Friday, May 29, 2009

Sneak Peak: Flower Girl Dress Accessory

Hello Bridal Bee Buddies!

I'm back and I have a sneak peak alert! If you have perused the Nancy August site you will notice that the accessories for your flower girls have not gone up yet, but yours truly has just one little tantalizing morsel to throw your way. Now, I had to sneak a shot of some of the product so it's not exactly Anne Leibovitz caliber, but you'll still be able to get the idea! I feel like a paparazzi leaking some heinously untrue story in a tabloid except my item is factual, tangible and not mean.

I wanted to talk about building an outfit for your flower girl. I talked about the SLS rules in blog one (softer, lighter, simplified) and though I want to talk about building pieces of an outfit and not actually styling your little flower girl, the rules still apply. So my first little sneak peak is this darling tiara. While, I am not a huge fan of the princess syndrome, I am a fan of shiny fun accessories that can sky rocket an outfit from cute to fabulous. Everybody (admit it) loves a little bling and the little ones are no exception.

Here's the catch with glittery shiny accessories; if you start piling on the shine with a bracelet, necklace, earrings, and foot jingle jangles, it will be garish and frankly take away from the gloriousness of your flower girls moment. If piled on too much, jewels can appear too cold for our little ones. So, to soften the harshness of bling, make sure your dress is simple enough so that your darling appears light enough. You don't want to hit everyone over the head with the princess idea, so I believe the dress shouldn't be a literal princess like gown. Simplify the idea. Take one element and run with it.

Let's build an outfit with the tiara as the center piece! I want to work with the Classic Girls Pink Ballerina Dress Item: J1047G-PNK . What I love about this dress is that it grabs just a touch sparkle from the tiara. The light sequin touches hearken back to the bling in the tiara without going Zsa Zsa overboard. The dress is whimsical for a tiara, but not overbearingly princess. It's ballerina at its best. Just a more glittery rich looking ballerina.

If I were purchasing the dress for one of my nieces, I would actually take off the center rose and sparingly add a few more sequin bits along the belt line to add a little more shimmer in the flower girl dress. I may even take the large rose detailing and apply it to the back so that when she walks away there would be a little show in the back! You can always take a darling flower girl dress and slightly alter it in an inexpensive way to make it one of a kind and more suiting to your style or the style of the wedding.

Unfortunately I do not have more sneak peak items to build into the this flower girl outfit, but I do have a few more suggestions to finish off the outfit. Please, for the love of Pete, no white socks with the frilly accent around the ankles. I would also avoid gloves with this outfit. Keep the tiara and the dress as the star. The extra accessories can take away. As far as shoes, keep it simple with plain ballerina flats.

Remember, you want your flower girl to shine like a star, but not explode like a supernova because when it comes down to it, it's the bride and grooms day. So keep it fun and simple with a touch of sparkle. In fact, let's all wear one piece of bling this weekend and harness our inner diva!


Bridal Bee

My flower girl dress pick of the week:

White and Red Baby Dress with Dotted Sequin Neckline Item: J1313B-RED
I love this dress and I love accent colors. It's like a little ballerina princess dress! This delicious ivory baby dress features a satin bodice and multi layer tulle skirt. The hand stitched red accent is a great subtle accent. Because too much of anything isn't a great thing.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flower Girl Dress Size and Style Tips

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the delayed Bee Blog, but Bridal Bee was feeling a little under the weather. Please forgive me my devotees!

I wanted to address a question one of my readers brought up. She has a darling little girl who's a little heavier set. She asks, "what shape and style flower girl dress you would recommend for little girls who have a heavier set?".

The best advice I can give is, less is more (in the right place)!! A little girl who is a bit heavier should wear a dress with less all around volume. Though it's tempting to want to dress your little flower girl in the fluffiest princess dress possible, the volume of the dress will add more volume to the little one. If you need volume, keep the fluff at the bottom and avoid dresses that have too many rosettes and poufy details that lie on the stomach. If your little girl has a larger midsection you want to avoid dresses that have crazy patterns that bring focus to that area. You also want to avoid dress that are tight on the waist and that are just straight up and down. This will most certainly draw attention to the tummy.

Enough of the do nots, here are a few dos. Empire waist dresses are also a good bet, such as Lady Chic Tosca Blue Flower Girl Dress with Empire Waist Item Id: J230G-TOS (shown on the left). What's great about this dress is that it brings attention away from the waist and up to the face. The detailing is around the smallest part of your flower girls body, Another great thing about this dress is that it flairs our at the bottom which also drives attention away from the midsection.

