Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Graduation Dresses For Your Little Girl

Graduation is right around the corner and it's every parent's dream to watch their little princess walk across the stage wearing a graduation dress that says she is beautiful, wonderful, and accomplished. It is the princess who wears the graduation dress but it's the dress that helps the little princess feel nothing but oh so beautiful during her shinning moment. Her moment to shine is the moment she will never forget and neither will her friends and family. It's the moment that defines not only her achievements but also her parent's achievements as well.

It is nerve wrecking sitting through the ceremony waiting to hear her name be called so that she can walk across the stage. So many things run though her mind that day and her main concern need not to be on her appearance. She might be nervous standing in front of her friends and family and all she wants to do is look her best and having a beautiful graduation dress is the perfect way to put her mind at ease.

Her graduation moment is forever remembered and it's nothing like a graduation dress that will only make the moment unforgettable. To find the perfect graduation dress visit and see the collection it has to offer for your elementary and middle school graduate.


Flower Girl Bee

My graduation dress pick of the week:

There is nothing like a little blue dress. Much like adults, I believe every little girl should have a staple little pink dress in her closet. My graduation dress pick of the week is our Baby Blue Flower Girl Dress item 7923G-BL. Blue is a color that compliments all skin and hair colors. This cute little number is dressy enough for graduation but more importantly not over the top. After all, your little graduate is the star of the show not her dress. Be sure to put the finishing touches on her outfit with some adorable ruffle socks. Also see's new girls jewelry collection that will be a great graduation gift!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flower Girl Rhinestone Headband

It's nothing like dressing up to be a flower girl and finishing the princess ensemble with a angelic rhinestone headband. The sparkles of the rhinestones will radiate her dress and bring out the essence of the wedding. With her flower girl dress and a flower girl rhinestone headband, she will be the perfect opener for the bride.

A headband can not only add to a formal outfit but it is often that you see celebrity's adding a little 'bling' to their casual outfit as well. A simple rhinestone headband is perfect enough that it can help enhance the beauty of the moment, for every occasion.

A flower girl rhinestone headband is the new modern trend to dress up a little girls formal outfit. People are slowly doing away with traditional rhinestone tiaras and going more subtle and fabulous with chic headbands filled with sparkles. A headband will look great on any flower girl or even bridesmaid. We recently discovered that a customer purchased some rhinestone headbands not for her flower girls but for her bridesmaids! This was a fabulous treat for us to see as is all about making girls of all ages look and feel beautiful from the inside and out. We want to thank the Haines for the wonderful picture and for shopping with

The smallest accessory can change an outfit from simple to beautiful, from beautiful to glamorous, and from glamorous to unforgettable. The simple flower girl rhinestone headband is easy to wear and will pair wonderfully with all type of flower girl dresses, communion dresses, and even pageant dresses. It's the little things that matter. Let your little girl shine today.


Our flower girl accessory pick of the week:

Simple Girls Rhinestone Headband Item INACRH2-SIL. This girls rhinestone headband is an classy and affordable way to instantly add on to any flower girl dress or communion dress. Your little girls dress will have a trendy Hollywood touch with this silver rhinestone headband. The simplicity of this headband is all the rage this season. A clean simple style with a little bling to spice things up. Whether attending a wedding ceremony, Sunday church, or first communion, this girls rhinestone headband will add a touch of class to any girls dress. This rhinestone headband is best suited for toddler girls and older.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miss Teen Los Angeles Pageant

The 2010 Miss Teen Pageant just took place in Los Angeles, California and this year was honored to be sitting on the judges panel. At first we were a little skeptical as all children are winners in our eyes. Once we gained more information about this particular pageantry, we were delighted to join in and be a part of this momentous event in the contestants young lives. This was a "pageantry with purpose". This pageant was not a beauty pageant rather a inner beauty pageant. The entire goal of this event was to empower and encourage young ladies to succeed by enhancing their self-confidence and self-esteem. When asking many of the contestants why they entered this competition, surprisingly the top two answers we received was "to build my self-confidence" and "to make new friends".

