Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Signe in Our Delightful Purple Baby Dress

Dear Friends,

Kelly Hayes graciously shared with us this bright and bubbly photo of her baby, Signe.

"This is a picture of my daughter Signe in her beautiful Nancy August dress! She had a blast at my cousin's wedding reception. :) She was grinning ear-to-ear at all the compliments she got!!"

Thank you Kelly for sharing such a cute photo of Signe with us. While Signe may have been grinning ear-to-ear from all the compliments she received, she's got all of us at the office all cheerful and smiley from her absolutely adorable photo! I don't think anything is more adorable than a happy, smiling baby. Signe's outgoing personality seems to shine even more when paired with such a rich plum color that is as bright and attention-grabbing as she is!

Signe is wearing NancyAugust.com's Purple Plum Baby Dress with Flower Bodice, Item Id: LA572B-PUR. This is an exquisite and elegant dress, made with a luxurious, light weight taffeta fabric, is perfect for your sweet little baby to wear to her next special event! A bodice with dainty little cap sleeves is adorned with an array of delicate taffeta flowers with beaded centers. The skirt is extra full and fancy with pick-ups accented by additional flowers! Tying this look together is a waistband accented with a bow and flower center that converts into an adjustable waist sash which then ties into a beautiful bow at the back. With this particular style and all the baby sizes, there is a matching bow and flower headband included! In addition to this lovely plum color dress, we also carry five other colors and sizes available for not just babies, but for girls too! Check them out!

If you would like to be featured on our blog, send us a photo of your little one wearing his or her NancyAugust.com purchase to: Info@NancyAugust.com!



Monday, December 27, 2010

Beautiful Baby Dresses

Dear Fans,

When shopping for a baby dress, most stores only carry dresses with two characteristics: pink and poufy. Not all dresses that are pink and poufy are cute, but I'm sure you can agree with me when I say that a baby can look adorable wearing anything! If you do like pink and poufy, we've got you covered. Our collection of beautiful baby dresses come in all sorts of different shades of pink, big skirts full in volume, all further adorned and decorated with the most exquisite details and trims!. If you're looking for something else, well, we've expanded our collection of baby dresses to include a huge selection of high quality baby dresses available in a whole bunch of different colors and styles!

With a quick click of our baby dresses collection, you will find that we have our dresses organized by color group. We can honestly say that our dresses come in more colors than the rainbow! Our collection of styles will provide you a match for your unique taste. If you like a skirt with lots of volume, we have ballerina and princess style dresses. If you're looking for something chic, we have slim and sleek styles with fresh new colors. Our baby dresses come in all different shapes, styles, colors, and themes; all babies have different personalities and mommies have different tastes when it comes to style. Our collection of beautiful baby dresses reflects that!

Our Beautiful Baby Dress pick of the week:

Ivory Holiday Infant Baby Dress with Sequin Circle Accents, Item Id: GG3423B-IVY. Although this dress is listed as a holiday baby dress, the soft ivory color and light weight taffeta fabric make this suitable for any special event throughout the year! A simple bodice with cute cap sleeves provides a balance for the extra full skirt, supported by crinoline. The entirety of this dress is decorated with circles of sparkly gold sequins and ivory stitching! Complimenting this ivory dress is a gold waist band, adorned with a detachable flower pin, which converts into an adjustable waist sash at the back. A matching hat is included. This dress is sweet, charming and fancy without being too extravagantly detailed or girly! A simple style balanced with the right amount of details makes for a perfect, beautiful baby dress that can be worn for many special events!



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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lovely London and her Dashing Brother Phoenix!

Merry Christmas Friends and Family!

We hope you are all having a happy and safe holiday! Today I will be sharing with you a fun and fancy Christmas photo! Athena Kleinschmit shared with us on our Facebook wall a photo of her son Phoenix and her daughter London!

"Thanks for helping to make Christmas pictures a success! We LOVE the bubble satin dress. :)"

Wow! There's so much to love in this picture! The black and red color scheme looks fitting for both a 1920's themed party and an Old Hollywood elegant soiree! This is a great Christmas picture and Phoenix and London look ready to ring in the New Year! In this photo, only London is wearing a NancyAugust.com outfit and her mommy paired the dress with beautiful black gloves! Although Phoenix isn't wearing one of our suits, he sure looks dashing and matches his baby sister perfectly! What happy and adorable children! Thanks Athena for sharing your photo with us!

London is wearing NancyAugust.com's Satin Red Baby Dress with Bubble Layered Skirt, Item Id: GG3319B-RED. The rich and decadent red color is amplified on a smooth and shiny satin fabric! A simple bodice and black satin waist sash provides balance to a full, triple layered bubble skirt! The style of this dress is quite versatile and with the right accessories, your baby can evoke charm and brilliant youth like London, who paired black satin gloves and a darling floral headband with her dress. You can also pair this dress with a pearl necklace to create a look of old-world romance and vintage beauty. Perfect for color themed weddings and other special events, not only is this classic style available in many different colors, but you have a choice of 17 different waist sashes to accompany your dress! This is a beautiful and fun dress that will make dressing up for your next special event not only easy, but enjoyable!

If you would like to be featured on our blog, please send us a photo of your little one wearing his or her NancyAugust.com purchase to: Info@NancyAugust.com!



Monday, December 20, 2010

A Trio of Terrific Flower Girls!

Hello our lovely readers!

A happy customer by the name of Christina Haselhorst posted some beautiful photos on our Facebook page of three adorable flower girls!

"Trying to find matching dresses for a 7 year old (Allison), a 5 year old (their cousin), and a 4 year old (Kara) was becoming an issue until we found your website! We went through 3 ordering nightmares with other sites before these dresses...SOOOO many compliments! My youngest recently wore hers again last week for her birthday...she LOVES it! =)"

That's truly fantastic! We love how the lavender flower girl dresses bring a breath of fresh air to the wedding's purple, black, and white color theme. Thank you Christina for sharing your photos and comments! It's very humbling and inspiring to hear such great news and that our company was able to save the day! We also love that your youngest was able to wear her dress again. We proudly stock fabulous dress styles that are versatile and beautiful enough to be worn for multiple events!

Allison, Kara, and their little cousin are wearing: Satin Lilac Empire Waist Girls Dress with Flocked Mesh, Item Id: GG3402G-LIL. What truly sets this dress apart is the empire waist. The empire silhouette is a classical style that Greek and Roman women wore. It's a beautiful trend that's been brought back over and over throughout the ages! This dress reinvents the famous trend with lovely new details. The sleeveless bodice is adorned with a detachable rosette like a brooch. Made of smooth satin, the tea length skirt is designed with flocked mesh flowers and polka dots. Crinoline supports the skirt, bringing some extra volume. with its beautiful lilac color, this dress is fancy enough for a holiday event but bright and charming enough for the springtime!

If you would like to share your photos with us, send them to: Info@NancyAugust.com



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Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Beautiful Flower Girl

Hi Friends!

Isn't this photo absolutely breathtaking? Abby looks like a mature little flower girl! With the perfect flower girl dress, minimal jewelry, a sophisticated up-do and her flower girl basket in hand, Abby is what you would find in the dictionary under "One Beautiful Flower Girl"! Thank you Janae for sharing this lovely photo of Abby with us and we hope that when Abby grows up, she'll see this photo and be reminded of what a wonderful day that was!

Flower girl Abby is wearing: White Flower Girls Dress, Item Id: GUP989G-WHT. This dress is the embodiment of all that you'll ever need in a classic flower girl dress. The sleeveless, organza bodice features a hand embroidered bodice with a diamond quilted design and white beads in the center. The skirt is made of layers of tulle supported by crinoline for extra fullness. The hem is clean finished to create a flaired and ruffled effect which is also adorned with dainty little flower applique. On the waist is a detachable flower pin with flowing ribbons. To complete the perfect flower girl look like Abby did, check out our accessories section for jewelry, headbands, tiaras, flower girl baskets and more!



