Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keep Our Flower Girls Warm!

Hello! Fall is here and a chill is on! Okay, so it's still hot as a flat iron in LA, but most places in the country are starting to get a bit nippy. I love fall and winter for two reasons. The first being that my favorite holidays reside during this time and the second being fall and winter fashion. There is no better way to add a little sass to your little flower girl or ring bearers outfit than by throwing on a cute scarf with the seasons hot colors and patterns or a sweater or coat that's well made, but oh so stylish.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a place that wasn't the same temperature as a cup of hot cocoa. Ok, now I'm just adding to the folklore. It does in fact get nippy in Southern California. You do need a coat at times, just not the woolen underwear, which is not flattering for your child or your hips anyway.

It's not quite coat season just yet, but it's chilly enough to wrap your little ones in a sweater. Here are a few of my tips on coats and sweaters for your child. You want your child to be warm, but you don't have to sacrifice style. Instead of layering them so that they look like Violet Beauregard, try buying sweaters and coats that are made out of wool and other warmer materials. Wool, cashmere, and down may cost more, but if you have to buy 5 pieces of clothing to layer instead of a couple pieces it may not save you that much more.

When deciding on the color of your coat and other outerwear, less is more when it comes to color. If you want to jazz up your child's winter ensemble with wild colors and patterns, reserve that for the scarves and hats and inner apparel. You want to purchase a nicer coat that can match many different outfits. Also, have a coat/jacket for casual occasion and special occasions like weddings. You don't want little Jackie going to Grandma's Christmas fiesta or Hanukkah Sadr in one of her school jackets. Outerwear is the first impression all the guests will see.

Enjoy the last bits of warmth. Bask in the glowing rays while you can, but don't forget to get excited about fall and winter fashions for you and your little ones.


Bridal Bee

My flower girl jacket pick of the week:

Nancy August has a new edition to their collection! Coats! I'm simply in love with the Girls Tan Trench Coat with Removable Hood. It's the perfect fall coat. The color is well suited for fall and tan matches everything. Trench coats are a great go to coat for children and adults of all ages. It's appropriate for casual occasions as well as more formal events. I love the faux fur details. It has a vintage appeal without looking old. Thumbs up Nancy August on including something even the Bridal Bee would wear.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Snow White Princess Dress

Hello Buds,

How's it shakin? I wanted to do a short blog and ask my bridal bee buds your opinions on the princess syndrome. Halloween is approaching and many little girls are going to dressed from head to toe in their best princess outfits for the day.

As a woman who thinks of myself as forward thinking, the idea of being a Disney princess seems archaic. They are beautiful and kind, but generally not the brightest nor strongest girls on the block. They get into predicaments and a man (nicely coiffed gorgeous prince or a hairy beast who turns into a beefy prince) saves the day. I worry about instilling an idea that confidence solely comes from outward beauty and snagging a handsome provider. I want to raise strong girls who can save themselves when a nasty ole witch locks them in a tower. If she meet a nice boy it's to compliment how awesome she already is, but not to make her more awesome. I find it a bit a bit odd and I wonder how you mommies and daddies feel about allowing your little ones to dress up in princess regalia. Do you allow it and like it or allow it and tolerate it or do you refuse to allow them to do it? I also wonder why it's so appealing?

Don't get me wrong, when a little flower girl is dressed up in a princess outfit my heart melts a little. The outfit is generally a little ill fitting and the crown slighted off center, but outrageously sweet. When I get down to it I am the biggest supporter of allowing children to manifest their creativity in whatever form in may take. In the end it would be hypocritical to want to stifle a little girl's dream of wanting to be a princess.

Please post your thoughts and comments. You can disagree, agree whatever you please, but please keep it clean.


Bridal Bee

My princess dress pick of the week:

Snow White Princess Dress. I don't know what it is about snow whites outfit that I love. I never knew primary colors could be so whimsical and adorable. She is the Disney generations eve, eating the apple and paying for it. In the end she triumphs over that nasty Witch queen, now if she could just take a hammer to that mirror her life would be perfect. I also love this version of a princess dress because it is well constructed and made from nice strong material. It doesn't look cheap while still being affordable.

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