Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Got Flower Girl and Ring Bearer?

Hello again brides, mommies, grooms and daddies! I had a wonderful weekend in Malibu, California relaxing and enjoying the ocean and quietness of the area. All the beauty of the city made me think about the beauty of weddings and that some of the most special, romantic, and spiritual moments in a wedding happen in the stillness of the ceremony. I picture a groom wiping a tear from his brides’ face or the bride hugging her parents for the last time as their only daughter, now someone's wife. There is so much power in silence in a ceremony.

So, this goes out to the brides planning your wedding ceremony. I've thought of a couple cute ways to incorporate the ring bearer and flower girl in your wedding in a non-traditional way that I think adds to the sanctity of your matrimony. These are some ideas from my own personal wedding stock, a gift from the Bridal Bee to YOU.

Idea #1: Bringing back "ring" in ring bearer
Let's talk ring bearers. Those cute little guys role increasingly seems to be down played or completely eliminated. I was thinking about a play on words. Traditionally the ring bearer comes down the aisle in a cute little suit or tux with his hair very slicked back and a ring on a pillow. I have seen that less and less and I'm wondering if a 4 karat whopper is just a bit too much bling to be entrusted to a small child. I thought of a twist on words that would bring a still moment to your wedding and give the ring bearer his own chance to shine!

After the bridesmaids and flower girl have gone down the aisle or path, slowly fade the music down to zero. As soon as the music fades, send the little fellow out with a little bell. Not a big deep sounding bell because that could sound very ominous and morbid. The sounds of bells are very sweet and slightly ethereal. He will be the preface to the main show. All eyes will be ready when it's quiet and everyone will calm down and focus on the big moment. When everything is quiet, people know it's time to focus. Once he's finished ringing the bell, then your wedding song should be brought up. They say that every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings. I'm willing to bet that the ring bearer can get at least 5 angels their wings with this little twist.

Idea #2: Flower girl to little angel
While the ring bearer seems to be losing steam, the flower girl is and will be a main part of the wedding. I thought of a couple things to make your flower girl stand out from the rest. You can think of the flower girl as the one who is spreading out the magic and future riches down the aisle before the bride walks up to her groom. I think of them as the angels of wedding. I wanted to take that one step further and have the flower girl sprinkle white feathers down the aisle down rather than flowers. She'll already look like an angel in her adorable white flower girl dress. She'd look like an angel in any color dress (Nancy August has many beautiful rainbow sherbet assortment of dress to fit your themecolors). Are you still with me brides? Imagine... The doors open and you see your fiancé soon to be husband standing at the alter/hoopa. Between you and him is a trail of white feathers like clouds dusting the runway. You walk down the aisle in a sea of white feathers floating about you... It's so magical.

Idea #3: A little night music
My last and possibly most daunting idea. Brides, I know this is your day and I'm not trying to steal your thunder, but hear me out. A child's voice is so sweet and serene and singing the right song a capella can bring tears to people's eyes. (Did you guys see that little girl on Britain's Got Talent that made everyone cry?) The idea is to have your flower girl or ring bearer sing a song a capella. I know, I know, your sister's daughter may not sing well and we certainly don't want to pull a Milli Vanilli on your wedding day with fake vocals, so you can opt to have another child sing while the flower girl is scatter the flowers of the pedals or feathers. It would be the best if it were possible to get the little one to sing as well (a simple lapel microphone pinned to the dress). Having a single child's voice floating down the aisle before your big entrance, whether a contemporary piece like "Wonderwall" by oasis (ok.. I'm dating myself) or a classic like Ave Maria, is sure to be a lovely introduction to the big show.... The Bride!

I promise that next week I will get back to the nitty gritty styling of your flower girls and ring bearers and until then I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day. It's Sunday May 10th for all of you who have yet to send your mom a little card or present. And for those of you who haven't, make sure to show up at the grandparent's with your little girl dressed in an adorable dress like the Bubble Power Girls Summer Dress in Orange. I love the retro orange and circle pattern. Super sassy, fun and she can spill a little orange juice on it and no one would know! I love easy cute and easy dresses.


Bridal Bee

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