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Monday, December 13, 2010

Perfection in Purple

Happy Monday Friends!!

Sheila Rossiter Olsen this fantastic photo on our Facebook page of her beautiful daughter Rubi in one of our purple flower girl dresses!

"Rubi was Future Royalty for our Homecoming this year. I stumbled on Nancy August purely by accident and am sure glad I did. The dress was GORGEOUS!"

Congratulations Rubi on your new title! How lucky of you to win and even for your mom to find our website by accident! Rubi looks so fresh-faced, hip, and chic in her purple flower girl dress paired with opaque tights, black ballet flats and a simple, yet elegant updo. With an look so unique, trendy, yet sophisticated, it's no wonder Rubi won the title of Future Royalty! Thank you Sheila for sending us a great photo accompanied by even better news!

Rubi is wearing: Purple Flower Girl Dress with Rhinestone and Tulle Skirt, Item Id: LA548G-PUR. This amazing taffeta and tulle flower girl dress makes evokes modern and hip ballerina! A sleeveless taffeta bodice brings class to this frock featuring a waistband decorated with huge purple rhinestones, delicate beading and lovely sequins. The skirt is made of layers and layers of tulle for extra volume! Depending on the accessories, this dress is versatile enough to be dressed to the nines for an elegant black-tie event, or even for a sassy little rockstar on her birthday! It's up to you, but with this dress, your little girl will without a doubt look like a little trendsetter just like Rubi!

If you would like to share your photos with us, send them to: Info@NancyAugust.com


Nancy August

Friday, December 10, 2010

Communion Dress Of The Week

Hello Friends!

Today I will be specially featuring the white First Communion dress with bolero jacket, our Communion dress of the week! Your daughter's First Communion will probably be the most important and memorable events of her young life and finding the perfect dress may be a little stressful! A Communion is a very special and traditional event; it is expected that her dress be white and that her shoulders are covered. In the modern day, it's a little hard to find the perfect white dress that balances conservatism and fashion. Many beautiful white dresses these days don't cover the shoulders! Today's dress of the week honors all that is needed in a perfect First Communion dress!

This white First Communion dress is made of a high quality bridal satin. The fabric is smooth to the touch and there is a subtle sheen as well! A simple bodice with shoulder straps leads to a full, A-Line skirt. The skirt is ankle length and supported by a layer of crinoline. This dress embodies traditional and classic elegance as it is made of such a beautiful fabric and without too many distracting details.

To add a little sophistication to this dress there is a dazzling arrangement of embroidery at the front with sparkling beads and shiny pearls. This central embroidery gracefully cascades down from the neckline to the waist, bringing the perfect amount of elegance to this classic dress. At the back, there is an invisible zipper hidden in a corset style closure, which can be tightened and adjusted to your daughter's waist. Finishing this look is the bolero jacket, made of the same luxurious bridal satin. The bolero has short sleeves, and the opening swoops out to better cover the chest.

For your daughter's First Communion, this is a magnificent dress not only to wear on the special day, but to cherish for many years to come. Made with high quality bridal satin paired with fine details, this traditional and elegant styled dress is something that can honor the entire family and be passed on from generation to generation.



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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sweet Summer Darling Baby Dress

Dear Friends,

Laurie Lovejoy sent us this photograph of her little bundle of joy, Summer, in one of our NancyAugust.com dresses! Check it out!

"Summer in her beautiful ivory dress from Nancy August"

What a darling photograph! We love how she's looking over her shoulder and how the big, bouncy skirt is blanketed on the ground around her little body. The color ivory is a fantastic alternative to a white baby dress as it is warmer, softer, and more inviting. She looks so precious in her ivory baby dress! Thank you Laurie for sharing this adorable photo of your little baby girl with us, we truly appreciate it!

Summer is wearing: Darling Baby Dress in Ivory, Item Id: J1102B-IVY. This lovely little number is minimal on the details but with enough to make it look sweet and charming. A simple bodice is delicately adorned with high-quality hand stitched floral embroidery across the chest. The little bell sleeves have just the right amount of volume at the cap. The skirt is made of multiple layers of organza is supported by crinoline and features pick-ups, gathers, and ribbon detailing at the hem. This baby dress is simple and beautiful making it perfect for your baby's next wedding she has planned to attend, or even a little family dinner! An ivory dress with minimal yet beautiful details is a dress than can be worn to many different events all year round!



Friday, December 3, 2010

We *Heart* Flower Girl Dresses

Dear Fans,

It seems that not so long ago, flower girl dresses were only available in white and ivory. Old traditions included that the flower girl was dressed only to match the bride, but that's not the case anymore! Although white and ivory are classically beautiful colors perfect for a flower girl, brides were slowly incorporating colored waist sashes and other accessories to their outfit to compliment the wedding's color themes. Then, some brides wanted the color white to be reserved just for them, and slowly but surely, sweet colors like pink, lilac, yellow, and baby blue for flower girls came to be. Nowadays, brides are trying to make their wedding ceremony as personal and stylish as they can, and that includes fashionably dressing the flower girl, the very last participant of the wedding ceremony before the bride herself walks down the aisle. Some brides desire a ballroom wedding that is traditional and elegant with a white flower girl dress, others want a shabby chic vineyard wedding with an earthy colored flower girl dress, while some may want a hip and chic art gallery wedding with a black flower girl dress! The wants and desires of the modern day bride are so vast and varying and NancyAugust.com can provide the perfect flower girl dress!

Here at NancyAugust.com we have taken into account the new trends of weddings and incorporated our findings into creating the biggest collection of quality flower girl dresses. There's so much to love about a fancy dress, even more so when style and detail is condensed into an adorable dress for a little girl! Our huge collection of flower girl dresses covers all the colors you could ever desire, from charming pastels to luxurious jewel-tone colors. The styles of our dresses range anywhere from traditional elegance to modern chic and then to fashion forward and trendy! The silhouettes and designs also cover all four seasons as well as indoor and outdoor ceremonies! We love flower girl dresses so much and we enjoy building a collection of flower girl dresses to encompass all the different tastes and preferences of the modern day bride!

Our flower girl dress pick of the week:

Pink Polka Dotted Bodice Flower Girl Dress with Green Accent, Item Id: GG3279G-PKGN. For some subtly added whimsy to your wedding, this pink and green dress will bring on the quirky charm! Made of a light weight taffeta, the fabric is smooth and gives off a subtle sheen. A classic sleeveless bodice is decorated with green polka dots and fastened with a wide and adjustable green waist sash. A large detachable flower pin adorns the front of the waist and the sash can be tied into a big fancy bow at the back. The double layer pink and green skirt is full and voluminous with a supporting layer of crinoline!. This skirt hangs at a natural tea length, a length perfect for the spring. This dress is so sweet and charming and the contrasting colors bring a fresh breath of fun and youth!



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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pink Princess

Hello Mommies and Daddies!!

Proud mommy Kristen Madl sent us a few adorable photos of her lovely daughter Vanessa!

"Hi!! Here is my daughter Vanessa with your dress on, she looks so pretty!!"

Wow! We can see why Kristen is so happy and excited, Vanessa looks fantastic! Vanessa looks beautiful in a pink dress she seems to adore. It's such a great feeling to find a beautiful dress that your little girl looks so happy to wear. She definitely looks like a little pink princess. With such a full skirt, we're sure she had fun doing some princess curtsies and twirls!