There was no talent or swimsuit competition, nor was the contestants required to meet any height or weight requirements. The judges judged on three main events: Personal Interviews, Casual Wear, and Formal Wear. The entire pageant consisted of four divisions, Junior Pre-Teen (ages 7-9), Pre-Teen division (ages 10-12), Junior Teen (ages 13-15), and Teen (ages 16-19).

Every little angel and beautiful princess looked wonderful and there was not enough ooohhhs and ahhhhs to go around. We were also so happy to see that one of the Junior Pre-Teen contestants was wearing's white flower girl dress with bubble skirt item 3319G-WHT. Here are some photos from the pageant!

The contestants as they are waiting for the top ten finalists in each division to be announced.
The runner ups of the Junior Pre-Teen division:The runner ups of the Pre-Teen division:
The winner of the Pre-Teen, Riley Galvan and Junior Pre-Teen, Makalyn Barnes division:
The runner ups of the Junior Teen division:
The winner of the Junior Teen division, Salanya Inmaung:One of the runner ups of the Junior Teen division:
The winner of the Teen division, Candace Rojas:
We are so happy to have been a part of this event and wish all the 2010 Miss Teen Los Angeles winners the best of luck at the National Competition in Orlando, Florida. If you would like to see more photos, please visit our Facebook fan page. Before we sign off we would like to take the time out to give a big thanks and for their generous donation to the winners of the pageant.

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Our flower girl dress pick of the week:

White flower girl dress with bubble skirt item GG3319G-WHT. This white flower girl dress is by far one of our most popular dresses at our store. It's not only adorable, but versatile. As you can see it was used as a pageant dress. The best thing about this dress is you can customize it! There are over 18 different sash colors to choose from and it even comes in baby sizes.

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Monday, March 15, 2010


This is long over due but better late then never right? We want to give a big thanks to Essi Zimm for the beautiful illustration she did for's BIG EASTER DRESS SALE !

Essi Zimm went to college in Boulder, Colorado and Savannah, Georgia where she received her bachelors and masters in architecture. After some years working as an architect she decided to trek off to Japan to learn the art of simplicity and subtleness in both architecture and art. Upon returning from Japan she was offered a job to work for famed architect Frank Gehry. Since then she has shifted direction focusing more on her artistry. "While still incorporating a lot of the architecture elements in the way she creates, she mainly seeks to incorporate her illustrative technique with her abstract painted pieces. Much of her work centers around a dialogue. Not one to settle into any trend, she finds solace in telling a story instead." She has won several awards throughout the years and her work has been published around the globe. In her spare time she tutors children in areas of painting, drawing, and photography.

You can learn more about Essi Zimm's work and her contact information on her website and blog, ESSIZIMM.COM. We hope you enjoy the illustration as much as we did!


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"It was a life-changing moment, to say the least. About the last thing Sue Ferreri of Pardeeville expected to see in the middle of the night a few years ago was her daughter dropping off her severely disabled newborn boy. For good.

Life has not been easy for little Tyler Ferreri, who has seen more struggles in his young life that most people would ever be unlucky enough to encounter.

He was abandoned by a mother who drank during his pregnancy and by parents who left him in his child seat day and night, neglecting him for the first four months of his young life." ("Helping hands for Tyler", DeForest Times - Tribune) first learned about Tyler and his story when his family friend April Murray reached out to us. Here is a bit of what she had to say:

"Tyler Ferreri is a 3 year old boy who lives in Pardeeville, Wisconsin. His parents abandoned him so he is now living with his grandma, Sue Ferreri. Tyler has Chromosome 9 Deletion P22 with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. He had hip dysplasia and in August 2009 he had double hip surgery where they had to cut his femur bones in both legs to notch out the bones and bend the bones so they would force the hips back in socket, held with rods and pins. He later had double ankle surgery to release the Achilles tendons in both feet. Later this year he will be having surgery again to turn the muscles in his throat (they run the wrong way) and fix a cleft palate.

