Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flower Power

Hello Bridal Bee Buds,

Happy Belated 4th of July to you all! I took a little vacation and did very little last week and I enjoyed it! We've finally arrived to the last segment of my three hot trends series. We took a bow to bows, a tour of tiers, and finally we'll fling into flower power for your flower girls. This trend is inherently flower girl perfection. Flowers, like the bows, can transform a regal and mature dress into a perfectly adorable and age appropriate ensemble. Flower accents add a little spring and summer to your little princesses outfit.

These first flower power embellishments are wonderful examples because they are not a literal flower translation. The first floor length gown (Elie Saab) and mini dress (Valentino) have the flower embellishments at the bottom of the dress. These flowers are reminiscent of ranunculas without being actual copies of the flower.

Adding a floral touch of to the bottom of your flower girl's dress can lengthen her body. It brings attention to the whole length of the body. If your little girl is a little bit plumper, this look is also nice because it takes focus away from the mid section. The other great thing about the first Saab dress is that it has a balance of weight because of the embellishment at the top. For long dresses it's important to have balance so that your little one doesn't look like the dress is weighing her to the floor.

The third look is from my own closet. I wore this little number to a wedding in the spring, and compliments would not stop. It's a wonderful style for your older flower girls because it is a one shouldered dress which could be a little too revealing for the little ones. The flowers on this dress brings attention up to the face and adds femininity and whimsy. The off the shoulder look reminds me of a woodland fairy and what little girl wouldn't want to look like a fairy princess!

Unlike the first set of dresses, these dresses by Christian Lacroix have uncanny flower like resemblance. These embellishments are easy to reproduce on your flower girl's dress because you can easily buy silk flowers like these at your local fabric shop. Note that the flowers are sparse. Because they are colorful and realistic, the designer uses the flowers sparingly. The first dress has a small kiss of flowers in the center of the dress. You can easily create a pin on "boutonniere" that can be removed when spring is over and the next event is around the corner during a less colorful season. If your little ones have thing straps and you wish to add the on the shoulder flowers, make sure to add a support strap for the flowers or the weight may cause the flowers to slide off her shoulder. We wouldn't want a Janet moment going down the aisle!

This last look (minus the crazy head piece) is a great way to incorporate the flower power theme into your flower girl's hair. I like the simplicity of the flowers used for this hairdo. You can put your little one's hair in a loose bun and add a few simple random flowers to the back. Placing the delicate flowers on the side of her loose bun is also a very sweet touch. You can find simple silk flowers at the fabric store. I wouldn't suggest using live flowers unless you know it is hardy enough to last without water like orchids.

Phew... that was a long one. I promise not to drone on in the next blogs! I hope you all enjoyed my three part series on summer's hot trends. All these looks are appropriate for your little girls on the big day because they take every day girly items and use them in elegant ways.


Bridal Bee

My flower girl dress pick of the week:

5th Avenue Summer Flower Girl Dress in White Item: 1068G-WHT. This dress is a perfect example of a floral embellishment on the website. The other great thing is that it combines two of trends (bows and flowers) in one dress! I would have discussed that in this blog, but it was getting a little lengthy! The flower and bow embellishments are on opposite sides which evens out the weight of the dress. It's also a good dress for creating a cute little waist line for our chubbier cherubs.

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