Pink Princess Vanessa is wearing: Pink Cinderella Flower Girl Dress with Pick-Up Style Skirt, Item Id: J502G-PK. This beautiful pink dress embodies all the delightful qualities of a princess without being fussy or too elaborate; you can expect your little girl to wear it more than once! Made of high quality organza fabric, the bodice is simple and classic with adorable little cap sleeves with a subtle puff in volume. A thick, waist band is accompanied by a dainty floral pin. The skirt is full and voluminous, made with layers of delicate organza and supported by crinoline. The skirt features little gathers and pick-ups which add so much character and beauty to this dreamy pink princess dress! Be sure to check out our accessories collection for the perfect finishing touches to help you create the most wonderful princess outfit!

If you would like to share your photos with us, send them to: Info@NancyAugust.com



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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Charming Mr. Colin In His Vest Set


NancyAugust.com is constantly building upon our Shop Boys section due to a overwhelming request for more boys formal wear. Currently we have a adorable collection of amazing baby, toddler, and boys suits, tuxedos and Christening outfits available at a unbelievably everyday low cost! Today we present handsome Mr. Colin hailing from Hanford, California and looking dandy and dapper in his little suit!

"Colin loves animals and any thing with tires on it."

His proud mommy Ariana Seimas sent us a two photos of the adorable and smiley one year old and it got the entire office smiling from ear to ear! Adorable photos like these, of our happy little customers, really make our day! He's just so adorable. We're sure that whatever event Colin was attending, he must have stolen the spotlight with his stylish suit! No little boy could look that fantastic without a whole crowd of people to adore him!

Little Colin is wearing: Baby Boy Gray Pinstripe Suit Vest Set with Purple Shirt, Item Id: BVEST-4. Perfect for a special event during the warmer half of the year, this pinstriped vest set is full of practicality and charm. Included in this set is a button-down vest, trousers with an elastic waist, a crisp, lavender dress shirt, a matching striped tie, and even a little attached pocket square! With a set so trendy, casual, and formal all at the same time, we wouldn't be surprised if your little boy wore this to the next wedding, to church, a formal birthday party and more! With our lowest price guarantee, this pinstripe suit vest set is definitely a stylish steal!

If you would like to share your photos with us, send them to: info@nancyaugust.com



Sunday, November 28, 2010

Easter Dresses

Hello Mommies and Daddies!

It's officially Christmas season now that Thanksgiving is in the past. We hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends! As the winter/fall deep jewel tone color dresses are flying off the shelves our pretty pastels are streaming in. Easter is coming up, well, not really. But us fashionistas like to be prepared before the season arrives! Easter is a celebration of rebirth, the spring season and growth. It is alive, the sun is out to stay and the flowers are blooming. It's almost time to put away those long gowns and rich, dark-colored dresses of the fall and winter holiday for some bright and festive dresses!

Our Easter dresses come in light, cheerful colors with short-sleeved or sleeveless bodices perfect for a warm, sunny day and shorter hems for maximum Easter egg hunting! It's time to celebrate with our lovely new dresses in lightweight fabrics. Feel free to browse our collection of pastel colored Easter dresses and check out the amazing sewing and style details as well!

Be sure to visit our accessories collection for new pieces to help put together a great Easter outfit. Remember to send us photos of your little girl in her new dress! We're always excited to see our happy customers Easter egg hunting in our dresses (hint hint). Let the Easter egg hunt begin!!!

Our Easter dress pick of the week:

Tulle Baby Dress in Pink, item GG3296B-PK. No other color breathes the excitement and joy of Easter than pink! This bright and bubbly colored pink Easter dress will stand out in comparison to the typical pastel colors of spring. This dainty little pink number is for that dazzling little bundle of joy of yours! Making the beautiful ballerina trend more approachable and wearable, this pink tulle overlay dress incorporates a trendy and chic bodice with ruffled straps enhanced with beautiful mesh ribbons and a full yet fun bubble skirt. To finish the look is an adjustable satin waist ribbon adorned with a detachable flower in the front and tulle sashes in the back. How adorable is this Easter dress?



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Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Communion Dresses

Hello Mommies and Daddies!

As you may know, NancyAugust.com stocks a wide variety of children's formal wear for all sorts of occasions year round. Today, I'd like to introduce you to our Communion dresses. Our Communion dresses are organized into four different sections: designer Communion dresses, discount Communion dresses, Communion dress sale, and First Communion dresses. These four categories are always changing and are constantly being updated as we bring in new Communion dresses into our shop.

Your young daughter's Communion is the most important and the first of many special events she will experience in her life and a beautiful new communion dress would make this holy ceremony a memory to be cherished forever. Check back to our Communion dresses collection often to find all the brand new communion dresses with fresh styles and exquisite detailing and trims. we are always on the search for beautiful new designs, unique beading, embroidery, sequins, applique, and the best fabrics incorporated into a divine new Communion dress that will honor the entire family and can withstand the tests of time as a beloved keepsake.

Our Communion dresses of the week:

Unique White First Communion Dress with Caviar Rose Beads, item: GG3240G-WHT. This lovely Communion dress is made of quality organza and is adorned with the most elaborate stylings of caviar rose beads. This dress has love cap sleeps and the length of the dress features flattering princess seam lines. The skirt fans out, supported by crinoline, and an eye-catching asymmetrical cut layer of sheer organza is accentuated with additional caviar rose beads at the hem. A detachable rose pin at the waist completes this beautiful dress.

Modern Communion Dress, item: LOS405-WHT. The simplicity of this Communion dress with bring an air of modernity, class, and a breath of fresh air to your daughter's holy event. This dress is made of poly-shantung fabric which simulates the look and feel of raw silk. Uniquely designed sleeves flatter the classic bodice and a waist sash adorned with a detachable flower pin leads the eye to a graceful, voluminous skirt supported by crinoline. This dress would make a great canvas for a creative girl wanting to add fantastic accessories like a tiara, long satin gloves, jewelry and more! For a fresh, new look for your daughter's Communion, this would be your winning dress!

Communion Dress, item: TA630-WHT
. This dress has every fine detail that any mother or daughter could dream of! A luxurious satin bodice features a graceful sweetheart neckline and short sleeves. The center of the bodice is accentuated by an intricate lace and pearl beaded appliqué piece. The full satin skirt, supported by crinoline and decorated with a layer of fine organza overlay, is decorated with floral embroidery, petite rhinestones, and additional satin ribbon and embroidery at the hem. This divine dress would be perfect for your beloved little girl's Communion and would make an ideal keepsake to treasure forever!

Congratulations on your daughters first Communion!



Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Princess' First Birthday

Hello Friends!

Today we received a very sweet photo of Princess Shyraine's first birthday party from her loving mother, Sunshine Cayubit.

"I would like to extend my grateful thanks to Nancy August for the baby princess gown they made for my daughter's 1st birthday. We loved the gown so much and it was very pretty on her. Everybody loves her gown especially my little princess Shyraine."

No, thank you Sunshine! This photograph just glows with Shyraine's cuteness. She looks fantastic in her princess dress and we're so glad she got the admiration she deserved on her birthday. Check out her matching tiara and wand accessories! This little princess looks perfect. Every birthday girl can shine just like Shyraine when they've got the perfect dress! Check out our huge selection of high quality dresses in a wide variety of colors and styles for your little one's next birthday extravaganza!

Princess Shyraine is wearing: Sleeping Beauty Princess Dress, Item Id: LK-SLEEPING-BEAUTY-DRESS. This fantastic dress seems to come straight from your favorite fairytale storybook! Made with a high quality fabric in the rose pink color, the magnificent corset-style bodice, with a white lace up back enclosure, is accentuated with off-the-shoulder sleeves. The wonderfully voluminous skirt is supported by crinoline and a sheer organza overlay enhances the beauty of this dress. A matching pink headband is included, but to make this princess outfit complete, check out our accessories section for the finishing touches like tights, satin gloves, wands, tiaras, jewelry and more!

