Friday, June 19, 2009

Flowers and Bows for the Flower Girl

Hello Bee Buds! Let's talk, talk, talk about three fashion trends from the haute couture runway that is perfect for your blushing flower girl. I say it's all in the details. The minute little gifts on your outfit that makes it unique and pop out from the rest. Whether it's the buttons or the detailed stitching, the little surprises are what make an outfit sing. Your flowers girl's dress should also have little sweet touches that elevate the dress and your darling little one.

Three trends that were rampant in the spring 09 couture shows that translate well into flower girl garb are bows, tiers and flowers. What's great about these three trends is that they are easy to incorporate into your flower girl look. They are girly and young embellishments done in a sophisticated way. You can easily take a pre-made dress and turn it into a one of a kind stunner by using one of these tidbits. There is a lot to discuss when it comes to these trends, so I'll save your eyes the drama (carrots are great for the eyes f.y.i) and focus on one idea during each of the coming blogs. Ya with me?

Let's talk bows! Clearly we are not talking about the cheesy yet spirited cheerleader pony tail bow. These bows add a touch of youth, but in a special occasion way. Placement of the bows and size can really jazz up your darlings dress. Here are three distinct ways to incorporate this trend.

The first bow-tastic look (Chanel) is great for two reasons: it's an easy addition to a dress and the color contrast. You can upgrade your flower girl's dress simply by slapping a bow on it. Go to your local fabric store and buy some starchy structured sequined fabric. Craft a bow about 3" long and 1.5" wide similar to a man's tuxedo bow tie. You can simply sew the bow to the front middle of the dress or you can create a belt/band and attach the bow to that. The size of the bow should remain demure since the sequins will be "loud" as will the color contrast. I like the idea of mixing a shiny textured bow with a dress has less texture. It creates a nice pop. I also love this look because of the contrasting color choice. Clearly black and white are Chanel signature colors, but you can easily take your little ones purple flower girl dress and pair it with a sequined white bow. The pop in any color combo would be just as vibrant.

I chose the second example (Valentino) because of the fun size of the boy and also the color coordination of the boy. Even though the color and material are the same as the dress, the size of the bow creates it's own texture. The size of the bow is extremely whimsical and not for the faint of heart. Most likely you will be able to find fabric that is similar to your flower girl's dress. The size of the bow works because it's a floppier bow than the previous example and it's slightly askew. It's playfully messy and oh so delightful.

The last bow look (Alexis Mabille) is definitely the most off kilter flower girl idea for this trend. It may seem garish and loony, but I promise if done well it will look killer on your little princess. No one should attempt a literal representation of this look because it would look a bit silly on a little girl. Focus on the cluster of bows on her left shoulder and skip all the detached random bows peppering the outfit. The idea is to make a handful of bows made from different colors and textures and creating a bow boutonnière on the dress. This idea could be a bit heady for the younger ones, but if you have an older flower girl it would be perfectly suitable. You want the bows to be slightly varying in size and structure. Some should be stiffer and some should be floppier. It may be nice to incorporate colors from the wedding theme in your bow boutonnière. It would make any bride happy to know that you color coordinated your little flower girls dress to her entire wedding color scheme. With this final look, I would caution you that it may not suit all brides, so make sure you can gauge the fashion daring of the bride or groom.

Word to the wise, not every dress will look good with a bow slapped on it even though my soft heart wishes they would. Use your best judgment before going bow crazy. I can just see it now.... Tear stained letters from brides and grooms dismayed by the bow shenanigans that reeked havoc down the wedding "runway".

We may not all be able to afford to buy couture dresses from Chanel, Valentino, or Mabille, but at least we can embellish our flower girls with a little splash of those designers.


Bridal Bee

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