Monday, June 29, 2009

Princess Flower Girl Dress Trends

Hello Bridal Bees,

The summer is heating up and so is my discussion on 09 couture trends. I will continue my three part "trends" discussion with the tier trend. I've heard this trend referred to as "cupcake dresses", "princess dresses" and "bridal dresses". No matter what you choose to call this trend, I call it perfectly adorable for any flower girl.

This haute couture is a great look for your little princess for several reasons. Tiers are whimsical, they have a lot of movement, and they are very girly. Tiers remind me of puffs of clouds and cotton candy. The style evokes a princess fantasy without being a Cinderella carbon copy.

The first look (Elie Saab) is a great example of this trend because it plays with textures and is a straight forward dress style we've all seen. In addition I love this look for your little flower girl because it is a skirt and top combo. The default flower girl or even bridesmaid option is a dress, but increasingly I've seen skirt and shirt combos going down the aisle. It's a good way to create your own look for your little princess. Mixing and matching is also a great way to balance formality of the flower girl ensemble. You can pair a more simple tank top with an ornate tiered skirt. It's also wonderful for the little ones that aren't quite proportioned who may need a bigger bottom than top or vice versa. You can avoid altering a dress simply by picking two pieces that fit your flower girl rather picking a flower girl to fit the dress!

Look two (Elie Saab) is a wonderful example of an all over tier texture. While I'm not a big fan of strapless dresses on the very youngest flower girls, I think this appropriate for your tween flower girls/jr brides maids. It's a throw back to the seventies with a modern bent. The ruffles and tiers also has a romantic and Victorian style. It's soft yet sophisticated.

The third look (Christian Lacroix) is a combination of the bow trend I discussed in the last blog and tiers. I looove this. If you haven't realized already, I am a big fan of whimsy meeting fashion. This look has girly written all over it. Again, I'm not saying to remake this look from head to toe. Taking different elements of style and combining them into one ensemble for your flower girl will create a one of a kind look. In this example the bow is attached at the top, but an easy way to add a cute floppy bow is get a fun colored satin ribbon and tie it around the waist of the dress. this wouldn't look right for all dresses, so be discerning before applying bows. The addition of a waist bow would be appropriate and oh so delicious if added to any of these tiered dresses.

The last example (Jean Paul Gautier) may not be appropriate for any of your little ones. I added it to show how beautiful tiers look while someone is walking. The photo captures the motion of the dress. When your flower girl is walking down the aisle in a dress that is full to the brim with ruffles and tiers there an airy motion like she is walking on clouds. I can see why this look was rampant on the spring 09 runway. It's ethereal without being literal. The tier look is sweet and perfectly delicious for any little princess’s big day.

Thanks for playing and stay tuned for the last tidbit from my three part trend alert.


Bridal Bee

My flower girl dress pick of the week:

Off The Shoulder Princess White Flower Girl Dress Item: J503G-WHT. Isn't this dress lovely. It's a breathe of fresh air on a hot summers day. Though this princess dress is a little daring with the off the shoulder look, it's very sweet with all the little roses. It's pure white, so if your flower girl likes to play with her food, it may not be the best dress for you. I also love it because it reminds me of a wedding cake! Yum!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Flowers and Bows for the Flower Girl

Hello Bee Buds! Let's talk, talk, talk about three fashion trends from the haute couture runway that is perfect for your blushing flower girl. I say it's all in the details. The minute little gifts on your outfit that makes it unique and pop out from the rest. Whether it's the buttons or the detailed stitching, the little surprises are what make an outfit sing. Your flowers girl's dress should also have little sweet touches that elevate the dress and your darling little one.

Three trends that were rampant in the spring 09 couture shows that translate well into flower girl garb are bows, tiers and flowers. What's great about these three trends is that they are easy to incorporate into your flower girl look. They are girly and young embellishments done in a sophisticated way. You can easily take a pre-made dress and turn it into a one of a kind stunner by using one of these tidbits. There is a lot to discuss when it comes to these trends, so I'll save your eyes the drama (carrots are great for the eyes f.y.i) and focus on one idea during each of the coming blogs. Ya with me?

Let's talk bows! Clearly we are not talking about the cheesy yet spirited cheerleader pony tail bow. These bows add a touch of youth, but in a special occasion way. Placement of the bows and size can really jazz up your darlings dress. Here are three distinct ways to incorporate this trend.

The first bow-tastic look (Chanel) is great for two reasons: it's an easy addition to a dress and the color contrast. You can upgrade your flower girl's dress simply by slapping a bow on it. Go to your local fabric store and buy some starchy structured sequined fabric. Craft a bow about 3" long and 1.5" wide similar to a man's tuxedo bow tie. You can simply sew the bow to the front middle of the dress or you can create a belt/band and attach the bow to that. The size of the bow should remain demure since the sequins will be "loud" as will the color contrast. I like the idea of mixing a shiny textured bow with a dress has less texture. It creates a nice pop. I also love this look because of the contrasting color choice. Clearly black and white are Chanel signature colors, but you can easily take your little ones purple flower girl dress and pair it with a sequined white bow. The pop in any color combo would be just as vibrant.