If you would like to share your little one's personal photos with us, send them to: Info@NancyAugust.com



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Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Fancy Baby Dresses

Dear Fans,

Great design and style is no longer reserved for grown women! At NancyAugust.com, we have an entire collection dedicated to fancy baby dresses. Our collection of fancy baby dresses houses brilliant colors, divine details and trims, and the most amazing silhouettes. Expect to find a baby dress that will take your breath away and a style fit for any special occasion!

We have fancy baby dresses that come in all colors of the rainbow. The exquisite design details and trims on our dresses include ruffles, embroidery, sequins, hand-sewn beading, caviar beading, ribbons, ruffles and more! We have different bodices from sleeveless, to short-sleeved and long-sleeved paired with different necklines. Our skirts come in full, gathered, layered, bubble, and pick-up styles as well!

Our buyers have worked hard to bring to you a collection of fancy baby dresses that meet our high standards in quality, style, detail, and trend. We spend hours pouring over our dresses to ensure that our customers will never purchase a dress with even a tiny design flaw! With our lowest price guarantee, it's time for your little one to grace the next special event with her attendance and her fancy baby dress!

Our fancy baby dress pick of the week:

Charming Navy Blue Infant Dress with Diamond Quilted Bodice, Item Id: ON836B-NVY. It's uncommon to see a baby outfitted in a dark colors, but with this dress your little one will be a trendsetter! This fantastic dress takes a deeply rich navy blue and incorporates into a dress with charming and classic design details. Made of high quality taffeta, the bodice features pin tucks in a diamond quilted design and adorable little puffed cap sleeves. The skirt is simply elegant with subtle gathers and volume. The look is finished with a detachable flower pin on the waistband which ties into a great, bouncy bow in the back. Pair this amazing navy baby dress with a pearl or silver necklace and you're set for any fall, winter, or black tie event!



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Friday, November 19, 2010

Kiley Ann In Our Beautiful Infant Dress

Dear friends,

Proud mommy Jessica Keipper sent us this precious photo of her baby Kiley Ann!

"This is Kiley Ann, she is 2 months old, almost 3, born on 8/8/10. She wore this beautiful dress for her aunt's wedding. She got so many compliments on it!"
Isn't she so cute? We love seeing the matching headband and flower being worn with this spectacular dress. Thank you Jessica for taking the time to send us this lovely photo of little Kiley Ann! It's always a delight for us to receive photos and little recaps from our happy customers.

Kiley Ann is wearing NancyAugust.com's Divine Off White Infant Dress with Gold Diamond Embroidery, Item Id: GG3407B-OWHT. This beautiful infant dress incorporates so many classically beautiful design qualities that makes it idyllic for so many different occasions! This fancy infant dress is made of high quality taffeta in an off-white color. The simple sleeveless bodice and voluminous skirt is enhanced in beauty with a brown and gold diamond pattern accented with dainty floral embroidery. The look is finished with a golded waist sash and hem ribbon. This fantastic little number is accompanied with matching bow headband and a detachable flower pin. This sophisticated and beautiful infant dress will look adorable on your little one and she will garner so many loving compliments just like Kiley Ann!

If you would like to be featured on our blog, send us a photo of your little one wearing his or her NancyAugust.com purchase to: Info@NancyAugust.com



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Princess Dresses For Your Little Girl

Dear NancyAugust.com Fans,

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. A princess is well-mannered, graceful, charming, sweet, admired by all, and of course, she gets to wear an amazing dress! With NancyAugust.com, we make those dreams a reality with our extra special collection of princess dress for your princess-in-making.

Our collection of princess dresses feature all the dreamy and fairytale design details you can imagine! First, there is the full skirt, supported by crinoline and sewn with layers of lightweight fabrics or with gathers, tucks, and pick-ups. Next, the bodices, which come in a wide variety of styles such as the classic sleeveless style, off-the-shoulder, cap sleeves, bubble sleeves and spaghetti straps which are paired with darling necklines. We have so many sweet and lovely colors of princess dresses to choose from, one of which is bound to be your little girl's favorite color of them all! Our high quality princess dresses were carefully selected by our buyers at NancyAugust.com. Only here will you find princess dresses featuring luxurious fabrics and the most fantastic design details, all the qualities of your favorite princess' dress straight from your fairytale book!

To give you an example of our wonderful princess dresses, here's Princess Dana in a photo sent in by her mother, Natasha Hernandez Romero!

"Belle of the Ball! Princess Dana was so thrilled to trick or treat in her Nancy August Belle Dress."

How pretty does Dana look? She looks like a perfect princess in her Belle Princess Dress. Featuring even the most minute details, from the ruched and full skirt to the princess seam lines in the corset-style bodice, Princess Dana could have only graced the sidewalks full of trick-or-treaters in her lovely dress! We'd like to thank Natasha for sharing this wonderful photo of Dana on our Facebook!

If you are interested in being featured on our blog, send us a photo of your little one wearing their new NancyAugust.com purchase to: Info@NancyAugust.com



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Dresses For Girls

Hello Friends!

Shopping for a Christmas dress for your little girl is a mixture of excitement and a bit of stress. Excitement spurs from the overall joy associated with the magical holiday season and the wide variety of rich, jewel-tone colors our NancyAugust.com dresses become available in. That small little bit of stress comes from the questions of whether or not your favorite Christmas dress is made in a fabric or style suitable with the winter season's chill. However, at NancyAugust.com, you'll find that your favorite Christmas dress for your girl is a perfect balance of beautiful and practical style!

Here at our offices we've just received a large shipment of the most exquisite holiday dress. The Lovely Black Damask Print Baby Dress, Item Id: BK116B, Available in four colors!

This five-piece dress is more comprehensive than the dictionary and it's made for the most sophisticated and mature little lady! A simple silhouette of a dress made of the most exquisite taffeta fabric features a classic sleeveless bodice and a full skirt supported by crinoline. The real attention grabber here is the decadent color and the intricate, velvet damask print! The entire body of this dress is decorated with a damask print reminiscent of the most beautiful vintage Victorian wallpaper! Included with this dress is a detachable rosette with flowing ribbons, a velvet bow and detachable rosette headband, velvet bloomers, and a velvet shawl! The shawl can be worn so many different ways and the rosettes can be placed on the waist, to pin the shawl, or even pinned at the shoulder! This five piece dress set, which can be customized and personalized in so many different ways, would make a fantastic outfit for holiday family photos.

Be sure to check out our website to view our four colors available: turquoise, royal blue, fuchsia, and our limited edition purple, as well as alternative style ways for the lovely little shawl! You must act quickly, a dress this fabulous does not stay in stock for very long!



Please please note that the shawl may present a choking hazard for your baby. It is extremely important that the child remain under parent supervision when it is worn. Ideally, the shawl would be perfect for photos or to keep her warm as you hold her. It's best to remove the shawl if she is to engage in any active or physical activity.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Boy White Suit Photoshoot

Renai Burtis sent us couple photos of her little Cameron in his white suit! Check it out!

"My child's name is Cameron Patrick Burtis and he is 13 months old. He loves to dance and go outside. His favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba and he absolutely loves animals. He's a very happy baby (:"

Wow! Want a handsome little man! You can see his charming and cheerful personality through his eyes and his cute smile! He truly looks like a very happy baby! Thank you so much Renai for sending us wonderful photos of Cameron. We hope that he got to work in some dancing in his fantastic little suit!

