shorter style. Depending on whether your flower girl is three or eight, the styles may vary as well. A younger girl can wear a knee length "princess" style dress, while an older girl might prefer a more sophisticated silhouette, with more length. If you are having multiple flower girls of varying ages, you can link their dress styles using color, fabric and even the flowers they carry. Just think beforehand about any steps to go up or down, because little girls tend to not think about pulling their dress up- remember they are carrying your flower basket! Most all of the dresses we carry are tea-length style just for this very reason. One tip to remember is on a floor length gown, in order for it not to buckle in the front, a child must be standing perfectly straight. This might not look so great in your wedding photos. The majority of brides choose the tea-length style, therefore, most all of the dresses we carry are tea-length. If you love the look of floor-length, we will be happy to direct you to the dresses that run longer than others.

We all know that in planning and setting up your wedding, you have a budget that you have to follow as getting married can cost a lot of money. If money becomes an issue when choosing which flower dress to buy, you can look at purchasing her flower girl dress online at places such as If you choose to shop online for your flower girl dress, you can find a lot of great deals because shopping online is usually a lot cheaper than buying in a bridal shop. Often times you can save up to 70% for the same exact dress or even flower girl accessories.

We hope this blog has answered some of your many questions to us. Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any other questions you would like us to answer. You can send your emails to We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Our newest flower girl dress:

White Rhinestone Flower Girl Dress With Tulle Skirt Item LA548G-WHT. This gorgeous white rhinestone flower girl dress features a taffeta bodice and tulle skirt with additional netting underneath for a full volume ballerina skirt look. The waistline is embellished with elegant rhinestone jewels, delicate beading, and sequin. This dress will be the belle of the day in this exquisite white dress. Whether she is a flower girl or simply attending a special event, this beautiful number is the perfect choice to make it a day to remember.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flower Girl Jewelry For Me and You

For an unforgettable event, you need an unforgettable gift. Repay your flower girl early by gifting her with a beautiful necklace to thank her for all of her hard work. Your flower girl can sometimes be as nervous as the bride on the big wedding day and its great to keep her distracted and put her mind at ease with a surprise present! Who doesn't love presents right? I know I do! Hint hint! ;)

This wedding season, the perfect gift for your flower girl is a silver rhinestone flower girl necklace I recently fell in love with. Now, most brides have done away with gold accessories, so its your best bet to go with something silver. The necklace has a flower outline with a cute small colored rhinestone flower inside; a little flower for your little flower girl. This necklace is petite, classy, and very versatile. It will pair well with any flower girl dress not to mention her casual clothes as well. I know this because.. well can I tell you a secret? I loved it so much I bought one!! Its pretty much one size fits all. Definitely not recommended for babies or toddlers though. Safety first.

Ok back to what I was saying. An outfit is not complete without the finishing touch of jewelry that will help tie the elegant ensemble together. As beautiful as the flower girl will be with her flower girl dress, a little extra something will help her outfit scream amazingly beautiful. Adding accessories to an outfit is the most affordable way to turn a pretty dress into a magnificent one. Remember that a little does go a long way. Don't over do it.

It's funny how the little things such as jewelry, clothes, books, food, fragrance, or even a particular location can bring back so much great memories. EVERY time your little flower girl wears or sees her flower girl jewelry she will be reminded of the beautiful day when she was honored to play the important role of the flower girl. It will definitely be something she looks back on from years to come.

Fine flower girl jewelry can be found at along with other tasteful jewelry perfect not only for your flower girl, but for your little girls holy communion celebration or even as a graduation gift. Better yet, buy your little angel a different necklace for every occasion! Seriously, its the new trend to stack dainty necklaces these days. I've seen it all over the latest gossip magazines. I bet you want one now TOO don't you?


Flower Girl Bee

My flower girl accessory pick of the week:

Silver Rhinestone Flower Girl Necklace item NK-FLOWER-SIL. This silver colored rhinestone flower girl necklace features a floral silhouette with prong set with amber cubic zirconia. Silver tone shine and sparkle from its brilliant cubic zirconia will complete any little flower girl or graduation dress ensemble. This piece is coated with heavy layers of rhodium, a close cousin of platinum, which is what gives this beautiful necklace a platinum luster. This classy flower girl necklace will bring a smile to your angels face and can be worn from years to come. A pretty flower necklace makes a lovely gift for a birthday or graduation.

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