He will be having surgery again to turn the muscles in his throat (they run the wrong way) and fix a cleft palate. Tyler has many more surgeries in the future...

Tyler does have medical coverage, but no way to pay for the things he needs to live a "normal" daily life. He cannot do many of the things an average 3 year old boy can. He does not talk, he can’t sit up on his own, and all his food has to be purred for him. Tyler needs special equipment to do these things. Some things he needs are: a special chair with a five-point harness for feeding, a special chair to help him sit up while at school, specialized play equipment since he can’t use the usual equipment children play on, a wheelchair-accessible van, and money to do repairs to his home so it can be more accessible to him (like lowering the sinks, wheelchair-accessible shower, etc) and many more specialized things that cost a lot of money.

Tyler’s grandmother is unable to work because Tyler needs specialized, round-the-clock care. She does get some assistance from the state, but not nearly enough to raise a healthy child, let alone a special needs child. Family and friends are holding benefits to help pay for this special equipment. The benefits will also help Sue to legally adopt him. "

Tyler had his first benefit this past weekend at Poynette Village Hall in Poynette, Wisconsin. Although there was a good turnout, not enough money was raised. His friends and family will continue to throw benefits for him to raise money. "We managed to make enough to pay for about 1/3 of the adoption costs and a chair he needs. So we will definitely keep having benefits so he can get his bed, finish paying for the adoption, get a swing, booster chair and handicap van. Whatever it takes to get Sue and Tyler what they need." (April Murray) We hope you will help join us and spread the word so the little guy will get what he needs. He has many great angels around him and the sky is the limit.

We are please to announce that for two weeks, starting today March 15th through March 29th, 10% of sales proceeds will go to Tyler Ferreri for those who use the promotion code "NAFORTYLER". By using this special promotion code, you will receive 10% off your purchase and help Tyler at the same time!

Start shopping for a great cause today! To find out more about Tyler's story and to receive updates, please visit his facebook page at :) If you don't have a little one to buy for and would like to contribute to Tyler, please see the info below:

Monetary donations can be sent to:

Tyler Ferreri Benefit
National Exchange Bank
113 Lake Street
Pardeeville, WI 53954

Gifts, medical equipment and other donations can be sent to:

Tyler Ferreri Benefit
c/o April Murray, Organizer
N5309 Hendrickson Road
Rio, WI 53960

You can also email April at with any questions or comments.


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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fearless Flower Girl Fun! Bella and the Bee

Hello again!

I just have to say that when we were young, we are quite fearless. I guess we really didn't have much to lose or worry about right? While looking through some pictures of our little flower girl Bella, I fall in love with this one image of her throwing rose pedals in the air and having fun in the sun. As I look closer I notice a large bee right in front of her! I mean compared to her tiny stature this bee was HUGE. Let me bee..get it? ha. Let me bee the first to say that if that were me, I would be running screaming! Take a look at the photo below. Seriously. I will just go ahead and name this one "The Bella and the Bee".

For those who are curious, Bella is wearing item J1047 our white ballerina style flower girl dress. This is one of the most popular dresses at which also comes in ivory, pink, and baby blue. Best of all it comes in matching baby sizes for those of you with more than one little princess in the house. Ok ok enough about the dress...

Thanks again to the Salama family for allowing us to photograph their beautiful daughter! What a trooper she is :) Don't forget to shop early for your little ones Easter dresses. Its just around the corner and the good ones are going fast!


Bridal Bee

My flower girl dress pick of the week:

Shabby Chic Orange Girls Easter Dress, item 595G-ORG. Easter is just around the corner and I cant resist a well made Easter dress with a cute bow. Especially a dress that is comfortable that will allow the little ones to play in. I guess you can call it kid friendly. Most parents go with pink when it comes to their little girls, but I say orange all the way. Dare to be different!

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