Cameron is wearing NancyAugust.com's Baby Boys White Diamond Patterned Vest Set with Bow Tie, Item Id: SAB5701B-WHT. This charming four piece suit is perfect for a summer wedding or any other special event. Featuring a fully-lined diamond print vest, a classic short-sleeved dress shirt, trousers with an elastic waist, an attached bow tie and a matching bonnet! Made of quality fabrics and hand-picked by our experienced buyers, this suit is amazingly featured at our lowest price guarantee! This is such a great buy will make your little boy look stunning and the suit can be cherished as a keepsake! Available in baby and toddler boy sizes!

If you are interested in sharing your photos with us, send them to: Info@NancyAugust.com



Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cute White Baby Dresses

Good day friends!

Apart from the color pink, a white baby dress seems to be one of the most popular colors when it comes to choosing a baby dress. The color white has various meanings: purity, cleanliness, brilliance, royalty, and more. The color white can be paired with any color and it will look great! There are many reasons to go with a white baby dress and here at NancyAugust.com we stock only the best.

A white baby dress is perfect for many events and it's suitable all year round! From weddings to birthdays and Christening ceremonies, the possibilities are endless. To make your precious baby girl the adored attention-grabber that she is, we have the most exquisitely designed white baby dresses full of amazing details such as embroidery, sequins, ruffles and skirts with gathers and pick-ups. Other styles are simply classic but nevertheless beautiful and they can be easily paired with one of our colored waist sashes in our accessories collection to create a color themed outfit! A white baby dress is versatile and with any of our high quality dresses, it can definitely be worn more than once! We love the idea of getting more bang for your buck!

Our white baby dress pick of the week:

White Baby Dress with Festive Ribbon, Item Id: BK103B-WHT. Made of light weight taffeta with a shiny satin waist sash and skirt, this white baby dress is perfect for your little angel. A classic, sleeveless bodice is balanced out by a full and layered skirt supported by crinoline. White ribbon embroidery in a floral design decorate the dress and this perfect look is finished with a matching headband and pair of bloomers! This dress is perfect for an elegant indoor wedding, an approaching holiday party or even for the upcoming spring! With a white baby dress, your little one can shine at any event throughout the year!



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Precious Paitynn In Her Fancy Baby Dress

Dear friends,

The offices of NancyAugust.com received this adorable photo of Paitynn Pickens and a lovely testimonial from her mother, Kerri Pickens! In addition, her mother has been sending us little follow-ups on Paitynn and her baby pageant standings!

"I love your site and the dress was awsome!! I refer other families to your site all the time! My daughter is Paitynn Pickens. She will be 9 months on the 18th and she loves trying to beatbox with her daddy while she dances! She is also trying to walk b/c its hard keeping up with her brother just crawling! She has worn her dress in her 1st three pageants and done very well in all of them! Thanks!!"

"She has worn that dress in 3 pageants and will be wearing it in her 4th one on the 13!"

"She has won 2nd place, Best hair twice, Best eyes, Best Smile, Most Photogenic, Theme wear and QUEEN Lil Baby Miss!! I know that the dress is what is catching their eyes!!! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! I plan on selling her pageant stuff but there is one thing that will not be sold: her very first pageant dress!! Thank y'all for such a beautiful dress!!"

What great news! Thank you so much Keri for sending us the wonderful emails to catch us up on Paitynn's competitions! Apart from her pageants, she sounds like such a cheerful and happy baby. As you may know, many of our dresses have full skirts which is perfect for dancing like Paitynn does with her daddy!

We love hearing from our pageant babies as they progress. We've already had a couple submissions from mothers of baby pageant contestants placing well and winning the "Best Dressed" category in the competition! It's fantastic that the judges and our customers can admire the high quality and fashionable styles we provide here at NancyAugust.com. We work passionately to find the best dresses near and far and hearing back from our happy customers is truly inspiring for us. All our hard work is just for you, the customer.

What Paitynn is wearing: Ivory and Pink Baby Flower Girl Dress with Floral Bodice, Item Id: J1422B-IVY. This dainty little dress embodies all that is delightful in a little girl. A classic sleeveless bodice, made of organza, is adorned with delicate little pink and yellow flowers on left and the waist sash. A full and bouncy skirt, made of layers and layers of fabulous tulle fabric, is clean-finished at the hem to create swirls of pink! A bottom layer of crinoline supports the skirt for extra fullness! Sequin and pearl accents dance across the entirety of this fantastic dress which is accompanied by a matching headband! This sweet and charming little dress is perfect for your precious little girl.

If you are interested in sharing your photos with us, send them to: Info@NancyAugust.com



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Princess And Her Baby Princess Dress

Dear Fans,

On our very own NancyAugust.com Facebook page, Amber Drake De Sousa shared this photo of her little princess Audrey!

"This princess even got a birthday kiss from a little prince in her Nancy August royal birthday dress."

This photo is so adorable, it just made everyone's week here at NancyAugust.com! Thank you Amber for sending in such a lovely photo. There's no way anyone can look at this picture of Audrey and her prince without smiling!

Audrey is wearing: Gleaming Ivory Baby Dress with Silver Embroidery and Sparkles, Item Id: BK103B-CHAINIVYSIL. This is an exquisite ivory dress only for the princess-in-making who believes in all things glamorous and fabulous. Made of a luxurious combination of taffeta and satin and featuring silver sequins and embroidery in floral arrangements that seem to dance and extend all over the dress. A simple sleeveless bodice and crinoline-supported skirt bringing some class to this amazing dress. The dress is accompanied by a matching bow headband and a detachable floral pin at the waist. In this divine and gleaming dress, your little one's royal dreams will come true, just like Audrey's!



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Communion Dress Favorites

Hello there!

Today I'm here to introduce you to our amazing selection of Communion dresses. Your child's First Communion will be an intimate, life-changing event that will never be forgotten. It is a time and celebration full of grace, love, and most importantly, family. For this holy and unforgettable ceremony you will need the most beautiful white dress to complement it.

We have a large selection of white dresses perfect for your daughter's First Communion. We carry hundreds of styles from long simple gowns that are classic, yet beautiful, more modern and detailed styles wit lace, beading, gathered or layered skirts, etc. You could really go either way, classic and traditional or modern and trendy, and your daughter will, without a doubt, look stunning. Your daughter's First Communion is so important and we've worked hard to conjure up a collection of amazing white dresses that are as unforgettable as the holy ceremony itself.

Here are some of our modern Communion dress favorites:

Unique Shell White Communion Gown with Bustled Skirt, LA562G-WHT
This dress is so unique that we had to put it in the title! Made of taffeta and layers of tulle and white shell accents on the bodice and skirt, this dress evokes a beautiful mermaid style while staying classy enough for a holy first communion. I don't think anyone else will have a dress as amazingly detailed and unique as this one.

Classy Sparkling White Lace First Communion Dress, GG3294G-WHT
An A-line dress is simple, common and flattering on any figure, but there are so many things about this dress that make it so darling. First, a simple sleeveless bodice is turned into something elegant with a sparkling lace overlay. The long, gathered satin skirt is so beautiful and the sash accents the silhouette. This dress is charming balance of elegance and classic simplicity and truly just perfect for your daughter's First Communion.

White Organza Flower Girl Dress, LA558G-WHT
This dress is unique to our collection as it is the only dress with the sweetheart neckline paired with a tulle overlay to create a sleeveless bodice. With the floral details at the waist and the full skirt made of organza, this dress looks high fashion yet classic nevertheless idyllic for your First Communion ceremony.



Monday, November 8, 2010

Choosing a Christening Dress

Hello Mommies and Daddies!

