Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Cinderella Princess Flower Girl Dress

Hello Flower Girl Mommies and Daddies! Is it hot in here or is it just me? Summer is heating up and so are weddings! Hopefully you are able to find ways to enjoy those outdoor weddings without melting like the polar ice caps.

As I watch my nieces and friend's daughters grow up it seems inevitable that most of these little one's have a princess moment. And what I mean by moment is that every day for months on end, your little princess wants to be a princess literally by parading around in her favorite Disney princess dress and matching plastic shoes and crown. The princess syndrome is cute for the first month, but by month eight we are all left to wonder how we're ever going to pry her out of this dress so that we can dress her like the perfectly lovely little girl she is instead of a prince and riches chasing princess.

When your phone rings and a bride or groom has invited your daughter to be the flower girl, fear may strike when you realize, little Suzy just won't take off that dirty formerly blue Cinderella dress. Good news is that most flower girl garb has princess qualities. If you offer her a little bling in the form of a cute and simple tiara (no large crowns please) and a shoe with a rhinestone accents, I'm sure she shall willingly cast aside her dingy Disney outfit. If you offer something better she'll surely jump at the chance to change.

Remember the SLS rules when you are assembling your perfect princess flower girl ensemble. If you get her a tiara, you want one that does not over power her. I would avoid gloves as that seems to date the look. I'm a fan of a small bracelet with a little shine and shoes with a little bling like these gems.

These shoes are great because they add a princess flair without going overboard. You can skip the craziness on the dress and accessorize their little hearts out.

Hopefully all you moms and dads have an easy time getting your little flower girls out of that princess dress. If not, try bribery. I kid.

Til next time.


Bridal Bee

My flower girl dress pick of the week:

There are so many dresses that would fit the alternative princess theme on the Nancy August website. One of my favorites is the Classic Girls Baby Blue Ballerina Dress item: J1047G-BL. I love this dress because it isn't a literal princess dress translation, yet still has the essence.

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