Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flower Girl Dress Size and Style Tips

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I wanted to address a question one of my readers brought up. She has a darling little girl who's a little heavier set. She asks, "what shape and style flower girl dress you would recommend for little girls who have a heavier set?".

The best advice I can give is, less is more (in the right place)!! A little girl who is a bit heavier should wear a dress with less all around volume. Though it's tempting to want to dress your little flower girl in the fluffiest princess dress possible, the volume of the dress will add more volume to the little one. If you need volume, keep the fluff at the bottom and avoid dresses that have too many rosettes and poufy details that lie on the stomach. If your little girl has a larger midsection you want to avoid dresses that have crazy patterns that bring focus to that area. You also want to avoid dress that are tight on the waist and that are just straight up and down. This will most certainly draw attention to the tummy.

Enough of the do nots, here are a few dos. Empire waist dresses are also a good bet, such as Lady Chic Tosca Blue Flower Girl Dress with Empire Waist Item Id: J230G-TOS (shown on the left). What's great about this dress is that it brings attention away from the waist and up to the face. The detailing is around the smallest part of your flower girls body, Another great thing about this dress is that it flairs our at the bottom which also drives attention away from the midsection.

I also really love the Lady Lace Burgundy Flower Girl Dress Item Id: J1057G-BURG (shown on the top left). I know, I know, early I said avoid fluff and detailing on the stomach, but what makes this dress work, is that the detailing draws the eye up and down and also is a narrow panel which creates an illusion of a slimmer body shape. It creates a smaller A-line shape for your little flower girl. The rose detailing at the top of the dress also brings the attention to the face, while the wide skirt also takes away from the larger midsection.

The reader also asks about avoiding hemming costs, etc. Unfortunately in order to have a dress be absolutely perfect you will have to hem or take in a dress is too long or if your child is in between sizes. It's important to understand that the dresses we purchase are made for mass market and there is no way for any dress to be perfect for your flower girl. If perfection is your aim, then it's important to be open to alterations. A quick hem shouldn't set you back much and with the great prices on you'll be able to afford the hemming.

I hope I was able to help all you Mommies, Daddies, Brides and Grooms who have a chubby cherub as your flower girl. Remember all children, no matter size and shape is beautiful. The most important tip I can give is to empower your child with confidence in their body type and to feel confident in the clothing they wear!


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My flower girl dress pick of the week:

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