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday! Today we want to share our thoughts on choosing a Christening dress. Christening dresses are a special, treasured keepsake for most parents. The Christening ceremony is very often the first of all the other important ceremonies for your child. In some cases, families plan elaborate Christening celebrations, including well thought out invitation and favors for the guests. Because the Christening of a child symbolizes the beginning of that child's relationship with God, this ceremony is sacred and traditional. You'll want everything to be just right, including the dress your baby will wear during the ceremony. Pictures will be taken, and family and friends will be in attendance. A beautiful Christening dress will make the ceremony all the more precious and special, so parents typically choose their baby's gown with care. It is an event that will be remembered and cherished forever.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a Christening dress.

1.) Quality. Consider a dress made of quality fabrics that will withstand the tests of time. When your little one grows up, you want a dress that can be stored for years before you bring it out along with all the memories of her special Christening ceremony. We specialize in quality fabrics and craftsmanship here at NancyAugust.com and would never stock a dress that wasn't high quality or sturdy enough for wear. Many of our dresses come in the traditional fabrics for Christening dresses: satin, silk, and organza. We also provide dresses in other various fabrics and styles for you to choose from.

2.) Color. Traditionally, all Christening dresses and accessories are white to represent purity and holiness. Our entire collection of white Christening dresses come in a clean, angelic white and some of them are accompanied by a matching robe and bonnet, all in white. In our accessories collection we have socks, tights, shoes, sashes and other outfit complements, all available in white.

3.) Style. Customary Christening dresses are long and they include a robe with a hood or a bonnet. Today, styles range from very elaborate and formal to simple and casual. Casual dresses are no less beautiful than the formal, traditional styles. We have styles with lace, intricate embroidery, beading, rhinestones, sequins and pearls, as well as styles with simple skirts and bodices. In our collection we have both options available to you.

Our Christening Dress pick of the week:

Victoria White Heirloom Christening Gown with Diagonal Lace Skirt, Item Id: BPJJ3124-WHT. This dress looks as if it was designed in the traditional style with its long skirt but there are so many details that make it look modern! Featuring the most elaborate floral embroidery and gorgeous pearl detailing throughout the entire bodice and skirt, this dress is definitely high quality. What really captures your eye is the diagonal, layered lace which gently cascades down the skirt. The sheer bell sleeves are absolutely precious and everyone will admire the work put into this amazing dress.

Happy Christening!



Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lily In her Belle Princess Dress

Good morning!

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. A princess is graceful, well-mannered, sweet, admired, and of course, she gets to wear a really great princess dress! Those dreams can come true with our very own collection of princess dresses here at NancyAugust.com. The fabrics and overall style, including the designs and the trims, are all top quality. Our buyers have searched far and wide through many distant lands to bring forth a magical collection of princess dresses for your special little girl.

Today we proudly introduce Princess Lily in our Belle Princess Dress!

Her mommy, Rosanna Pena, says, "I ordered the Princess Belle dress from your website for my daughter's 6th birthday. We threw her a Royal Ball party for princesses and knights, and the dress was perfect for the party. We took her to the Disney Bippidi Boppidi Boutique to be turned into a princess and this dress outdid ALL of the dresses that the Disney boutique had. She truly looked like a princess because of your dress. Attached is a picture I took outside of the boutique... just amazing!"

Thank you Rosanna for sending us such a great photo! The dress and Lily's pose truly capture the princess essence! She is a lucky girl to have such a wonderful mom for planning her a Royal Ball party!

Our princess dress of the week:

Belle Princess Dress, Item Id: LK-BELLE-DRESS. This beautiful and bright yellow-gold princess dress features the most stunning details. The dress starts off with a delicate, off-the-shoulder design. The corset style bodice is made of shiny satin with beautiful princess style lines and a lace up at the back. The organza skirt is full and voluminous with gathers and pick-ups. The dress is finished with a big bow at the back. This princess dress made of luxurious fabrics and featuring all the right design details will make all your little girl's dreams come true!

If you would like to send in photos of your child, shoot us an email at: info@nancyaugust.com!



Friday, November 5, 2010

Custom Flower Girl Dresses in Four!

Dear Nancy August Fans,

Fours A Charm for Flower Girls, Update! A few months ago we featured four lovely little flower girls, Nicole, Charlotte, Lily, and Saffi, on our blog and you can find the post here Fours A Charm for Flower Girls. Just recently, newlywed couple Carlie and Sharon Yapp sent us a beautiful professional photograph taken by their wedding photographer!

Isn't it sweet? We love the natural surroundings and that little ray of sunshine peeking into the photo. The bride and groom look so happy! Aren't the four flower girls in their Custom Flower Girl Dresses so adorable? We can't get over those big pink balloons! This photo truly captures the joyful essence of their big wedding day. Thank you to Carlie and Sharon Yapp for sharing this amazing photo with us!

If you would like to share your own photos with us, please send them to: info@nancyaugust.com



Click here to shop our custom flower girl dress collection!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Baby Pageant Dress Winner!

Hello NancyAugust.com Fans!

Another loyal customer, Kristen Conti posted this super adorable photo of her baby, Faith!

"I ordered your Lavender Infant Dress with Ruched Bodice for my daughter's pageant in a few weeks and it came today and it's gorgeous!!!"

That's not all! Two weeks after she posted that lovely photo on our facebook wall and wrote to us again saying:

"My daughter won her pageant in your gorgeous dress!...And everyone kept telling me how much they loved her dress!"

What great news! Congrats on winning your pageant Faith! Mommy Kristin must be so proud! What we love about this picture is that you can see so much of Faith's bright and bubble personality in her fantastic dress!

What baby Faith is wearing: Lavender Infant Dress with Ruched Bodice, Item Id: KK4046B-LIL

Faith is wearing our brilliant lavender infant dress. Made of quality taffeta fabric, the dress features a ruched bodice and a delicate ruffle hem. A dainty and detachable flower and bow pin adorns the waist. This dress is cute and classy in all the right ways and it will definitely turn heads, just like it did for Faith's pageant! Even better, we now have this amazing dress in a new fabric!

Just in: Lilac Infant Dress with Ruched Bodice, Item Id: KK4048B-LILAC

This dress is similar to the one Faith wore, except it now comes in a shiny and smooth satin! Featuring the same ruched bodice and a slightly modified detachable flower and bow pin, the new design detail is the fabulous skirt! This style is a gathered, pick-up skirt. It is more voluminous and bouncy but just as lovely! The gathered skirt is such a fine detail and your little girl will bring elegance to any event!

If you would like to share your photos with us, send us an email at: info@nancyaugust.com



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gianna Showing You Her Best In Our Baby Dress!

Hello again friends and family!

We cannot say it enough; we absolutely love it when our customers share their photos with us! We love our work here and we do get to look at adorable dresses all day long but it's a whole different feeling when we get to see a happy little customer wearing her dress! Today we're featuring baby Gianna as the bright shining star on our blog. Here she is wearing our Magnificent Lilac Pageant Infant Dress, Item Id: GG3262B-LIL!

"This is my daughter Gianna in her Nancy August Dress! She is 9 months old and loves wearing the prettiest dresses when she gets her picture taken! I have her 1st birthday dress from Nancy August in the closet and ready for Jan! Thanks for having a great selection of beautiful dresses for my little princess!" - Her mommy, Demenica Caballero

Shout out to Gianna's mommy, please send us her 1st birthday dress once January comes around! We'd love to see it!

Our Magnificent Lilac Pageant Infant Dress is absolutely sensational. The detailing on the bodice starts from the bodice and cascades down to the hem of the skirt. The dress is adorned with a detachable flower pin and sequins and caviar beading seem to burst and radiate from the floral pin! For those who may not know, caviar beading is an extra special heat-pressed beaded detail which can create the most beautifully elaborate designs. The dress is made of organza with a sheer and delicate overlay and supported by bouncy crinoline underneath. In this fantastic dress, everyone will adore your little girl, just like Gianna!