I also really love the Lady Lace Burgundy Flower Girl Dress Item Id: J1057G-BURG (shown on the top left). I know, I know, early I said avoid fluff and detailing on the stomach, but what makes this dress work, is that the detailing draws the eye up and down and also is a narrow panel which creates an illusion of a slimmer body shape. It creates a smaller A-line shape for your little flower girl. The rose detailing at the top of the dress also brings the attention to the face, while the wide skirt also takes away from the larger midsection.

The reader also asks about avoiding hemming costs, etc. Unfortunately in order to have a dress be absolutely perfect you will have to hem or take in a dress is too long or if your child is in between sizes. It's important to understand that the dresses we purchase are made for mass market and there is no way for any dress to be perfect for your flower girl. If perfection is your aim, then it's important to be open to alterations. A quick hem shouldn't set you back much and with the great prices on you'll be able to afford the hemming.

I hope I was able to help all you Mommies, Daddies, Brides and Grooms who have a chubby cherub as your flower girl. Remember all children, no matter size and shape is beautiful. The most important tip I can give is to empower your child with confidence in their body type and to feel confident in the clothing they wear!


Bridal Bee

My flower girl dress pick of the week:

I thought it would be redundant to choose a flower girl dress pick of the week. So enjoy my other two choices for chubby cherubs above!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Black Flower Girl Dress?

Hello Bridal Bee Buddies! I wanted to address an interesting question that one of my readers posted last week. "Hi bridal bee. I have noticed a lot of people wear black to weddings these days. Do you recommend black for our little girls? Is it too drab for a little flower girl dress?" I like this question. We have all thought about whether it would be appropriate to wear a black dress to a wedding. Evening weddings, it is surely fine, but when is it ok to wear if during the day?

In American tradition, black is more of a "down in dumps" depressing color. I for one like to buck tradition and increasingly people are wearing black to weddings, whether daytime or evening. Black is an elegant color, slimming and easy to wear for all body types. The little black dress is a staple for every woman's closet for those reasons, but at the same time can also look drab and morbid if in an unflattering shape or material. The same would be for your little flower girl.

First things first, if the bride has chosen all the brides maids and flower girls to be in black, then you have to comply! I went to a wedding last summer and black and red were the theme colors. The whole bridal party was in black. The guests were all requested to wear black as well. The bride chose a fun 50's inspired cut for the dresses, which made them quite fun despite the black color. Though it sounds like it would be depressing and lackluster, it was quite elegant. Keeping with fun shapes and material make black quite cute.

To soften black for a flower girl's dress is an easy fix. Make sure to pick a black material that isn't just one texture or too stiff and heavy. There are many fabrics that have black on black pattern. The black may be a varying degree of darkness. It could be black sequin or glitter accents to create texture. It could be a black flocked pattern on black taffeta or chiffon. You can make basic black less basic and more sassy with a great fabric.

Length is another way to make sure the dress isn't to dowdy. I would avoid dressing a flower girl in an overly long dress. A three quarter length dress to the mid shin that has a little volume under the skirt can keep it cute and young. Have the underlying tulle be a different color. When she dances or walks down the aisle there will be a splash of color. Adding a sash to the black dress of a slightly different color like purple would add dimension and variance to the outfit. Remember you can always use the accessories to introduce colors. We all know the flowers most likely won't be black (at least I hope not) and that will be another addition of color.

To make a long story short, if the bride calls for a black flower girl dress, then you should comply. I do think that then and only then should you willfully dress your flower girl in black. Black for other party events like holiday parties are appropriate, but in general for a wedding, stray from black unless asked to do so because black will be more distracting than other colors.

Til next time my friends!


Bridal Bee

My flower girl dress pick of the week:

My Lady Ivory Baby Dress with Ribbon Hem (item: J1211B-IVY) This dress isn't black, but it's super cute and would be great in black for the following reasons. The different layers would break up the black. Air is not a color, but if there is noticeable space between the layers it would make the black more airy. There are also multiple types of fabric that would also break up the monotony of black! There is so much detail and different patterns and materials that would make this dress truly adorable in black. From the rosettes to the cap sleeves, this is truly a delicious little flower girl's dress.

Queen Lace Black Flower Girl Dress (item: J1311G-BLK) Since I have been gushing over black flower girl dresses, I thought I would show you an example of a dress that incorporated a hint of black that would be suitable for any wedding day or night. This dress comes in a few colors and even in baby dress sizes! Something like this is always great as it can be worn a bunch of times to multiple formal events. More bang for your buck!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Got Flower Girl and Ring Bearer?

