Friday, August 7, 2009

Little Boy In A Tuxedo, The Handsome Ring Bearer

Hello Friends,

How are the summer weddings coming along? The wedding season is in full swing so I'm sure everyone's had their fill of weddings. I'm sure all your little princess are looking picture perfect in their flower girl ensembles.

This is going to be a quickie blog, but I wanted to quickly touch on something I've noticed at weddings. There sometimes seems to be a lack of cohesion when it comes to the styles of the grown ups in the wedding party and the kids. In general, flower girls and ring bearers are ushered off to get their own outfits for the day. The problem I've occasionally noticed is that the level of formality don't seem to match amongst the adults and kids.

So, just a quick tip. If you must purchase the outfit for your precious flower girl or handsome ring bearer, make sure to ask what style the wedding party will be in. If the wedding party is beach inspired attire, though it is adorable, it's not appropriate to dress your your little boy in a tuxedo. The opposite is true. Same goes for your little girls. No princess ball gowns, if the bridal party participants are wearing khaki safari dresses and flip flops. The wedding day should tell a story and they've planned every detail for months, down to those little bouquet shaped breath mints in the bathroom. It would be a nice and thoughtful gesture to fit your little princesses and princes into the style story of the wedding.

On a side note, I wanted to start bringing in more discussions about boys formal wear. I wanted to showcase this suit before I wrapped up my blog to show a great formal choice for boys.

It's serious, but still fun with the pop of blue of the tie. You want your boys to look like boys not like man clones. One ways to bring down the seriousness of an outfit is incorporating color into a suit or tux. It's a bit harder to ride the line of kid and adult with boys outfits because their is no inherent playfulness and youth in a suit or tuxedo. You have to add that boyish charm with your own creativity and thoughtfulness.


Bridal Bee

My flower girl dress pick of the week:

The Sparkling Sassy Summer Halter Flower Girl Dress in Red Item J229G. What I adore about this dress is the color. It's the perfect dress for certain ethnic weddings. If you have friends who are Chinese how cute would that be for your little girl to come to the wedding (if they are not in the wedding party) in the traditional color of Chinese weddings, red! Besides the cultural reference of red at certain Asian weddings, red is just an explosive and happy color that people generally shy away from. This dress is a perfect summer dress that is fashion forward and rich in color. I love making a little splash when I'm not part of the bridal party. So if your little one isn't the flower girl (and she should have been, wink wink) there are no rules about stealing a little thunder on wedding day and this dress definitely does that.

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