To share your photos with us, send us an email with the attached photos and a little description to: info@nancyaugust.com



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Most Beautiful Christening Dresses

Hi Friends!

Our buyers here at NancyAugust.com have gone to great lengths to find the most beautiful Christening dresses. It's hard to find so much detail, style and beauty in such a little dress but we've managed and more! Our collection of Christening dresses feature some of the most luxurious fabrics and exquisite details you have ever seen! The lace and beading on some of our dresses is really breathtaking. Once you've selected your favorite dress, be sure to check out our accessories section for Christening shoes and other white accessories!

Here are some of our favorite Christening dresses:

Your Majesty White Toddler Christening Dress, item BP7894T-WHT. As regal as all white Christening dresses look, this one is the queen! Made of a silky smooth white satin, the hem features elaborate floral embroidery and sequins. A matching sheer bell sleeve cap accompanies the dress and a delicate little tie ribbon fastens the front. This dress is so beautiful and everyone will admire the work put into this quality dress.

Satin Southern Belle White Baby Dress, item J3834B-WHT. This dress is just as charming as a Southern Belle should be. A classic bell sleeve and full skirt taken to the next level in elegance with hand-stitched embroidery throughout. The dress is finished with a beautiful waist sash and detachable rose pin with flowing ribbons. Simple, charming and lovely.

White Baby Dress With Rhinestone And Tulle Skirt, item LA548B-WHT.
This is a modern take on a Christening dress for those stylish moms out there! A sleeveless, taffeta bodice leads to an adorable and voluminous tulle skirt finished with a beautiful rhinestone waistband. A matching bow headband is included. This dress will stand out adorably compared to the other long gowns with matching robes.



Click here to shop our Christening dress collection!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My First Communion

Hello Again!

Today I'm here to talk about First Communion traditions and what to expect. As important as this holy ceremony is, outfitting your little girl will be as easy as cake if you stick to NancyAugust.com for help!

The First Communion is traditionally an important occasion for Roman Catholic families. It is the child's first reception of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. The First Communion in Roman Catholic churches typically takes place at age seven or eight, depending on the country you live in. There are usually large family gatherings and parties to celebrate this special, elaborate and unforgettable event.

First Communion Dress
Girls often wear a fancy and elegant dress, a headdress, gloves and many other accessories, all in white. The white symbolizes purity. Traditionally, some girls wear a dress known as the First Communion Dress along with veils, tiaras, necklaces or other accessories passed down to them from their older sisters, mothers or grandmothers, making the First Communion especially intimate. Because the First Communion is held in a church, a conservative and traditional style dress is important. Many girls wear either a dress that covers the shoulders or they pair a bolero or cardigan with a sleeveless dress.

From simple, long dresses to more decorated and trendy styles, NancyAugust.com has the perfect dress for this special event. We stock a large dedicated a collection of amazing white Communion dresses for your daughter's First Communion as well as all the accessories to complete her beautiful ensemble! Many of our dresses are sleeveless, so be sure to check out our white satin bolero to cover the shoulders.

We have white waist sashes that you can choose in either organza, satin or taffeta fabric as well as a lovely white flower pin. We carry Mary Jane style shoes, white tights and socks, long and short satin or lace gloves, beautiful rhinestone jewelry, the most decadent rhinestone tiaras, headbands, and even a petticoat slip if you'd like to give your dress a little more volume.

There is no reason to step into this celebration unprepared! With our whole collection of white Communion dresses and accessories, your daughter will honor the whole family and look beautiful while doing so! Congratulations on your First Communion!



Our Communion Dress pick of the week:

Communion Dress item TA630AA-WHT. This Communion dress is what every little princess desires for her First Communion ceremony. A communion brings together a family of pure and unconditional love and this is the dress to grace that special moment. This sweet and delicate white communion dress in the traditional style features the purest, angelic white satin and the most exquisite details. The bodice has a most flattering sweetheart neckline and is decorated with two floral lace applique adorned with lovely pearls. The long skirt is made of satin with a beautiful sheer organza overlay. The beautiful organza has floral embroidery and petite rhinestones that seem to dance around the dress, as well as an intricate satin ribbon and even more floral embroidery at the hem that create a lovely scalloped edge. This dress has all the right details to form a beautiful dress for an even more beautiful girl for one of the most memorable, holy events of her young life!

Click here to start shopping for your First Communion Dress

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Baby Dresses!!!

Hello there!

We all know how fun it is picking out itty bitty baby clothes. Little onesies with a baby chicks on the front, little yellow pants with a clashing pink polka dot print, little dresses with smiley flowers. We're all very much used to seeing the same extra cutesy baby clothes meant for everyday wear at home but here at NancyAugust.com we take the cuteness factor and apply it to...DRESSES!

You won't find smiling little farm animals or cozy cotton onesies here. At NancyAugust.com we provide a huge collection of adorable and charming baby dresses for your special event! We have hundreds of different colors, styles, fabrics and silhouettes and every single one of these dresses is hand-picked by our extra stylish buyers who are always on the lookout for the next amazing baby dresses to add to our collection.

Shopping for a baby dress at NancyAugust.com is also really easy. Each of our baby dresses has it's own size chart, a specific measurement chart of the garment, for you to refer to. All you have to do is measure your baby's waist and add an inch or two for ease. Then, you can take the length measurement of the dress from the provided size chart align it to your baby from shoulder and down to see where the hem of the dress will fall.

Now, back to our dresses. Our buyers have high standards. They're always looking for new trends, new colors and new styles, all of high quality! Every time one of our buyers steps into the office with a new dress, the reaction all around is "Oh my goodness!!! Soooooo cute!" or "Awwww, I love it!" We'd never settle for a dress if the reaction was, "Oh, that's nice."

Purchase one of our baby dresses and be sure to let us know what sort of reactions you're getting from your baby's admirers! :)



Our baby dress pick of the week:

Elegant Black Lace Baby Dress, item ON862B-BLK. We love lace. So much. There's something so sophisticated and very French about lace. On a baby, this dress will look so adorable and you could even dress to match! Together you can look like a beautiful mother-daughter duo straight from the fabulous streets of Champs-Élysée. Black lace overlay paired with a vibrant red sash and a detachable red flower. Finish the look with a pearl necklace and some black shoes from our accessories section and you've got one great looking baby!

Click here to start shopping for your baby dress today!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Beautiful Flower Girl

Hello friends!

What a delight. Another proud mommy has sent in her daughters beautiful flower girl photo. Her daughter Abby who is 8 years old was in a wedding recently and what a flower girl she was! Abby was wearing one of our popular white flower girl dresses, perfectly accessorized, and had a up-do hair style to die for. This look gets a big five stars for being classy, sophisticated, and most of all breathtakingly beautiful! Big shout out to Janae for sharing this with us! Your daughter is so beautiful the entire NancyAugust.com staff was in awe!

Abby is seen here wearing our white flower girl dress item 989G-WHT

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! Remember, if you want to show off your child, send us your photo! You can email images to info@nancyaugust.com.



Our flower girl dress pick of the week:

White Flower Girls Dress item 989G-WHT. This white flower girls dress will be the shining star at any wedding ceremony whether indoor or outdoor. This will be a perfect selection for your little flower girl because this beautiful white flower girls dress offers a crinoline enhanced skirt and a serious triple layered tulle skirt for ultimate fullness. Detailed with a hand sewn sequin bodice and strategically placed flowers on the center waistband and skirt, we are positive this crisp white colored dress will take your breath away. Be sure to shop our flower girl accessory collection to complete the look.

Click here to check out this white flower girl dress collection!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Shopping For A Flower Girl Dress

Let’s face it. Shopping for a flower girl dress can be tough! But have no fear, WE are here to help! ☺ It’s really not that hard once you have the few important factors down. So if you have a few minutes now, it will save you hours later! Read on for some tips on how to choose that perfect dress for your little flower girl in your oh so special wedding.