Hello again brides, mommies, grooms and daddies! I had a wonderful weekend in Malibu, California relaxing and enjoying the ocean and quietness of the area. All the beauty of the city made me think about the beauty of weddings and that some of the most special, romantic, and spiritual moments in a wedding happen in the stillness of the ceremony. I picture a groom wiping a tear from his brides’ face or the bride hugging her parents for the last time as their only daughter, now someone's wife. There is so much power in silence in a ceremony.

So, this goes out to the brides planning your wedding ceremony. I've thought of a couple cute ways to incorporate the ring bearer and flower girl in your wedding in a non-traditional way that I think adds to the sanctity of your matrimony. These are some ideas from my own personal wedding stock, a gift from the Bridal Bee to YOU.

Idea #1: Bringing back "ring" in ring bearer
Let's talk ring bearers. Those cute little guys role increasingly seems to be down played or completely eliminated. I was thinking about a play on words. Traditionally the ring bearer comes down the aisle in a cute little suit or tux with his hair very slicked back and a ring on a pillow. I have seen that less and less and I'm wondering if a 4 karat whopper is just a bit too much bling to be entrusted to a small child. I thought of a twist on words that would bring a still moment to your wedding and give the ring bearer his own chance to shine!

After the bridesmaids and flower girl have gone down the aisle or path, slowly fade the music down to zero. As soon as the music fades, send the little fellow out with a little bell. Not a big deep sounding bell because that could sound very ominous and morbid. The sounds of bells are very sweet and slightly ethereal. He will be the preface to the main show. All eyes will be ready when it's quiet and everyone will calm down and focus on the big moment. When everything is quiet, people know it's time to focus. Once he's finished ringing the bell, then your wedding song should be brought up. They say that every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings. I'm willing to bet that the ring bearer can get at least 5 angels their wings with this little twist.

Idea #2: Flower girl to little angel
While the ring bearer seems to be losing steam, the flower girl is and will be a main part of the wedding. I thought of a couple things to make your flower girl stand out from the rest. You can think of the flower girl as the one who is spreading out the magic and future riches down the aisle before the bride walks up to her groom. I think of them as the angels of wedding. I wanted to take that one step further and have the flower girl sprinkle white feathers down the aisle down rather than flowers. She'll already look like an angel in her adorable white flower girl dress. She'd look like an angel in any color dress (Nancy August has many beautiful rainbow sherbet assortment of dress to fit your themecolors). Are you still with me brides? Imagine... The doors open and you see your fiancé soon to be husband standing at the alter/hoopa. Between you and him is a trail of white feathers like clouds dusting the runway. You walk down the aisle in a sea of white feathers floating about you... It's so magical.

Idea #3: A little night music
My last and possibly most daunting idea. Brides, I know this is your day and I'm not trying to steal your thunder, but hear me out. A child's voice is so sweet and serene and singing the right song a capella can bring tears to people's eyes. (Did you guys see that little girl on Britain's Got Talent that made everyone cry?) The idea is to have your flower girl or ring bearer sing a song a capella. I know, I know, your sister's daughter may not sing well and we certainly don't want to pull a Milli Vanilli on your wedding day with fake vocals, so you can opt to have another child sing while the flower girl is scatter the flowers of the pedals or feathers. It would be the best if it were possible to get the little one to sing as well (a simple lapel microphone pinned to the dress). Having a single child's voice floating down the aisle before your big entrance, whether a contemporary piece like "Wonderwall" by oasis (ok.. I'm dating myself) or a classic like Ave Maria, is sure to be a lovely introduction to the big show.... The Bride!

I promise that next week I will get back to the nitty gritty styling of your flower girls and ring bearers and until then I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day. It's Sunday May 10th for all of you who have yet to send your mom a little card or present. And for those of you who haven't, make sure to show up at the grandparent's with your little girl dressed in an adorable dress like the Bubble Power Girls Summer Dress in Orange. I love the retro orange and circle pattern. Super sassy, fun and she can spill a little orange juice on it and no one would know! I love easy cute and easy dresses.


Bridal Bee

My boys suit pick of the week:

The Classic Boys Suit in Black (Item: SUIT10BOY-BLK) is the perfect suit for a little boy. It's understated and classic. I don't want to leave the boys out. How I love the little forgotten ring bearers, the heart breakers of tomorrow. With this suit set you can swap out the vest with one that has the color theme of the wedding. Heck, if it's hot, leave out the jacket all together and he will look adorable in the included white button up and vest. You can punch it up with a tie to match the wedding colors for added zest. If your looking for our baby boy or your toddler boy, dont fret, it comes in all sizes! click here to see all the boys suit sizes.

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