I chose the second example (Valentino) because of the fun size of the boy and also the color coordination of the boy. Even though the color and material are the same as the dress, the size of the bow creates it's own texture. The size of the bow is extremely whimsical and not for the faint of heart. Most likely you will be able to find fabric that is similar to your flower girl's dress. The size of the bow works because it's a floppier bow than the previous example and it's slightly askew. It's playfully messy and oh so delightful.

The last bow look (Alexis Mabille) is definitely the most off kilter flower girl idea for this trend. It may seem garish and loony, but I promise if done well it will look killer on your little princess. No one should attempt a literal representation of this look because it would look a bit silly on a little girl. Focus on the cluster of bows on her left shoulder and skip all the detached random bows peppering the outfit. The idea is to make a handful of bows made from different colors and textures and creating a bow boutonnière on the dress. This idea could be a bit heady for the younger ones, but if you have an older flower girl it would be perfectly suitable. You want the bows to be slightly varying in size and structure. Some should be stiffer and some should be floppier. It may be nice to incorporate colors from the wedding theme in your bow boutonnière. It would make any bride happy to know that you color coordinated your little flower girls dress to her entire wedding color scheme. With this final look, I would caution you that it may not suit all brides, so make sure you can gauge the fashion daring of the bride or groom.

Word to the wise, not every dress will look good with a bow slapped on it even though my soft heart wishes they would. Use your best judgment before going bow crazy. I can just see it now.... Tear stained letters from brides and grooms dismayed by the bow shenanigans that reeked havoc down the wedding "runway".

We may not all be able to afford to buy couture dresses from Chanel, Valentino, or Mabille, but at least we can embellish our flower girls with a little splash of those designers.


Bridal Bee

My flower girl dress pick of the week:

Lady Lace Lilac Flower Girl Dress Item: J1057G. Can I be honest? The sole reason I looove this dress, is the color. I adore lilac. It's a soothing color that's springy, summery yet cool which we could all use a bit of when the heat is on!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

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Stay back soon with some more juicy info.


Bridal Bee

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Princess Flower Girl

Hello Hello Flower Girl Mommies! I want to continue to work on the modified princess flower girl look I was building in the last blog. Now that we have the clothing and accessory pieces picked to perfection, let move on the hairstyles.

The crowning glory of that ensemble is the sweet tiara so the hair shouldn't detract. I've pulled a few looks online from the adult bridal runway that I feel will translate to a cute look for your flower girl. When taking the adult look remember to follow the SLS rules. Take the look and make it flower girl appropriate.

This first look is soft and easy. It works with this dress because there isn't a heavy sleeve on the dress. It's a simple and easy hair style for your flower girl. Take a large barrelled curling iron and wrap the hair around the barrel. This technique helps to avoid the Little Bo Peep ringlets and creates a softer curl. Once you have all the curled. Gently run your fingers through your flower girls hair to pull out any curls that may be a little too Shirley Temple. The take a few strands from the front and pull it back and pin with bobby pins to create the space where the tiara will sit. Do not slick that portion of hair back or make it tight. Gently pull the hair back so that it's out of the face, but still loose enough that she doesn't look like she's getting a mini face lift!

The second look that would compliment the tiara and the outfit is seen here on probably one of your little girl's favorite pop stars Taylor Swift. It definitely will be easy to get your little girl to love this style because one of her favorite stars is sporting the style on the red carpet. What's great about this look is that it is a young look but it adds just a little bit more sophistication for the big flower girl moment. It's an easy up do with no fuss.

Like the first look, curl your little one's hair with a large barrelled curling iron. Be mindful of where your little girls part is and make sure to curl the hair in the direction of the part. If she has a center part, that should work as well with this look. Loosely pull the hair back and bobby pin the hair on the sides to keep the sweeping draped look. Make sure not to pull all the hair back so that you can have a loose sweeping tendril that glides across the forehead and dangles on the side like in the photo. After you've placed the hair, tie the hair in a loose pony tail. Loosely wrap a strand from the pony tail around the hair tie. After you've tied the pony tail, place the tiara behind the tendrils that loosely frame your flower girl's face. Can you imagine it? Just look at this photo and imagine a sweet little tiara on Taylor's perfectly sweet up do. I can see flower girl princess perfection!

I hope all is well in the bridal kingdom. Weddings are in full swing and I'm sure all you mommies, daddies, brides and grooms are running around like crazy trying to tie up the loose ends. My hope is that my ideas can at least save you one small headache!

Have a beautiful week!


Bridal Bee

My flower girl dress pick of the week:

Picture Perfect Girls Flower Girl Dress with Ruched Bodice in Mint Green Item: J338G. Why do I love this dress? It's the perfect summer dress with the perfect lime sherbet color. Everything about this dress screams summer. After two weeks of California "June gloom" I'm itching for something that has the ease and brightness of summer. It's simple, yet has just a touch of sequins to take it from a regular Sunday dress to a wedding appropriate dress for a nice outdoor summer wedding. It's sweet and tart and lovely for any flower girl.