Trends: For all the stylish brides-to-be, choosing the perfect flower girl dress is essential. First, do some research to find what you like. Flip through a couple bridal magazines, some wedding blogs online or even regular fashion magazines or blogs.Trends can range from colors for a season, fabric combination and trims. At NancyAugust.com, we are always picking up new styles right before the next season arrives so you will always have a selection of stylish flower girl dresses to choose from.

Season: The weather and time of year will play a big part in the style of the flower girl dress you pick out. For a spring or summer wedding, opt for a flower girl dress with short sleeves or a sleeveless design and a lighter fabric such as cotton or taffeta. For a fall or winter wedding, pick a flower girl dress with a thicker fabric such as satin or velvet. Also consider a dress with long sleeves to keep your little flower girl cozy as she walks down the aisle! You also want to pick your flower girl dress in accordance with what colors are for the season, just as you did when you set your wedding date.

Location of Event: Is your wedding at a beautiful hotel or a beach? Our flower girl dresses would look great at any wedding, but there are some styles and fabric types you must consider. An indoor wedding opens up more options for you when choosing a flower girl dress because you are out of the elements. Go ahead! Pick the most fancy dress made of the most elegant satin or silk dress with layers of taffeta and tulle! An outdoor wedding, most of which are held during the spring, summer and early fall means staying away from thick, heavyweight fabrics and a mid-calf or tea length dress so the hem will not drag on the ground and become dirty. Consider light and airy colors and a simpler design. Going more natural with your flower girl dress can be just as beautiful as a fancy dress for an indoor wedding!

Budget: We all know that in planning and setting up your wedding, you have a budget that you have to follow as getting married can cost a lot of money. If money becomes an issue when choosing which flower girl dress to buy, you can look at purchasing her dress online or you can just buy her a nice party dress. If you choose to shop online for your flower girl dress, you can find a lot of great deals because shopping online can be much cheaper than buying in a bridal shop. You can potentially save up to 70% off the retail price for virtually the same thing! NancyAugust.com provides the most affordable flower girl dresses of the best quality. Our selection includes a wide variety or colors, styles, fabrics, and accessories. If you are on a very tight budget, go with a simple white flower girl dress and pick out a sash that ties in with your wedding theme colors. It is a beautiful, classic style and because the sash can be changed out, your precious angel can wear the dress more than once or better yet hand it down to her little sisters! We have a lowest price guarantee, free shipping on orders of $125 or more and a 10% off promotional code for first time buyers! Between you and me the code is "NAFIRSTX".

Theme: Is your wedding themed? Romantic, Modern, Bohemian, Fairytale, Vintage or Rock and Roll? Shopping online will give you the widest selection of dresses. NancyAugust.com has classic whites, lace, cute floral beading and sequins, princess style gowns, simple and modern silhouettes, pastels, bright and rich colors and so much more. At NancyAugust.com you can find the perfect flower girl dress for your wedding and even customize it with your choice of additional colored sashes, headbands, tiaras, shoes, tights, socks and flower pins!


Flower Girl Bee

Click here to start shopping for your flower girl dress!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kids Holiday Dresses and Fun Activities!

Hi Mommies and Daddies,

Bridal Bee here! Buzzin' in with some fun ideas for your Holiday parties. Once you get the kiddos all dressed up in lovely holiday frocks and suits, you have to give them something to do at the party to well, frankly keep them entertained, so the adults can enjoy a little eggnog.

It's a relatively cheap, yet fun activity for your little flower girls and ring bearers that is festive. Go to your local discount store ala Walmart or the 99cent Only Store and buy traditional plain globe ornaments. I would suggest buying non-glass if you have super little ones that will be crafting. You can of course choose any ornament shape that could easily have Go to your local craft store and buy some sequins (no glitter cause that could be a messy hazard) and any other cute nicknacks you can find that can easily glue to the ornaments. Even a button collection that you have in your closet would be fun and cozy. Of course don't forget the glue! Cover a table and let the kids loose on crafting their own personalized ornaments for the tree. I would get the teens at the party be the craft party chaperons. I'm sure even the surliest of teenagers will have a good time watching the kids get creative. You can even make simple tags to put there name on and attach it to the ornament string. After they've all dried you can have the kids put the ornaments on the tree. Before the kids put the ornaments on the tree you can ask each of them to either sing a song or tell everyone what Christmas means to them.

For all my bridal buddies that celebrate Hanukkah, You can purchase some menorahs and have the kids decorate those. I know many of my Jewish friends get trees, so if you do, you can do both. I think menorahs are beautiful and I've seen them made out of lavish ornate gold and I've seen one made out of copper piping. The beauty lies in the meaning and the candles of course! I love candles. Really, I'm so jealous that I can't stick candles on my Christmas tree. Ok, back to task,like the Christmas tree idea, you can have the kids come up and sing or talk about what Hanukkah means to them or you can have each kid bring a candle up to place in their menorah and share at that time. You can have 8 times the fun with this one! Or not.

Enjoy have fun and I'll be back soon to give more party fun ideas for the kids.


Bridal Bee

My favorite holiday dress picks:

OMG! I love this dress. Baby Red Plaid Holiday Dress item ON803B-RED. Imagine your little flower girl all dressed up in this darling plaid inspired dress. She'll look like the precious little gift that she is. It's Holiday without being obnoxiously so. You could wear this to a Scottish parade as well. I kid. No, but seriously, It's young, it's fun and it's an appropriate shade for any party you may attend this holiday season.

In case red and green aren't your holiday colors, I've picked another dress that is absolutely fabulous. Winter Long Sleeve Purple Velvet Holiday Dress item GG3290G-PUR. It screams winter and it screams elegant. Not too mention that Velvet is oh so back and hot in fashion right now. Why not give your kid the competitive edge as the party as not only the cutest, but the most in trend and stylish? I know I'd be jealous of her.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Enchanting Holiday Dresses Are Here!

Hello Mommies and Daddies!

Here at NancyAugust.com we have already begun releasing some of the most charming holiday dresses your eyes have ever beheld! Many of our classic and fantastic silhouettes from previous collections have returned but with richer, opulent colors and luxurious fabrics and trims.

If only I could bring you back to our studio to check out our little racks full of dresses; the colors will blow you away! Royal purple, ruby red, maroon and burgundy, dark and milk chocolate browns, glistening gold and don't fret or forget, we also have the most angelic ivory and white dresses fit for a fairy. Now, these dresses are just sitting on our racks, side by side, and the colors of the different dress styles create the most beautiful color palette. I can assure you, your little girls will be the belle of the ball and dazzle like the precious jewel that she is with any one of our dresses!

Our new holiday dresses incorporate new long-sleeved styles with velvet and fuller, layered and flouncy skirts with taffeta and shiny satin. Also, no holiday dress is complete without some sparkle. NancyAugust.com's dresses feature sequins, elaborate floral embroidery and lots of jewels!

Just a friendly reminder for all those mommies who love to snap snap SNAP photos! Don't forget to share your precious photos with us! To share your photos, send the pictures to info@nancyaugust.com!!



Our flower girl dress pick of the week:

Beautiful Cranberry Red Flower Girl Dress With Ruffle Hem, Item # ON864G-Red. How amazing is this dress? A classy sleeveless bodice with the most adorable full skirt detailed with ruffles at the hem. Oh, and don't get me started on the color. Where else can you find a Holiday Dress with such a magnificent shade of red? I'm pretty sure your daughters pick and choose their favorite dresses by the "Twirl Factor". With this full skirt, she'll be twirling the whole holiday season.

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