Friday, May 29, 2009

Sneak Peak: Flower Girl Dress Accessory

Hello Bridal Bee Buddies!

I'm back and I have a sneak peak alert! If you have perused the Nancy August site you will notice that the accessories for your flower girls have not gone up yet, but yours truly has just one little tantalizing morsel to throw your way. Now, I had to sneak a shot of some of the product so it's not exactly Anne Leibovitz caliber, but you'll still be able to get the idea! I feel like a paparazzi leaking some heinously untrue story in a tabloid except my item is factual, tangible and not mean.

I wanted to talk about building an outfit for your flower girl. I talked about the SLS rules in blog one (softer, lighter, simplified) and though I want to talk about building pieces of an outfit and not actually styling your little flower girl, the rules still apply. So my first little sneak peak is this darling tiara. While, I am not a huge fan of the princess syndrome, I am a fan of shiny fun accessories that can sky rocket an outfit from cute to fabulous. Everybody (admit it) loves a little bling and the little ones are no exception.

Here's the catch with glittery shiny accessories; if you start piling on the shine with a bracelet, necklace, earrings, and foot jingle jangles, it will be garish and frankly take away from the gloriousness of your flower girls moment. If piled on too much, jewels can appear too cold for our little ones. So, to soften the harshness of bling, make sure your dress is simple enough so that your darling appears light enough. You don't want to hit everyone over the head with the princess idea, so I believe the dress shouldn't be a literal princess like gown. Simplify the idea. Take one element and run with it.

Let's build an outfit with the tiara as the center piece! I want to work with the Classic Girls Pink Ballerina Dress Item: J1047G-PNK . What I love about this dress is that it grabs just a touch sparkle from the tiara. The light sequin touches hearken back to the bling in the tiara without going Zsa Zsa overboard. The dress is whimsical for a tiara, but not overbearingly princess. It's ballerina at its best. Just a more glittery rich looking ballerina.

If I were purchasing the dress for one of my nieces, I would actually take off the center rose and sparingly add a few more sequin bits along the belt line to add a little more shimmer in the flower girl dress. I may even take the large rose detailing and apply it to the back so that when she walks away there would be a little show in the back! You can always take a darling flower girl dress and slightly alter it in an inexpensive way to make it one of a kind and more suiting to your style or the style of the wedding.

Unfortunately I do not have more sneak peak items to build into the this flower girl outfit, but I do have a few more suggestions to finish off the outfit. Please, for the love of Pete, no white socks with the frilly accent around the ankles. I would also avoid gloves with this outfit. Keep the tiara and the dress as the star. The extra accessories can take away. As far as shoes, keep it simple with plain ballerina flats.

Remember, you want your flower girl to shine like a star, but not explode like a supernova because when it comes down to it, it's the bride and grooms day. So keep it fun and simple with a touch of sparkle. In fact, let's all wear one piece of bling this weekend and harness our inner diva!


Bridal Bee

My flower girl dress pick of the week:

White and Red Baby Dress with Dotted Sequin Neckline Item: J1313B-RED
I love this dress and I love accent colors. It's like a little ballerina princess dress! This delicious ivory baby dress features a satin bodice and multi layer tulle skirt. The hand stitched red accent is a great subtle accent. Because too much of anything isn't a great thing.

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